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Saga of Strife (working title):
Setting: some weird funky cosmic corrupt nasty dirty world of tomorrow, but with demons and magic and all that good stuff (real original right?, but hey, what other setting hasn?t been used already? huh?HUh? punk.)
in this funky world, the main character Striferaven (hence the title) received special powers . Which are currently being called "Blue Light" (don?t say anything) anyway. He was born during some kind of alignment, making him a fulfiller of a prophecy, (again, real original.) anyway. A bunch? a mean demons didn?t want him to completely fulfill the prophecy, because they would probably die if it did. So they went, and they like so totally stole his soul (no I am not gay.) after that, to further his pain. They split it into several pieces. Striferaven then became pretty much a body that did what ever people with his soul, told him to do. He went on like this being the ultimate evil warrior. And because of his "Blue light" powers, and the loss of his soul, he was able to live (this time isn?t in concrete) 200 years in servitude without ageing a day. So he basically is like 19 or something. Anyway. By mere fluke he regains part of his soul, and regains his conscious, but after doing so he went into shock, and was there fore, still pretty much just a body under others control. When the demon guys found out, they started a ritual that would take the small part of his souls he had regained, back from him. (Man that sucks) but before it could be finished he reawakens completely, and unleashes major woopazz. But part of the ritual happened, so he kinda lost his memory, and all of his knowledge about his powers. And became half dead. He was found later that day by a sqaud of humans that were part of an evil fighting government, SPAWN (i forget wat it stands 4, but it does stand for somthing.) any way. they nursed him back to health, and he became one of thier special agents. he did this for 2 years, and was the best agent SPAWN ever had, because Striveraven still had knowledge of how to fight, and shoot people and that good stuff.

the reall story opens, with Strife trying to leave SPAWN, so he can seek out to find about his past. (he doesnt remember anything.) but this is denied. the leaders of SPAWN do however agree to let him become a mercenary, with legal attachments to SPAWN. he is ordered to then assemble a team out of people chosen by SPAWN. he choses and the team becomes this

Striferaven-leader, main guy. clumsy (u always have 2 have clumsy people in mangas) because of loss of soul. and not entirely secure about himself.

Dialen- Strife's best friend, an ex demon slayer that had his mind transfered to that of a cats as a form of punishment, pervert of group. (have 2 have 1 of those 2,)

Fellis- werewolf, out to repay the evil he had caused wiht good.

Jenai- a young sorceress that must fullfill a promise made. usually underestimated, but has powerful amount of untapped energy. ( does she seek after the heart of Strife?)

Engi-ninga girl, also has oath to fulfill. (or does she seek after Strife?)

Katani-a sort of side character that serves as a major comic relief. super smart mechanic. was saved by Strife in his 2 years of service, she now is willing to follow Strife to the ends of the earth and really really anoy him! (Based off of one of my friends.)

anyway, the group goes along and does random mercenary things, occasionally finding information about what Strife's past is really about.

this thing is really serious at times, and really stupid and silly at times. has lots of "tension" and "accidental" things. Anyway. I?m not sure about what the other writers have in store. but that?s all I can really put in this type of environment, I mean come on

this thing is really seriuous at times, and really stupid and silly at times. has lots of accidental" things and funny awkward stuff as well as romance.(its all pretty broad on genre. )

i have a whole lot of other stuff, jingles and jingles of things that happen as well as more characters than you can shake a fiddle stick at (im from texas). but of course i have kind of "tried" to keep it short. but yah there is a whole bunch of other stuff, if you want to see it, i can take a stab at trying to type out some more.

not all of this stuff is up to date since i originaly wrote it some time ago.

now if this looks familiar to anybody its because i have copied and pasted this thing about 4 times on Otakuboards.
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Do you have links to where you can be found, such as a journal or forum? It would be best to bring deep conversation there. PM me links if you get the chance.

You probably remember, but just in case I was that guy who said that I would give you a sample of my work. I could PM the link to my gallery if you want it.
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[QUOTE=kitsunekami]ok, first questions first:

how good does your artist need to be and how experianced?

why are you doing this? i mean what are you plans with the final work?

how experianced are the rest of the writers?

wat is the rating on this?[/QUOTE]

0k first off, the artist is going to have to be pretty good. right now im partially working with 1 artist right now that is just a step away from being proffesionaly good. but can only work with me litmitedly because she's still in school and is busy with other things. i can show you some of her work if you really want it.

2nd. to be absolutley honst, im not sure, what exacly im going to do wiht it. i am hoping to find an oppertunity to send it in to VIZ, or Tokyopop, or sombody. if i can get my stuuf published, i imagine this will become my main carrer plan.

3rd hehe, there were only 3 of us when we started, now 1 became "cool" and left the "nerdy group" so now theres only 2 of us. the other guy is really there for resources, hes never even tried to write. and i myself am an amuture writer. and when i say amuter, i mean amuter, as in very young blood, as in virgin writer. lol

4th. when you say rating, im thinking you mean age restriction right? well if thats it, it should probably be kinda between "teen 13+" and "older teen 16+". 1 of my main goals in this is for it to be pretty darn clean. no nudity, no bad language, limited blood (has to be violence with this type of stuff) no sex scenes. and the main guy is kinda goody goody, (ithink i wrote that, i forgot) real clean, no smokes, no booze, no tatoos, no sex, no porn (AAH THE CLAMITY OF THE THOUGHT!), you get the point.

[QUOTE=Xy GGu]Do you have links to where you can be found, such as a journal or forum? It would be best to bring deep conversation there. PM me links if you get the chance.

You probably remember, but just in case I was that guy who said that I would give you a sample of my work. I could PM the link to my gallery if you want it.[/QUOTE]

hey again man, hey uh actually at the moment i dont have anything like that , but i might in the near future,

ok now i remember what your stuf was last time, and ill be honest with you, those couple of drawings arent the best ive seen, but i would like to see your gallery and see if you are cabable of better. i dont mean to be harsh, i just wnat to be able to find the best quality artist i can.

[color=darkblue][size=1][b]In the future, please use the Edit button to add to your post, as double-posting is against the rules. Thanks. -Lady K[/color][/size][/b]
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I think the idea is very cool, I might be intressted. If you want you could check out my Otaku I have some fan art there. However I drew those pictures with a mouse when I didn't have a tablet... (I got one today for christmas xD), so the pictures that I will be making in the future will most likely be better then those, I will try to get a new one up there as soon as possible...

Anyway if you like what you see don't hesitate to send me a PM ok ^_^
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ok, here is some more stuff to go with my story.

for one major thing ive changed, you never know that Strife was the Dark Angel (the bad guys super warrior) but over time you come to believe that he is the profecied "Protector" that will put an end to the Dark Angle and his followers. you find out much later into the story, when it gets really deep.

also, during the ceremony where he loses his memory, strife doesnt just pass out , he is pulled into a tomb, there he sits for 7 years before the squad guys find him.

then just before he gets part of his soul back, strife was sent on several missions that led to 1st Killing the lover of Fellis, that kept him good, sending him on a rampage witch got him captured by special sages; who then forced him to do good stuff to live. then 2nd he captured Dialen so he could be turned into a cat. 3rd he destroyed the largest settlement of Enji's people, the Senka. she then , believeing herself to be the last of the great senka, set an oath to bring honor to the name of the senka again. 4th Strife did pretty much the same thing to Sonja when he destoyed her families massive shrine palace (ooh, shrine PALACE !) and she was told told by her dieing mother to fullfill the legacy of her family and discover the Lost Profecies (those arent detailed yet) and help fullfill them. and 5th and finally, he destoyed the largest and most major city of the time. doing so he killed most of katani's familly while she and her older brother were away. so they are all friends with Strife, and never know that he is the reason so much bad stuff has happend to them.

all of the characters that suffered were really young escpecailly katani, (excpet Fellis, he's really old but doesnt age a whole lot, like strife, because he's a werewolf, and Dialen, after the transformation, he went into kitty coma for 6 years and was like 20 to begin with)when the stuff happened, so when the story actually starts everybodys bodies ages are from 14-21. except for Dialen, hes a cat, i dont know how that will really work.

so, while the story goes on, they all have the kinda side objectives to discover and destroy the Dark Angel, recover lost "Blue Light" from evil doers, and discover Strifes lost past/ get his soul and memory back.

also as you can guess, when Strife finally discovers that he is the Dark Angle (ive been doing that the whole time, i figured id let it be "angle" this time just for kicks.) he is devastaded. he remembers all that he has stolen, plundered, killed, raped (yes that too), and especially how he did so much to his now best friends, especially the city he destroyed!

. tell me what you think of this stuff.
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[quote name='kitsunekami']huh, well, that sounds like a VERY VERY clean story... no nothing... well, it seems like plenty of people are helping you, so i only have a little advise: why do you send to a publisher? why don't you make it a doujinshi?[/quote]

ok, up until now i have been pretending to know, but i give up. WHAT THE HECK IS A DOUJINSHI?

and actually, the only real help im getting is for the art. and so fat thats only form 1 person. the other people do thier own thing
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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook. a doujinshi is a self-published book. occasionally fan-doujinshi(pretty self-explanitory), which is probably alot more popular in the states. and alot easier to find. but there is original doujin which is an original story featuring original characters. not too common in the states, but is plenty in japan. ever heard of clamp? they started out doing doujinshi.

since i feel the need to go on and in more detail, i will.

doujinshi can be published by a single person, two people that just join up for that one(if they stick together they usually become a circle or somthing and get themselves a name), or, much more common, done by a circle. a circle is a group of people featuring a writer, artist, editor, ect. that makes doujinshi. like clamp, which is a circle. or omega 2-d is pretty well known. um, yeah.

and i just realized ur prolly wondering(sorry if i'm wrong) how the hell people publish it. well, they first draw it, and totally edit it, then either save it on a disk or bring it to a printers place and copy it, then they print it out and give it to you, then you sell it.

and of your post, i did not understand anything of the second part.
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Ok here, i organized my thoughts a little bit and explained some stuff, yah give me sum more feedback:

There have always been demons and other ?paranormal? type objects around the world, however, most of them have been living low in population, and kept under cover by most of the world?s governments.
1. However, sometime after 2030, a new world war began, and all of earth became evolved in battle, death, and destruction, blah blah blah, you know the WWIII drill.
2. The demons and other ?paranormal? beings took advantage of this time when the governments were preoccupied, and stepped out into the knowledge of the world; they began repopulate more, and became active in society. And BAM there you go, you got demons and other kooky stuff in the world.
3. Anyway, amongst all the Chaos, time is basically lost track of. This period of time is called ?the Newer Dark Age?
4. Prophecies are made and spread to the knowledge of the world. They pertain to different things.
5. Divine and higher beings delegate to the Earth and give a power called ?Blue light? (still working on the name) to selected righteous and good people and warriors to help bring betterment to the world.
6. Eventually, after a few hundred years, order is brought again, to a degree. The world isn?t like it was to begin with just yet.
7. A new degree of year is created (degrees=B.C. A.D.) it?s called FY Final Years.
8. Almost a hundred more years go by.
9. The true righteous people who hold the ?blue lights? are becoming more scare.
10. Striferaven lives with his family within a smallish village of Rangers. He too became a Ranger.
11. While still young (around 18 or so) and a Ranger, he received a blue light from a dieing previous holder of it. Soon afterward, he was tracked down by a demonic brotherhood, he was then captured and his village was destroyed, and his whole family murdered.
12. Striferaven has his soul taken, and is forced into soulless servitude of the brotherhood.
13. After around 200 years of service, he gets part of his soul back, and is released but is put into a sleep like stasis for 7 year. But just before he is free,
14. {about here is where the story actually starts} Striferaven is found a revived by the underground government/military SPAWN
15. Strife serves SPAWN for 2 years, then is allowed to create a mercenary team with financial and legal ties to SPAWN.
16. Strife builds the team.
17. The rest isn?t quite defined yet, but it?s just basically the tales of all the missions the team does, and all the stuff they discover. At the same time, they are in search of the Dark Angle, unaware that it is Strife. And they discover the brotherhood that had enslaved Strife. Eventually, at some point, they also find out the truth about Strife.
18. Yah, rest isn?t defined enough to bother posting it.

PS if any body has a good name for the "Blue Light" stuff, plez pm me or some other stuff.
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Hi I`m new here so this is my first reply :animesmil .], so if this comes out wrong you know why. I really enjoyed your manga idea, i love stories like that. I`m not a very good artist but i love writing stories. All i really wanted to say is that I really enjoyed your idea and since i said that I`ll now say goodbye. Keep up the excellent writing! :D
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