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What'd Santa bring ye?

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Colored non-prescription contact lenses, pajamas, black tights, a little stuffed koala bear wearing pajamas that say Australia and you press his chest and he snores (I named him Joe Bear!), a pink preppy shirt with sequins, a black polo-styled t-shirt, disposable razors, and a Bratz doll. No clue as to why my grandmother decided to get me THAT. But it's good that I have my own doll when I am forced to play with my little 6-year-old sister, who is really bossy about who plays with what. My doll's prettier than all of hers! LOL Just kidding.

Here's a pic of my pink shirt (and me with my contacts in):

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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Trebuchet MS]What a Christmas*coughJesusmascough* it was! The fat man really gave me some good crap this year!
He got me:

1) LOT'S of Jack Skellington stuffs(Giant pillow, PJ's, the movie, shirts, a scarf, and some gloves and a hat.Oh yea, and a carpet)
2)A guitar/bass tuner (I have been in [I]desperate[/I] need for one of these for a while.)
3)Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories
4)A bean bag chair
5)An Edward Scissorhands plushie(So adorable!!)

And of course, the top presents of the year:
A Zen MicroPhoto by Creative(I've been listening the crap out of this thing...I'm listening to it right now!)
A book all about Johnny Depp(I worship Johnny Depp....What a nice piece of *** that man is... :tasty:)

So, all in all, this was an [I][B]AWESOME[/B][/I] Christmas[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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[quote name='Noodle][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Trebuchet MS]*coughJesusmascough*[/FONT][/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote]
Colbert Report?

I got:
12 drummers drumming
11 pipers piping
10 lords a-leaping
9 ladies dancing
8 maid a-milking
7 swans a-swimming
6 geese a-laying
5 golden rings
4 calling birds
3 French hens
2 turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree

Oh, and I also got:
sleep pants
a hoody
Green Day: American Idiot
Xbox Gamer Graffix
Destroy All Humans! for Xbox
$50 Visa giftcard
a pool stick
Antonio Banderas cologne
and a watch

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[SIZE=1]Hmm, the Santy Clause seemed to not over do herself- I mean himself like always. Instead her got me the following...

[*]A new Dell Laptop (Inspiron 1200)
[*]Guild Wars
[*]Lemony Snicket's " The Penultimate Peril "
[*]An Aquarium. (I shall be getting the fishes shortly)
[*]Mario Party 7 (GameCube)
[*]A Gift Card to 77th Street (Singapore Teen Clothing Line)
[*]Family Feud Game (DVD Interactive Game)

That's it. I didn't ask for much this year, but the aquarium was quite unexpected. I have no idea where he go the idea I wanted fish... But anyways, I am glad to here you all had a great Christmas. ^^


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[size=1] 'Santa' got me
*a few magazines
*Chocolate / Candy {Ew ...}
*A snow surfer
*Inu Yasha cards
*And a whole lota other crap xD

From my parents though I got

*Four CD's
*And Inu Yasha calender
* Books = Shaman King vol 4-7 / Inkspell / HP #6 / The secret lanuge of girls {xD}

And stuff :D [/size]

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