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RPG Serenity Broken [M-LVS]


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Loki awoke at the sound of shattering glass and looked at the clock. "1:30. Not again" He grabbed the shotgun off the wall and crept downstairs. He saw a guy sneaking through the house. Loki slammed his fist into the guys face knocking back on the ground, then turned on the lights as he held the barrel to the an's temple. "I am getting tired of you people always breaking into my house. What do I have to convince you people that I am not a mutant"

The man's eyes went yellow as a blast of lighting struck Loki in the chest. "Ahh, looks liek I found a human"

Loki grabbed a spare shell and made it glow a reddish color, then threw it into the guy's face making him catch on fire and burn to death in a matter of seconds. "Sucks for you that I am a stronger mutant then you. Seems the mutants have taken control of this part of the neighborhood." He called Kuken's house to have Alex answer. "You and Kuken need to come over right away. I got something I need to show you" He stared at the smouldering face of the dead mutant. bolts were slowly coming off his body.
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Kuken woke up and stretched from the call by Loki. He put on some spare cloaths and walked next door, Alex not far behind.

"Are you not going to wait up on me? Hey, I'm talking to you mister." She ran up andjummped on his back.

"Hey now, whatcha doing? Loki said it was important." He smiled as she slowly started to levitate off of his back, then he set her jently onto the ground.

"Thats not fair, who said you could use your powers?" She teased him as they rang the doorbell. Seconds later Loki came to the door with a strange look on his face.

" 'Mornin. Another one break in or something?" Kuken asked, smelling a strange, burning smell.

"That smells horrible, what is it? You burning flesh in there or something?" Alex added as they both walked in.

"Something of that nature, yes. Seems as though, we have rampant mutants trying to kill other mutants. This one here tried to kill me. Didn't even come close though." Loki smiled as Kuken levitated the body and walked it outside.

"Something is amis here. Why would mutants start attacking other mutants?" Kuken asked as he sat down on the sofa.
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Alex sat next Kuken and laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm really tired....are we gonna be talking long? I can't think straight this early in the morning..." She slowly dozed off as she murmered her last words. :sleep:

As she closed her eye's, she quickly slipped off Kukens shoulder and fell face first into his lap. ".....Kuken...I want..." Suddenly, her eyes snapped open, "TACOS!" she shouted loudly before falling back to sleep on his lap. :sleep:

OOC: Sorry it's so short, I'm at a friend's house, and I can't be too long... :animeswea
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