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Anime IGN has been taken over by retarded, unemployeed fansubbers...

EVA Unit 100

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If you read this article, you'll notice that it tells several lies. First of all, they said that EVA is being "editted and heavily rewritten" on Cartoon Network when nothing was rewritten and so far only 1 second has been editted. Not a major offense, but something showing quite a bit of ignorance.

However, the last 3rd of the article I found extremely biased, mean, and entirely inacurrate. In just one article, whoever was making this article wrote such falsehoods as English dubbers put less effort into producing shows than fansubbers, that Case Closed was butchered to make it into a kids show, that illegally downloading licensed shows is acceptable as a way of "fighting censorship", that the original Japanese versions of the shows are unavailable to the public legally, and in general the article tried to make FUNimation look like the worst company ever and make fansubbing look like a noble endeavor. They constantly lied and lied and lied and it makes me furious! Whoever was writting this article must have been either extremely biased or totally oblivious to everything that's happened in the anime world during the past 5 years. I say we at Otaku Boards force IGN to correct this article to be factual.

Also, another mistake this article made was listing the Case Closed DVD as NC-17. Given how much this article ranted about Case Closed, the 2 mistakes entirely cancel each other out and just make the article even more insipid than it actually is.
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I'm not happy with this "article". Near the end it seemed to dissolve into a rant against the corporations licensing anime.

Especially this line: [i]Eventually, most of the studios have come up with ways ... that make them look more like companies that appreciate their fans and less like greedy corporate SOB's, trying to suck money out of people who don't have it.[/i]

The journalistic integrity is squat in this article. It's terribly biased from the anti-dub point of view. The author's only point, it seems, is that licensees are bad because they license, and protecting their license. There is no mention at all of the other side of the argument. There is no mention of the original purpose of fansubbing/tape swapping in comparison to the contemporary reasons for digital fansubbing.

I stand by fansubbers. I can't oppose them because I believe fansubbers help create fans. Though, I do believe that some people go too far and lean towards pirating.

If you feel strongly about this, you can email the editors at this url.

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[quote name='ffifrit88']but on the other hand what are u going to do about it[/quote]

The great thing about journalism is that if you make a mistake, you have higher-ups that should be correcting you.

The link I posted will let you contact the editors and tell them how you feel. If the site truly has integrity, and enough people contact them, the errors should be fixed.

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It's not really a big deal, if you're a dub-lover you're going to pick out every little problem with the article if you're fan-sub-fanatic you're going to choose to ignore what is in that article.

If you're anyone else you probably don't like anime, so it doesn't matter either way...

The guy might have gone over the line a couple of times, but big deal, it is one article out of how many on the internet?

Most people aren't foolish enough to believe everything they read, so no harm was done...
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Seeing as IGN is one of the more looked-to sites around, you would expect a bit better writing from them, whether this was supposed to be an opinion article or not (and I'm speaking as someone who had had proper journalism training).

While it is true that they're supposed to be a more gaming-based site, if they're going to do articles like this, they really need to get their act together. Yes, he/she is entitled to their opinion about the whole fan-subbers vs. license holder debate thing, it most certainly could have been put in a far better way than to resort to name-calling and all that other nonsense I read.

Journalists, whether they be writing for a website or the New York Times, are not supposed to show any bias when writing an article whatsoever, no matter how strongly they may actually feel on the issue. As r2vq said, the integrity of this article is close to zero.

The big deal, Hittokiri, is that the person who wrote this article seemed to butcher the basics of journalism. While it is true that there are possibly several articles like this on the internet, it shouldn't be on a website as prominent as IGN.[/color][/size]
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