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  1. fire_fly52

    Death and the Heartless

    i think what they called you heartless for is you voice your oppion like that in their time of need. they were just looking for someone to be sad with.
  2. fire_fly52

    What scares you?

    Top things i can think of>>> someone dieing that i love. being alone when i feel like being around people. Disappointment
  3. fire_fly52

    Your views on pre-marital sex

    So my thoughts on premarital sex is..it is your choice...
  4. fire_fly52

    Art Foxboys Artwork

    wow i really love your art work you should take up some kind of job on computers. i would like to have one of your backgrounds PM me and tell me if that would be possible i would really aprishiate to have some of your fine art work.
  5. fire_fly52

    Writing Favorite Book

    My favoite young adult book is Shades Childern. it is about a world were no adults live becuse when you turn 14 you are taken to a place were your organs are harvisted and turned into robots. For those lucky enough to excape the go to live in this place with a computer called shade. well all he asks is you run missions for him so that one day maybe he can stop all the killing and over trow what ever is bekind this. it is a good book and i have read it over 7 times it is well written and easy to understand what is going on with out ruining the twists. but i have a lot of books i like most are fantasy or about humans struggle to suvive either the future or human nature.
  6. fire_fly52

    Your Idea of the most romantic date

    My most recent romantic date idea would have to be Going in my room and turning the radio so that we can dance to our song. Being able to wisper the sweetest of things to him while we just hold eachother tight. As well looking in his eyes they are so WOW. Just having the ability to spend the day together kicking tough the leaves or watching a movie. Seeing the sun set. Just being able to do the small things that count.
  7. fire_fly52

    Who should ask out??

    I think that who ever has the feels should ask the other out. But he he I make it so oviouse i have never had to ask someone out. I just let them know that i care about them (look them right in the eyes and let my eyes say it all) and wait for them to make the next move. But if you have more nerve it is socally acceptable now.
  8. I have finished a lot of games and found some so wounderful and then there are the games that just want to cry you wasted so much time. so here are my two: [spoiler]Paper mario thousand year door. for this reason at the end of the game mario is sitting in his house and she sends him a note saying she found another treasure map and wanted him to investigate. No thanks for saving me or even a kissthat made me so mad i tought he would at lest get something.[/spoiler] [spoiler]the best game ending would have to be a game i have never personaly played Final fantasy X-2 the reason is i have watched all the cenamas and at the end they were together it made me so happy and it was just so wounderful to see.[/spoiler] [size=1][color=blue]Edited in spoiler tags. - Shinmaru[/size][/color]
  9. fire_fly52

    Weirdest dreams you ever had

    The wirdest dream that i can remeber is... i was playing resident evil 4 and the point of the game was leon trying to find his pants (he was wearing boxers) and the worst part about it is leon could not use any guns or the knife with out he pants. so he was just running aroung so he went to the house were his girlfrind lives and finds a zombie form of him self so he had to tie it up so that i did not kill him. and then he had to pretend to the the zombie when his girlfriend came in. And yes he did find his pants.
  10. fire_fly52

    So what are your problems?

    I have a problem with this i am on the mock trial team and this year they are not going to call me to preform my part in the case. I have been on the team for 2 years and have been best witness. and no i am not bias i have actually won the award that said "best witness" on it. Another is i cant drive so i do not get to do a lot of things that i wish i could. As well I am sick...with something the doctor has no idea what it is, so they just put me on some univesal medicens. And most of the time i feel mentally out there.. i do not know how to explain it. Fox makes me happy (must say somthing positive, might as well be true.)
  11. fire_fly52

    I LOVE YOU, Right?

    The reason for this post is to get your oppion on saying i love you. I mean are they just words or when you say them do you all feel them. And how do you know when to say them. Love is such a tricky feeling and so scary i mean you do not know if they well say them back. so with going tough many relationships do you still mean them. My oppion is If you say those words you sould feel them and mean them. It is not nice to play with someones emotions. I think though in society they have lost there meaning, but not to all people. I have had 3 boyfriends and i have lived by that. The boyfriend i have now I love, i know this becuse I can feel it. and he says he has the same feelings (as i love my family) All other people that are around i care about. So to answer my question is those words mean so much and sould not be taken lightly. words are nothing with out meaning. Shi no Tenshi is right there are diffrent kinds of love.
  12. Mine would have to be really sweet guys. you know how they say nice guys finish last its not true my guy is so wounderful for me and he is a very nice guy. Other people say it so i am not bias. Eyes that are so deep and emoution filled i mean you could see into so many things like if they are lieing or seeing how deep they love you. It is really nice when they can show emotion, It shows they are human and i like that. but phisical would have to be having my neck bitin, having my hand held and WORDs I mean some words are like wow.
  13. fire_fly52

    Interview with a Vampire

    I liked the movie but i am quite bias when it comes to vampire movies, books, or the other media they come in. Interview with the vampire i must reconize for staying close with what the charaters really looked like. I tought the story line was well developed the book was portayed quite well in the move.
  14. fire_fly52

    The Gorillaz

    I really like the Gorillaz All the songs i do not think there are any songs that i cant get into. I even painted 2-D on my folder, it looks really good, thats what i am told anyway.
  15. I think it is nice to see guys so emotions and it is totally alright for a guy to cry over them, Feelings are feelings and they sould be expressed with out the gender sterotypes