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A simple rose.......beauty, and danger, for every rose has it's thorns. A vampire is much like a rose, hiding it's true danger with a mask of beauty.

But Vampires must feed on a liquid diet much different than a rose......blood. not nessessarily human blood, though it is prefered. Vampires often long to fall in love, and they always bring heartbreak when the lover dies, as an old man or woman.

The year is 2237, and technology has advanced far beyond ever thought just two centuries earlier. Full prosthetics, human brains in robot bodies, bio-androids, robots that pass as human, and even genetic alterations. All of this runs amuck in the world.

Yet, there is a dark force in the world, and' it's taking lives of human and vampire alike. This is troubling to a small group of people from all different walks of life, some immortal, some robotic, and some even plain old human. They are the Roses, each with talents of their own.

alright, in this rp, love is the focus amonst havoc. SAME SEX RELATIOONSHIPS ENCOURAGED. If you're straight, that's fine. But i think that it's time for an rpg where there are al kinds of people, straight or not. i admit now, my char will fall in love with another male




Appearence: (pic or detaild description please)

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OOC: I am a bit confused...what race are we? you did not specify...Until you can tell me, I'll act as if my character is a vampire, but I'll leave out the biography until then, okay? Oh and...I think I'll leave my character straight, because I don't like roleplaying as anyone who isn't modeled after myself.

[B]Name:[/B] Collete Virblanke



[B]Appearence:[/B] Collete has a lanky, cat-like body and stands at 5`8. Her eyes are a deep crimson red and her waist-length hair that she keeps in two braids is snow-white. Her body has no mechanical, or bio moderations, ecxept for her right eye, which is a high-tech camera designed to look exactly like her left eye. Although her she already possesed fangs, she got them lengthened and sharpened to looks like snake fangs.Collete most often wears gothic loilita and victorian era fashions.

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