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  1. I'm doing it again, this time with my Yahoo! Launchcast radio. (Intobanality). -[B]AFI; "But Home is Nowhere"[/B] - this calls for nostalgia. *_* I love any and every AFI, and unlike with Nightwish, their changes in sound doesn't bother me. I guess it's not much to say I've only listened to them since Sing the Sorrow, but I DID research and listen to the old stuff, too. =D -[B]Joel Grey; "Wonderful"[/B] - OMGZ. WICKED. I love Wicked. So. So. SO. Much.
  2. 2005 has been a year full of huge hills and even steeper drops for me. The first half seemed to be pretty good - especially summer - but with High School arriving in August, I became depressed a lot. I still don't have any new friends, which means I'm all alone at that school. ='( It'll be worse next semester, though, because I was in creative writing this year which is only a two quarter class. Le sigh.
  3. Haha, I forgot to attach industrial to that little genre list. xP; silly me. I'd love to share some music with you, but the only stuff I've recorded is just me experimenting with Audacity, a synthesizer, and my guitar. Actually, only one of the three songs uses a guitar, and the synthesizer's pre-made drum beats. One of the songs I recorded (for a movie I made in the game, The Movies), "Discordant Attack," plays on my band's freewebs site. As soon as I can remember the password/username for both our garageband and myspace account, I'd be happy to upload the other two songs ("Superior Benevolent Radio" and "Nocturne" are both just ambient synthesizer while "Discordant Attack" is reminiscent of early days of AFI...only instrumental). Then, of course, our lyrics can be read [URL=http://www.freewebs.com/pandoramusic/verses.htm]here[/URL]. =D Swaaaaaamping thou! I apologize. Therefore, I appreciate you enlightening me on this subject. =D
  4. I'm similar to Color Me Evil with my guilty pleasure. xP. It's one thing to say I don't care what people think of me, but I suppose I might care a little bit. I like *some* anime; not as much as earlier in my life, but I still like some. I know I always rant about how people can be whatever the heck they want and still be individual, and then I hope that certain people won't think less of me because I like certain anime. As far as music is concerned, I have none. Yes, YES, I listen to Taking Back Sunday and I enjoy it! And sometimes, on good days, I'll even enjoy Evanescence. Just...not all the time. =P. I guess when it comes to music, I don't care what people think of my tastes...which is peculiar. =( I'm just a strange little being, I am.
  5. The only terrible, horrible, no good, very bad movie that comes to mind is the 1988, BBC Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. My mom brought this home from Blockbuster one night many years ago, and made my sisters and me watch it with her. I didn't appreciate how terrible it was then, but when I was slightly more aware of the obvious in sixth grade, my EVILEVILEBIL reading teacher made the class watch it after forcing us to read the book. Oh. My. Grobs. There are plenty of baaaad things about this movie. 1. The "animals" similar kinds of creatures. Aslan was a pretty good visual, but unfortunately the production ran out of money after they built the giant puppet. The fauns are basically men wearing cheap Halloween horns, furry chaps, and walking as if they are playing Limbo. The beavers resemble people wearing furry garbage bags and gardening gloves, with brown minstrel paint on their faces and cheap Halloween prosthetic teeth. Maugrim was extremely painful to look at, though maybe not as painful as the beavers; wearing an obvious wolf costume and cheap Halloween wolf nose. The man who played him didn't even know how wolves howl, apparently, for he often just squinted his eyes, reared back, and screamed. Then, of course, there were Aslan's winged creatures and the White Witch's minions, which were just cartoons transposed on to the live action movie. >=( how unfortunate. 2. The acting is atrocious. ESPECIALLY in the White Witch, who used operatic diction and yelled all too often. If she were re-enacting Greek theatre, it might've been acceptable; but this movie is DEFINITELY NOT Greek theatre. Besides, there weren't any women actors in Greek theatre anyway, so she's NOT re-enacting it. Lucy is a quite make-funable child, with (I quote from a review I once read) "an overbite that would make the beavers jealous." If you thought the [spoiler]battle between Peter and Maugrim in the remake was bad, the one in this version is tons worse. Melodramatic acting, poor editing, and a super short sequence that seemed like the director just told the actors to "pretend you're fighting."[/spoiler] An example of the Witch's, and others', bad acting: [spoiler]Witch: WHO HAS GIVEN YOU, ALL, THESE, THINGS? Fox: Please your majesty...f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-father Chr-Chri-Christmas. Witch: HE HAS NOT BEEN HERE! HE, CANNOT HAVE BEEN HERE! ...SAAAAY that you are lyieeeng, and (blahblahblah). Squirrel: HE HAS HE HAS HE HAS! Witch: *screeeeeeeeeam* Edmund: NODON'T *the witch flicks her wand, some strange music plays, and the very next scene is a stone version of the animals at the table* Witch: Assssssfoooorrryooooou...*she hits Edmund* LET THAT BE A LESSON, TO ASK FAVORS, OF SPIES, AND TRAITORS *spits*[/spoiler] I apologize for caps, but it was the only way to accurately portray the Witch's way of "speaking." 3. There are five or six extras that roam around randomly. If Narnia was supposed to be a land full of creatures and other people, it's not. It's just not. This is me, spoofing a scene from this movie: Beaver: Are you a Son of Adam or a Daugter of Eve? Peter: You're wearing a beaver suit. I don't think I can trust you. So, lololololololololol. It's impossible to enjoy the movie for the movie, but to enjoy it for it's badness.
  6. I've never heard of steampunk until now. I mean, I recognized the basic parts of it, such as Victorian influences, but I didn't know that they were a part of such a thing. I love some of the things Wikipedia mentioned as being steampunk; Rasputina (more like an obsession), Wizard of Oz, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the movie), Lemony Snicket, Read or Die, etc. It looks like my band will finally have a definitive genre and not just "a whole bunch of rock stuff" or "gothic/symphonic metal/emo/psychobilly/progressive/ambient." Thank you, so very much. =D (I adore Victorian fashions and plan to deeply integrate it into my band's functioning.
  7. Wildfire electric guitar Drive amplifier ...='( it's so naked. It's not even a popular name brand. Oh well. The package only cost a hundred dollars and it's lasted quite a while. I haven't been fortunate enough to ever be able to buy a good pedal, nor a better amp. However, since I don't play concerts yet, I'm afraid this will have to do.
  8. Haha, you thought this was going to be a story or poem called "A Battered Green Notebook," didn't you? Okay, it's not funny. I'm so dumb. =D Instead, it's a collection of stuff I've written. No matter what it is. And thus, it begins. [b]Gregarious; Not I[/b] I don't want to be a social butterfly To have heart shaped wings of glass On my shoulders I don't want to reach the highest mountain To fall down and end up lost I don't want to be a social butterfly Because they all end up squashed Be reasonable Never again will I fly amongst them This snowflake will never bloom Into a social butterfly Be reasonable This garden needs a thousand cages The butteflies conspire This garden needs a thousand cages For them to catch on fire Be reasonable (I didn't necessarily say it was a collection of good stuffs, did I? Well, some of you know how I am. Always with the self-belittling.) [b]Eidolon Now AWOL[/b] These vinyl wings I lay aside And watch them burn away The haunting opera never dies And keeps the want at bay Memento mori beckons now While ever full of dare The burning trees bleed to the ground As laughter chills the air Haunting grounds seem so much more desirable When we're gone Haunting grounds are plagued by many spirits now Though we've gone for good A breathless choir is buried here They never make a sound But epitaphs aren't written clear Enough to mark this ground Webs of left behind plans Of parties never thrown They're there as ghosts with leaders sans To make them less alone Haunting grounds seem so much more desirable... [b]Today Was a Briny Sea[/b] Oh, the pressure presses me down I'm not a switch for happiness But my feelings don't really care So why not leave things a mess It's not who I am Bring me back from within Cheer me up, it's sinking in Draw me close, draw me Something Race me back, let me win All this salt is sinking in Draw me close, draw me Never again Oh my goodness, a blind tear I'm not here to make a mess But a violent storm within myself Is so concerned with happiness For only who I am Bring me back from within... Pull me back from within I need to be back where I've been Draw me close, draw me Something Race me back, let me win All this salt is sinking in Draw me close, draw me Never again [b]Greenskinned With Aviators[/b] It's not easy being green, it's what they say I don't care for self-esteem anyway I'll wrap myself in mystery and hide from everything I guess today's the day to be absolutely green What more can I say? There is no good day. Who cares, anyway? Catch me, wear me, throw me, land me Do what you like, I'm only candy Catch me... It's not easy being green, it's what they say... What more can I say?... Catch me... What more can I say?... What more can I say?... No one likes green candy, anyway [b]Poetic in Pathosis[/b] Could it make me more interesting to read about? Or will it engrave my name on the legend's plaque? Because these small things make you immortal Even when death comes to steal you back Would it make me more aware of what I've missed? Truly, I don't even realize what I still do Even through pain, there comes acceptance Because deadly things can make you brand new There's nothing wrong with me It could be wrong of me To wish there was so I'd be more inspired Or inspiring the tired, like me I'm only self-diagnosing It's not really knowing To say there is something in me, expired Or conspiring to kill me What's the difference between artistic and politic-al? Artistic and political demons that kill anyway There is no dissimilarity between the two kinds of death Because no matter what, they've both killed today Should it make me more like the noble mythic figures? Would it make me more aware of surreality? With hallucinations jarring me awake tonight Would they make me less aware of true banality? There's nothing wrong with me... There's nothing wrong with me... Self-diagnosed disaster Self-diagnosed disease Self-diagnosed disaster Self-diagnosed disease Disease ------ Seems to be the only worthwhile things I've got in the battered green notebook...also known as "The Big Book of Something Mellifluous." But I used pencil to carve in the title, so it's hardly noticable. =D Purely for reading pleasure, if one could call it that. Enjoy, or regret.
  9. I = le 14. Goody goody. I guess I'll age about ten more years, and then pretend that I've stopped. Blahaha. Sometimes I get comments that people can't really believe that I'm fourteen, because I suppose my online demeanor is different than my offline. However, people often mistake me for a sophomore or junior in high school when I'm actually a freshman. Anytime someone thinks I'm older, I get a little tiny self-esteem boost. =D Of course, my parents think I'm supposed to be soooo mature. >=( ; it makes me angry. My sisters and I can romp around laughing and actually getting along, and my mom yells at us for making noise. Maybe she only sees the kid in me, and doesn't realize that people often mistake me for someone older. Shvatevs. I'm fourteen and I don't care.
  10. I found this somewhere, and it seemed like fun. So I pilfered it. 1. Open up the music player on your computer. 2. Set it to play your entire music collection. 3. Hit the shuffle command. 4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. It's time for total musical honesty. 5. If you get the same artist twice, you may skip the second (or third, or etc.) occurrences. You don't have to, but since randomness could mean you end up with a list of ten song with five artists, you can if you'd like. ------ - Taking Back Sunday; "Head Club" - Rasputina; "Any Old Actress" - The Cruxshadows; "Winterborn" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra; "The Silent Nutcracker" - AFI; "I Want a Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)" - Yuki Kajiura; "Labyrinth" - Robert Westenberg, Joanna Gleason; "Any Moment; Moments in the Woods" - Kaoru Wada; "Fun Group of Friends" - Akira Yamaoka; "I Feel..." - Placebo; "Second Sight" 'joor turn. =D
  11. I've never been in an actual for real moshpit, because I've never really had the chance. I know I was desperate to start one at my eighth grade picnic last year, because the idiot DJ played [i]nothing but popular hiphop[/i], and I think some country (OHGODMYEARS) and rock. So, I sent one of my friends to request something harder, like Slipknot (which I don't really like, but heck. It's better than all the other crap the DJ was playing) specifically so that me and my misfit friends could jump around insanely. We were probably the only ten people that would've done it, anyway. xD. All though I think we started jumping on each other when the DJ played a Blink182 song, which is the closest I've been to an actual moshpit. There have been some mild versions of a mosh pit that I've been in: at a crazy church function with a bunch of spontaneous boys, and then in my own living room whilst listening to my chorus' Holiday Concert CD (there was a ska band, but I mainly went insane over even the mildest of songs...) However, I have headbanged quite excessively. To Nightwish's "Slaying the Dreamer." There's a certain part in that song where it's only the basic rock formation (guitar, bass, and drum) and it's so amazingly powerful. It compels one to jump around, smashing into things. It's quite dangerous. My neck is in pain for days after such a possession. I don't go to concerts often, because I mainly enjoy obscure bands (I have a rabid obsession over Rasputina, but they're not coming here soon) who don't really tour around this area. I have been to see The Killers and Trans-Siberian Orchestra (separate concerts, of course), which were the very first two real concerts I've ever been to in all my fourteen years of life. I hope to go to another TSO concert next year, with my friends in tow, because they come near here a lot. I'll just keep an eye on ticketmaster to see when my luck is with me.
  12. [quote name='Boo][size=1'] Santa Claus is a fraud made up by Coca Cola.[/size][/quote] Actually, that's an urban legend proven wrong. [URL=http://snopes.com/cokelore/santa.asp]Snopes[/URL] =D *cheeky little jerk*
  13. I find myself unable to have a crush on anyone in a band, probably for these reasons: A) I all ready am in a relationship with someone B) I don't know the person in the band. Even crushes have to be about much more than looks. But if we can just talk beautifulness/immense mancandiness... Davey Havok of AFI Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday (when his hair was longer.) That's all I can really think of right now, but so be it. I just find those men attractive. =D
  14. Well...my body brought me something I really don't like, but every girl has to go through it. >=( So, if I'm done grossing anyone out: my horde. -Wicked original broadway soundtrack -Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's Last Night -Wicked: The Grimmerie (behind the scenes look at the music) -Sony Walkman -Nightmare Before Christmas DVD -The Movies for PC -$65 -Toffee and Almond Swoops (I ate them all within receiving them) And I've currently spent...about $45 on stuff for friends. I haven't gotten something for all of them yet, either, so I'mma need some more money. Mrmrmg.
  15. I really like Wikipedia, for no reason at all. I don't know. However, my mom is a teacher, and she became really angry when her students used Wikipedia for their research papers. I defended it, but I guess she wins. >=( dumb people.
  16. I've seen Queen of the Damned, and I thought it was the funniest movie I've ever seen. If it was supposed to scare me (and believe me, I get scared unbelievably easily and I've never seen a horror movie in my life), then it failed. One of my favorite laughing parts was when [spoiler]Akasha set fire to the whole coven, and everyone was screaming and burning. It was all, BOOM! Flamey flamey flamey flamey[/spoiler]. That movie actually MADE me sleep with the light OFF.
  17. A7X = Avenged Sevenfold Just so joo's know. If you end up liking prog. rock, I might suggest Placebo (especially the album Sleeping With Ghosts). They're never too hard, and particularly cheeringupish on a not so great day (though I usually just go to the cow on Rasputina's website for cheerings up). Other than that, I can't really think of any other modern rock bands like you've described, and haven't been mentioned on here. I don't listen to too much of that, I mostly listen to 80s, 90s, obscure stuff, metal, folk, emo, whatever whatever. =D. Good luck on your noble quest.
  18. I've had a guitar for...maybe four years? and I've been "teaching" myself how to play the whole time. I know how to read music (but I'm not all that great at sightreading) from two years of playing handbells and three and a half years of chorus at school (but I don't use sheet music for guitar, I use tabs). I don't know that many chords, but if I need to use one in a song I'm trying to play, [url]www.chordfind.com[/url] helps a lot. I started with a cheap, student size acoustic guitar from Walmart, and played that for three years. Finally, last Christmas, I got a normal size Esteban Steel string acoustic, and a Wildfire electric a few months later. Now I pretty much use the electric, because it's easier on my fingers and much smaller than the Esteban. I can also play bass, but only because I know how to play guitar. It's very simple, unless faced with something like 'Cereal Wars' by AFI, because you have to have nimble fingers for the notes. The only solos I can play are the small ones that play slowly, like in 'Swing Swing' by All-American Rejects or 'Beauty and the Beast' by Nightwish. Sometimes, I try 'Bicycle Race' by Queen, 'Christmas in Sarajevo," or "O Come Let Us Adore Him/O Holy Night" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. T_T; no good. Anyway, yeah. I play guitar. =D
  19. [size="1"]A lot of the songs that do this to me come from broadway. Here goes. [b]No One is Alone[/b] from Into the Woods: Mother cannot guide you. Now you're on your own. Only me beside you. Still, you're not alone. No one is alone. Truly. No one is alone. Sometimes people leave you. Halfway through the wood. Others may decieve you. You decide whats good. You decide alone. But no one is alone. That's only an excerpt, but wow.
  20. That was very noble Retribution;; ^_^. I know what Christmas is all about: it started with the Birth of Christ and came a time for families to come together, but it doesn't bother me that people use it as an excuse to get more stuff. I realize that material goods are no good in the end, but hey; humans need entertainment before they die. C'est la vie. Aaanyway, I'm glad that someone posted the little reminder. I felt bad when I posted a list, because I thought to myself, "why can't I ask for an orphan in Africa to have a family, or money to help victims of the hurricane?" Because I'm human. Meh.
  21. I don't really loooove it, but I need a good mat because it's the only exercise I make myself do. x_x;; I found a good one for only 50-60 dollars at [url]www.gamestop.com[/url], though, so maybe I'll just buy it for myself.
  22. You don't have to wait 'til any specific date to start celebrating Christmas! If my family were more willing, and Florida was more...cold...it would be Christmas every day. Anyway, I normally ask for just one thing, because I have two other sisters and the things I want are usually expensive (I asked for an electric guitar last year, but I didn't get one. It was the only thing I asked for, too). This year, I have a plan A and a plan B. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v630/ShikyoKasu/gipod.jpg[/IMG] Plan A - an iPod. Every CD player I get always breaks after a few months, and I'm tired of carting around my huge CD cases everywhere I go. I know people have said iPods suck, but all four of my best friends have one (and I know they work well) and I think they're nifty iCandy *lolz*. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v630/ShikyoKasu/v3pad.jpg[/IMG] Plan B - a good DDR mat. I'd really like a metal one, but it's just as expensive as an iPod and way too difficult to carry around. The one in the picture would be awesome, but I have no idea where my parents would buy one like that around here unless they ordered it off the internet. Roar. I think the sensors light up, too; =D!! Then there's also plan C, which is me getting either of the two and then buying the one I didn't get with any money I get from relatives. I'd also like the Movies (but not bad enough to ask for it) and .hack//FRAGMENT (which I don't even know if it's coming out in the USA yet, even though sources say it should be out by Christmas). I guess it all depends on if and when Fragment comes out here.
  23. People don't have to judge people on what they wear when it comes to clothing. It's the same way with hairstyles and make-up and the like. My middle school had "uniforms," which consisted of a white or navy polo shirt with or without the school insignia, and khaki or navy pants. For some stupid reason, we were forbidden to wear jeans. Should anyone violate these laws - GASP - you got a full day of in-school-suspension. Even with these uniform codes, I could always tell who listened to hip-hop (normally, stereotypically, the hispanic and black people with tons of gold jewelry and gel in their hair) and as a result, who I would not like to associate with (forgive me if that seems racist, but people who dress that way often talk in some kind of confusing slang that I don't even comprehend, and they don't think on whatever level I do). You also had the skater boys, who wore the baggiest pants (as well as the mallcore people) and the skateboarding shoes. The mallcore people wore converse. Then you had people like me, who didn't accessorize or dress a certain way. And of course, the sore thumb: one of my best friends. Everyday, she came to school with some odd take on the uniform. Stilettos, three inch boots, interesting jackets, and different purses. Sometimes she would wear long pants and converse, once she surprised us with short shorts and flip flops. Like I said, people can judge people regardless of uniform, sadly. Myself included. The uniform wasn't completely terrible, but every year when I had to get new shirts and pants the shopping trips would always end up with my mom angry with me for not wanting anything available. I used to be a very picky person, and no store anywhere sold any pair of pants that I could wear to school that I actually wanted to wear. I eventually had to settle for some ugly fisherman pants (which some woman substitute told me she liked and asked me where I got them; o_O). Therefore, I see absolutely no point to uniforms at all. Oh well.
  24. So, I just went to a concert on Sunday night for Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The name was vaguely familiar, probably because when December rolls around I keep the TV on Sirius Holiday Music, and they play some songs by them occasionally. I went because my dad wanted to go, and I really wanted to hear some live Christmas music (especially Carol of the Bells). However, when they started performing, I was completely blown away. Their rock opera was amazing; every instrument was equally beautiful, especially the vocalists. By the time they were simply performing a set, the awesome music and the incredible light-show had me thirsty for more. I don't own any of their CDs yet, but I plan on getting all of them and the one that's going to come out next year. They remind me a LOT of Nightwish, without the one operatic vocalist (they had four men and three women, but they can sing so much more than opera). So, what are anyone else's opinions of them? Someone as meticulous as me definitely reccomends them, if you haven't heard them and if you like symphonic metal/Christmas/classical music. [URL=http://trans-siberian.com]Trans-Siberian Orchestra Website[/URL]
  25. Troo' dat, Rifles. I made a bunch of my friends (including myself) and even some teachers that I had. My boyfriend and I fought (me as him and him as me), so it didn't matter who beat who; we both won. =D I'm kind of laying off it recently, because I've discovered some other new things that occupy my time more. Wheee. The soul still burns, though.
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