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Discuss Zoids: Birth of the Titans List [M-LVS]


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Here is the list of the five titan zoids. The first is already taken and more will most likely be added to the list

Name: Gryphon
Model Name: Liger Gryphon
Color: Black and white
Description: Basic liger x model with a large pair of wings mounted onto it. The back edge is one long thruster and there is two more mounted onto the rear of its back.
Weapons: Two EMP cannons hidden in wings with the wing edges extremely sharp. Teeth and claws. Particle beam built into the mouth. Two gattling guns mounted in between the shoulders and head.
Weakness: Not a good ariel fighter. Can't turn very fast on the ground. Can only fire the particle beam twice
Other info: Wings have a built in communications jamming array and have massanger technology (antigravity flight system)
Special Moves: Strike Laser Claw, Energy Bite (teeth version of the strike laser claw), Ariel Slice (the wings are its blades)
(taken by me)

Name: Scylla
Model Name: Saurus X
Description: Body is the size of an Elephander and add another liger for the head height. Looks like a Brachiosaurus with seven heads. Middle one is the cockpit and is painted black or some other off color. Thrusters built into the top of the back legs and body. The other six heads auto lock on to targets
Color: What ever you want
Weapons: From left to right. Head one-teeth and a mortar shot inside mouth. Head two-teeth and a small railgun inside mouth. Head three-teeth and Gattling gun inside mouth. Middle head or cockpit-teeth and particle beam inside mouth. Head five-teeth and 15 shot missile pod inside mouth. Head six-teeth and twin barreled beam cannon inside mouth. Head seven-teeth and sniper rifle inside mouth.
Other info: Shield generator built into each head. Decoy launcher built into back for missiles and rockets. Very slow. Extremely strong armor
Weakness: Extremely slow even with the boosters. Weak against ariel attacks.
Special Moves: Energy Bite. Headache (shield generators lets out a burst of charged ions disabling all other shields.

Name: Cancer
Model Name: Attack Crab
Description: A little big then a liger. Looks exactly like a crab. Eight thrusters are built into the middle of the shell going around. One pointing north, south, east, west, northwest, northeast, you get what I mean.
Weapons: Hardened Alloy Claws and Legs Rotating pulse cannon mounted on top and bottom middle spots of the shell.
Other info: Extremely fast, good armor
Weakness: Not a good ranged fighter. Light armored joints.
Special Moves: Grappling Claw-claw hands fire and latch onto enemy to reel them in or swing them around. Harden-a brief burst of ions that are released into the armor making it stronger for a short period of time.

Name: Anubis
Model Name: Dire Wolf
Description: Looks exactly like a Command Wolf except with sharper features.
Weapons: All armor folds out to small rotating gattling guns and small beam cannons
Other Info: Average speed, built in heat suppressor. Good armor.
Weakness: Vulnerable when firing.
Special Moves: Energy Bite and Turbo-rotates beam cannons to face back and fires giving it an added boost.

Name: Fearos
Model Name: Phoenix
Description: Huge wingspan, a long tail with two boosters mounted beside the tail
Weapons: Bomb rack- can carry two large missiles or twenty smaller ones. Four homing missile mounted on each wing. Extremely sharp talons and beak. Machine gun inside beak and another mounted on the tip of each wing. Lance mounted on top of beak
Other Info: Fast and extremely maneuverable. Good armor.
Weakness: Machine guns aren?t really strong and talons are hard to use because of high speeds.
Special Moves: Dart-fires the lance into an enemy and drains its power. Mach-tail feathers spread out and make a large propeller giving it more speed.

These are the five titan zoids. Just tell me which one you want and you can have it. Once taken it is yours permanently
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