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Sign Up Trustless vol. 1: Red Eagle [M-SLV 18+]

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I tried this a while back, and was saddened that it never took off. I really want this to succeed, so direct any questions to my AIM: I 2 5 5 I .

[i]Red Eagle[/i]

It is 1964, the era of Credence Clearwater Revival, the free love movement, student riots, black panthers, civil rights movements, and other political unrest. These things are the things that one reads of in a history book. These are the things that one can see in retrospect. These things are a placid lake compared to what lies beneath.

The Soviet Union?s covert and subversive attempts to cripple the United States have been in full swing for over twenty years. The young Central Intelligence Agency has fought powerfully against the KGB and its [i]gulags[/i]. The attempts on Western Europe, Northern China, Alaska, Mexico, South America, and Oceania had generally been thwarted.

These past years have had clear battle lines, well, as clear as spy vs. spy can be. However, the grey began to grow, and no one knew who they were fighting anymore. Survival became an agent?s prime objective, anyone: your brother, mother, uncle, best friend, waitress, barber- any of them could be Soviet plants. Nothing was safe, nothing was sacred. The KGB inspired fear into the hearts and minds of all but the greatest men, and their reign of terror seemed to be spreading like warm butter on homemade bread.

In February of ?64, CIA and MI6 (British Intelligence) operatives have dropped like flies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. In fact, all of Sinic Asia has become a mine field for American/Free World sympathizers on all but the lowest levels.

At first, Langley (CIA headquarters in Virginia), thought that the codes had been broken, however, after three code changes, their agents are still losing cover for seemingly no reason at all. One analyst, a young Rita Forscythe of Alexandria, VA, began to suspect that the Soviets had an inside man high up in Langley.

She took her suspicions to the Director, a man merely called Caesar. He considered the meager evidence that she presented, and found some of his own. Soon after, James Ross, director of CIA operations in East Asia was murdered. It was then that Caesar knew he had a [i]Red Eagle[/i] on his hands. Only problem was, all of his top men were squeaky clean, checked and re-checked?. Who is the [i]Red Eagle[/i]?

In March, ?64, the Russian Embassy was bombed. The detonation came from the inside, and no terrorist groups claimed responsibility. Caesar immediately launched no holds barred investigations that lead to one lead: One single piece of paper that could or could not have relevancy to this very volatile international incident. An airline ticket stub uncovered in a third rate hotel closet: [b]Hong Kong 1 Way 1st Class.[/b]

Meanwhile, Moscow was furious. Washington could not or would not do anything to appease them, and the tension grew to the breaking point. On July the 4th, 1964, a Soviet Envoy delivered the following message to Washington:

Deliver the heads of those responsible for this blemish of Soviet Honor in 30 days, or we will assume it was the CIA and commence retaliatory action.

Short and to the point, if the incident wasn?t resolved in a month, a Soviet/American War would begin, quite possibly annihilating human civilization as we know it. 17 days have passed, and nothing has happened.

[b]American Goals:[/b]

Find the Defector
Solve the mystery of the Russian bombing before the soviets become too aggravated.
Retake Sinic Asia?s shadow world from the KGB.

[b]Russian Goals:[/b]

Prevent the Americans from uncovering the real story about the bombed embassy.
Sap the final strength from the CIA?s Asia operations.
Protect the defector at all costs.

[b]British/Chinese Goals:[/b]

Prevent nuclear war between the superpowers.
Solve the embassy bombings before it?s too late.
Defeat the KGB in Asia.

Unique to British:
Aide CIA
Prevent Chinese takeover of the Royal Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

Unique to the Chinese:
Remove the [i]gulags[/i] from Asia.
Take back Hong Kong from the sniveling British upstarts.

The British do not trust the Chinese, or the Chinese the British. However both see the value of peace between Moscow and Washington. A special co-operative team of agents has been dispatched to Washington (without CIA permission) to start unraveling the embassy bombing.

In an unrelated mission, an elite three man team of MI6, CIA, and Japanese Intelligence Security agents has been dispatched to Hong Kong to find the defector and kill him. They must do so with great expediency, and without disturbing the precarious balance of local power, to prevent all of Asia from becoming the slaves of the Soviet Empire.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is what I need. Guidelines not rules, so play with these suggestions... also I need a Rita Forscythe.

2-3 CIA Agents.

2-3 MI6 Agents.

2-3 KGB Agents.

1 Japanese Security Agent

1 Special Service of Hong Kong Agent (HK branch of MI6, however they don?t get along.)

2 Civilians.

All other characters in the story will be acted by anyone as the circumstances call for. I will be contacting someone, you won?t know who, to play the [i]Red Eagle[/i]. The idea is that no one knows everything about what is going on, and that different players have the perspective of their characters. I need maturity here, so that it is played out well.

The RP takes place over 13 action packed days. The story [i]must[/i] be fast paced to work, but it cannot be rushed. The Soviet players will be working against the American players, the MI6/Chinese/Japanese are sort of stuck in the middle, leaning one way or the other, but generally neutral. Think like a snake on this one guys. It is rated [b]M[/b] for a reason, I want no details held back, these are the scum of the earth in terms of morality. Realism is the name of the game.

[b]Sign Ups:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Realistic

[b]Sex:[/b] Male or Female, no undecideds.

[b]False Name:[/b] No one named Yuri Golstovstok will be in the USA without being [i]heavily[/i] watched, so he might go by John Stockton or something. Realistic.

[b]Age:[/b] Minimum is 26, max is 70. Make it fit who the character is.

[b]Side:[/b] KGB CIA MI6 JSS SSHK or Civilian

[b]Biography:[/b] Story of how the character came to be where he/she is.

[b]Introductory post:[/b] Show me your stuff.

I will post mine later. Remember L?s & G?s, there are Soviets around every corner, sniping from every roof top, and poisoning every drink. There is no such thing as trust, and there is always more than one [i][i]Red Eagle[/i]. [/i]
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You've got my interest on this one. Count me in.

Name: Anthony Torrans

Gender: Male

False Name: David Hengstebeck


Age: 27

Side: CIA

Biography: A new face to the agency, loyal to his loyalty seems unquestionable. His guise is, he was Born in Alabama just outside of Birmingham. He was raised by his mother alone after his father died in the war. He has a brother who he sees rarely. His true origins are deamed classified as they are for all high cover agents. He has worked for the agency for six months and he has been assigned to the recent unrest between The US and the Soviets. He is presently in east Asia working on retaking the area from the KGB.

Introductory Post: Scene- Late night in Hong Kong, red light district.

The wind blew lightly coming from the sea, in the wind came the scent of ocean water and cheap perfume. It had only been days since the head of the Hong Kong branch had been assasinated, so tention was drawn high. Anthony was surfing the under ground in the guise as a smuggler from the US. He was looking the route over for anyone who seemed out of place. He also had to keep his eye over his own shoulder. There was the very real possiblity that the assasign was still here and knew about the agents in the area, so this made his job all the more dangerous. He walked the streets, passing prostituts all the while. The streets seemed strangely empty for Hong Kong, even if it was the red light district. Something had brought unrest to the people here, he decided that one of the girls here might have an idea. He stopped by the corner where two women wre standing. The taller of the two, a lanky woman, approached him. He slipped her a few bills "Might I ask why the street seems so empty, it's been hard to find any action." He said with a smile plasterd on his face.

The woman smiled in return "They say an american diplomat was killed a few days ago. The murder is still on the loose." They must have meant the director. Well this made it official, news on the streets already knew about his death. They had been trying to keep the fact he was more than a tourist a secret, but someone must have spilled the beans. He looked back to the woman who was now entering the building at the corner with her friend, a shorter woman who was also very thin, and they waved for him to follow. Well, he had paid for there service and he needed to keep up his cover. As he followed the two into the building he whiperd under his breath "The things I do for my country."
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