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RPG Resident Evil: The Uprising (sign up)


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It's 2002, 5 years after the T-Virus outbreak. Racoon city is a different place. There are now no umbrella labs in the city, or surrounding area. Umbrella as a corporation has completely failed, as news leaked to the press of all the outbreaks. Yet it is suspected that the US army still has a sample of the T-Virus, and is continuing research on a war tyrant, a special type of monster created to be bread in mass production for the benefit of the US army. If they managed to build an army of tyrants they could rule the world. Yet Stars still continues to fight against any thing to do with the T or G-Virus. Lucky for the residents of Racoon city, as a army base is near the outskirts. But Stars are the only ones that know it might contain the T-Virus. So they have set out to investigate, and stop it...

You may join as a stars member on Gamma Team, if enough people join i will make another team. Here is the sign up sheet.

Stars Position: (Like, gunner, pilot, medic, ect)

Here is my character:

Name: Brian
Age: 29
Stars Position: Team Leader of Gamma Team
Weapons & Items: Two Uzi's, Two MP-900s, Colt python. MG-4 Handgun w/ Scope. Ammo for all. Four healing kits. Combat knife.
Bio: He was sent to military school at a young age, he later at the age of 18 joined the army and eventually raised through the ranks until at the age of 25 he left the army to purse a special forces carrier. He came to raccon city and joined the stars special forces, he has been a member for 4 years and is a Team Leader. He now travels around the USA on special forces missions.
Description: Blond hair, Blue eyes, Cargo pants, Green Jacket, Army boots, Army vest.

(I am restarting this on a new thred, becausr the other one didn't get enough memebers)
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there we go
Name: Liam
Age: 29
Stars Position: Commando
Weapons: Sig Saur Automatic, Rail Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, 2 desert eagles, Plastic Explosive, Heaps of ammo for all
Bio: Liam finished Highschool and went on to the Army. He was then put into the SAS, but when a Commander from the Gamma spotted him, he was immeadiatly transferred
Description: Dark brown hair, black cargo pants with SAS gear and boots
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Age: 19
Rank: Speicial Ops (Commando, Stealth Type unit)
Weapons: Assult Rifle, Sniper, Small Arms, knife, and a Special Katana of his...
Bio: He doesnt really talk about his past... all is known is he is from the southern part of North America, As shown by his Mexican accent
Discription: Camo Jeans, Shirt, A hat that says "Viva Revolution!", a few scars, and a pair of sunglasses... Brown hair, brown eyes...[/color]
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Here are the other ones, from the other thread.

[B]Sqaushed Snail:[/B]

Stars Position: Pilot
Weapons: Two RP-3 90s, 1 Minigun, Soviet Rifle. Cougar Magnum with 8-round barrel. Ammo for all, except for Cougar Magnum.2 First-Aid Kits. Pocket knife.
Bio:Luuey left Highschool at the age of 14 due to no money. He was forced to find a job to support his family. He found a paper round job, and was kidnapped on his first round.He later escaped the criminals, and found himself in Raccon City. He later joined the Gamma Team, after he was trained in the military.
Description:Baggy blue jeans, black sleeveless shirt, frizzy blonde hair.

[B]SS trunks:[/B]

Name: Craig Kensindan

Age: 15

Stars position: Main gunner and Sniper

Weapons and items: Large 24 barrel minigun, that fires 300 rounds in 15 seconds It has a large strap and lower arm cusions behind the trigger. It is his one and only weapon, and is the strongest gun among the gang. He has been trained for many years with this gun, and only he can use it properly. If used wrong it can break your arm, or take it clean off.
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I'll join!

Name: Andrew
Age: 26
Stars Position: Reconisance and sharp shooter
Weapons & Items: 2 Desert Eagles, colt, pump action and an uzi. Bullets a plenty for all and a small first aid kit
Bio: A natural born killer. His aim is next to perfect and always liked playing with guns as a child. Went through the ranks of the army with easeand recently joined the gamma team.
Description: Black jeans, black vest and black trench coat
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Name: Metal
Age: 16
Stars Position: Gunner
Weapons: Machine Gun and Sniper Rifle
Bio: He is an excellent at using firearms, he is smart and wise.
Description: He wears a thick black armor like Raiden's from MSG 2 SoL.
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Name: Kevin
Age: 20
Rank: Merc
Weapons: Knife, Twin 45's, streetsweeper, two herbs and a medkit. Has enough ammo to last for a long time.

Bio: He was hired by some outside organization to find the T-virus and recover it for more research. He doesn't care about the task, as long as it pays well. Has been trained as a pilot, and is a top class marksman. A military prodigy.

Description: Around 5'10", Black hair and brown eyes. Always focused on the task at hand. Doesn't like taking orders unless money is involved.
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