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Sign Up untiltled RP M-VL possible S


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1st off if anyone can think of a Name PLEASE PM me thanks ^____^

?G-g-get away from me!? a young girl said running down an ally way as a man in a dark cloak chased her he scaled a fense the man seemed to phase right threw it ?what do you want? she shouted running threw the rainy day streets the man followed not saying a word she scrambled to stay away she took a wrong turn and reached a dead end as the man approached her a strange mark on his face
?What do you want? the girl asked horrified
?You are Impure you must be punished? the man said holding up a staff with tip the same shape as the strange mark it glew and the girl blacked out when she awoke she stood up but was forced on all fours she was much heavier she looked in a nearby puddle a screamed she had teal blue scales and wings she looked like a dragon
?wh- wh ? what?s going on? she said as a figure a female in the same outfit as her attacker appeared
?Enjoy your new home purified one? she said in a calming voice she blew a pink powder that hit the girl she struggled but it was relaxing her she sighed walking away his body controlling itself as it went back in the cave and sighed eating some meat she struggled to regain control but she gave in and started moving with her body until she gave in

The Mysterious man the girl was attacked by was a disciple a crazed of light based lunatic mages capable of turning there pray into animals they dump their victims in a alternate realm they say they are ?cleanseing? the world of impruitys but some strong ones are able to resist the charms of the diciples and fight off the spell those ones seek to escape there prisons and stop the disciples from capturing anybody else.

Ok to sum it up for all of you that are still confused you are either a captive (which is an animal who can talk and is stuck in the alternate dimension), a human (that has some involvement in all of this), or a disciple (the bad guys) and your role will depend on your part

So here is the Bio sheet
Animal ( Captive only any animal mythical or real)
Invovlement: (for human how your involved, for captive why the disciples captured you for disciple why you became one)
Power/weapon (if any)
Pic or Description
Character Snippet (must be atleast a paragraph)

Ok here are some ground rules
1. 2 chars per person
2. Only one character can be disciple no 1 person can be 2 disciples

Name: Menae Thornku
Age: 17
Animal: Dragon
Involvement: she was captured because she was a run-a-way her parents hired the disciple to teach her a lesson by keeping her in their captive prison for a year teaching her why she needs her parents
Power: she is a dragon? fire blowing
Description: she had teal-blue scales and blue eyes with yellow fins on her back and head and her belly is cream colored she is slender with a long tail and slender muscular legs with long sharp sliver claws
Character snippet: above
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[B]Name:[/B] Naiya Brooks
[B]Alignment: [/B] Captive
[B]Age:[/B] 20
[B]Animal:[/B] Water Sprite
[B]Invovlement:[/B] Naiya had a habbit of not taking anything seriously, and never listening to anyone. She was in the rebellious stage when captured by a couple of disiples.
[B]Power/weapon[/B]: She uses her melodic singing voice as a weapon of sorts to cloud an somebody's mind or make them subjectable to thoughts or ideas, sort of like a Siren. Naiya also has some control over water, but nothing too powerful (she can't shape it into a weapon or anything like that), and can call down some rain on occasion.
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/water_fairy.jpg][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][U]Naiya[/U][/COLOR][/URL] She is a very small creature, only about 7 inches in height.
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Naiya, the tiny little water sprite, sat in the center of a pale while water flower under the full moon. One arm hung over th eside of the plant, and hand brushign the surfaceof the cool, still lakewater. How many years has it been? Two, three? She didn't know anymore, and much of her hopes of being freed had left with the changing tides. The sprite stared at her own glittering reflection, the melody of the night playing within the confounds of her mind. The stardust glitter of tiny wings gave her moving position as she glided across the lake's dark surface. Ripples distorted the reflection of the moon, carrying with them the voice of her sad song as she sang to the depths a soft lulaby. Finding a soft place of safety in her 'home', Naiya layed down on the makeshift bed and dreampt sightlessly of the day she was put in this place.
[I]'You can be pure again, impure one.'
'Don't make me laugh lady.'
'You don't have a choice.'
'Of course I do oh senile one.'
'You will soon see the light you have lost.'[/I]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Azuroth Crushak

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Animal:[/B] Chimera *Greek monster*

[B]Invovlement:[/B] The disiples took Azuroth in after an incident with him brutally beating a disiple who was trying to take a womens child away from her.

[B]Power/weapon:[/B] He's got his claws, and his three different heads to provide a lot of teeth for crunching power, porcision, and intimidation.

[B]Pic or Description:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/chimera.jpg] Azuroth.[/url]

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Azuroth stalked the darkness, pacing slowly as he waited for an oppurtune moment to strike at his prey. His lion eyes glowed in the darkness, he crouched and brought his body in close. He lunged and roared as he smashed down on top of a cattle that Azuroth had spotted from in ther air. He tore at the muscle and flesh as he ripped them out and chewed the pieces, his claws tore huge gashes in the carcass.

His lion mouth was now covered in the cows blood, the vultuer head peacked over from Azuroths back and looked at the lion head. The snake head then moved up and flicked his fork tounge.

When the disiples had taken him and changed him into this monster, his mind split up into three different heads. One head being that of a vultuer, the side of him that was based on survival and instincts. Another head became the snake, the part of him that was cunning and sly. The part that usually influence Azurth to lie and cheat his way. You can never tell when the snake is telling the truth or lieing to you.

Finally, Azuroths main head, the lion head is the part that holds everything else. Personality, intelligence, speech, memories, common sense and his sense of right and wrong. The lion head dominated the body, the other two heads only acted on there own when Azuroth gave them the say so. He motioned with his lion head for the other two to eat, they gorged themselves as Azuroth watched.[/SIZE]
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this is going better than I expected thanks 2 more and i'll start this thing with disciples being free chars untill some people be disciples thanks alot guys


UPDATE: thanks to Kuroshin13 it has a name [I]Purity [/I] and if either of you would like me to start it PM me and I will and I will only except 2 more captives and 5 more Disciples and I dont think anyones gona be a human so thats still open
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EDIT: I have TWO characters now.

Name: Kineya Tor (Ken-a-yuh Tore)
Age: 18
Animal: Pheonix (the bird of fire)
Invovlement: She's burned down about twenty houses.
Power/weapon: Flight, the ablilty to rebirth from ash, keen eyes, beak, and talons
Pic or Description: [url=http://scan.tucoo.com/QMan_Michael_Kaluta_Wings_of_Twilight/photo/QMan_MK_WOT_2115_The_Phoenix_Wings_of_Twilight.jpg]Kineya[/url] Look at the bird in the picture
Character Snippet:
Kineya watched carefully, head swaying like a snake before its charmer. She always watched at this time of night. Her firey red eyes pondered when the moment was right. She'd been here in this alternate universe for quite some time. She'd say she was one of the original that came here. It doesn't take but a few mess ups to get here.
Here was a place where you would see every animal of the universe. She was one of them crazy birds... Well, she was made from fire, so she wasn't complaining. Fire was her friend. The other day she saw the typical dragon, a water sprite...like a wood nymph, but blue-clear instead of brownish-green, and a few parrots, annoying things they were.
"A place you can call your own is a home." One of the more subdued had said to her.
"Yeah, but if you're not supposed to be caged, then this isn't a home," she snapped at the otter. "And fire cannot be caged."

Name: Memento 'Mori' Morralis
Age: 18
Invovlement: She has watched as many people destroyed their lives. She learned of the diciples and felt what they were doing was right. Stoping the life of impure deeds to rebirth people anew in an animal form (much like the Hendu 'reincarnation' justification depending on whether a person would move up or down the latter by the way the person lived). She believed it down into her soul.
Power/weapon: She has the power to blend in with the people she is with. She can act like the impure ones at any time and she has a staff that trasforms the impurities and sends them on their way.
Pic or Description: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/azurasea/anime.jpg]Mori[/url] The staff becomes a pen when not in use and the clothes become a normal outfit of flared blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a purple shirt (that looks like the dress in the picture).
Character Snippet:
Mori watched the centaur sturggle to his feet. She could tell she had lost a good amount of time subduing him, and he wasn't giving in.
"You are going whether you find it nessicary or not, you're still connected with the imputities of this world!" She waved the staff and touched the new centaur's head.
"Begone your unwilling nature. Become one with the body you've been given." She whispered as the thing was trasported to its new home.
She walke away swiftly, trasforming her staff back into the pen she kept with her since she became a Diciple. Her dress shortened to become a shirt and her bare legs were covered immediately by her blue jeans. No one ever noticed a thing.
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here are some thoughts for a tite:
Requiem for the Impure
Hand of Impurity

Name: Derrikait Chainsummer, known as "Chains"
Age: 19
Invovlement: Recruited, if that's what you would call it. Chains had been a decent person at one time, at least in the sense that he had never hurt anyone intentionally. The Disciples saw something within him, though, something that threatened everything they stood for. As Derrikait had yet to discover what that "something," the Disciples decided that killing him would be a simple task-too simple, decided a Disciple known as MindWraith. With his magic, he drove Chains into thinking that everyone he loved was dead, and that his entire life was in ruins. Worst of all, MindWraith forced him to believe, that Derrikait himself had destroyed it. When all was lost in Chains' life, MindWraith appeared before him and told him how salvation lay in the path of a Disciple. Chains had nothing to lose, and accepted without hesitation.
Power/weapon: Chains is known for the "essence of a wraith" a power which allows him to move like a ghost and become one with the shadows.
Pic or Description: Chains has short red hair with long bangs that cover his right eye. He's pale, thin, and has a sharp look to him. He wears a malicious grin that haunts the impure, while he goes about purifying.
Character Snippet: A life in red and grey. As time went by, Chains remembered less and less about who he once was. Everytime he tried to recall a lost detail, his mind was forced into a torrent of blood and fire. Disfigured faces, to horrid for reality, and a realization that was too unbearable to live through. "You shouldn't try to remember who you were." said Mindwraith sitting across the room in an elaborate leather armchair, reading in the dark as usual. "It's who you are right at this moment that matters."

As always, he had known Chains' thoughts before he even thought to speak them. Chains smiled, attributing it to the brother-like connection MindWraith and he shared. Ever since MindWraith had brought him from the hellish abyss that was his past, and gave him a new life. "And speaking of this moment," he said, closing his leatherbound book. "I believe it is now dark enough to begin purification." They always purified in the dark, Chains thought. Perhaps to increase the impure one's terror? MindWraith had shown him that the best way to capture an impurity, was to let it psychologically destroy itself.

PS What are your thoughts on using some NPC's in this? It might make it rather interesting.
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