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  1. [size=1]RedSkyCoffee = Red-Sky-Coffee :animesmil [/size]
  2. [SIZE=1]Liam, Yay 'tis Naruto extra two points for you! xD I like the spinny things on the left side, the colors, and ze the pose ... But Naruto's nose looks odd 0_o Over all 8.999999 / 10 :D [/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE=1]I don't think it matters who asks who out because it shouldn't right? You should just up front with your feelings :animeshy: [/SIZE]
  4. [size=1]I don't live in the U.S. but I still don't like Bush because ... I don't :animeswea [/size]
  5. [SIZE=1]Nya, probably black because it's dark, it can go with any color, and it's different ... Some how 0_o[/SIZE]
  6. [size=1]I know what DearS is and I've seen the manga but I've never watched or read it[/size]
  7. [size=1] I love it! they look real nice :D I can't see that ever happenig though xD [/size]
  8. [SIZE=1]They speek lies 0_o [/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1]I'm not a huge fan of CLAMP but I love their art and I'm up to vol. 7 on Tsubasa and read all of Chobits ... and I saw a few of their other works[/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1]I usually just call someone, go over / invite someone over, go on the computer, listen to music, and stuff like that ...[/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1]Yeah, you're right. I was in grade primary when I think I started watching it and now I'm in grade seven, and it gets pretty annoying ...[/SIZE]
  12. [size=1]people cheat on each other ... or do you mean cheat as in games? Oh well I'll answer both ... Personatly I think people cheat on each other for a few reasons 'cause they ether love two people and they want both of them or they just want to ... Cheating in games ... just 'cause the persons stupid ... My question is ... Why are boys so stupid? [/size]
  13. [SIZE=1]A few things ... bugs, warm weather, and cold weather ... I like normal weather xD[/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE=1]God, weirdest dream, eh? I can't remember any but I DO remember having this one dream were Hao and Lyserg from Mankin were pole dancing and Horo Horo was with me ... then I woke up D:[/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE=1]I don't mind them, I'm quite used to being in them xD But yeah, it can be scary if your next to someone who's about to die or something ...[/SIZE]
  16. [size=1]Nya, school has it's good and bad points ... the bad points = You have to listen to your teachers talk all day and half the stuff they tell you won't even be useful to you in ten years. You get bored out of your mind. You don't get paid and you do all the work. You can't have cellphones, MP3's, walkmans, ect. The good points = You get to see your friends between classes and stuff. Some teachers can be cool. You have free time almost every day [I do]. You can meet new people. Ect ... [/size]
  17. [SIZE=1]Naruto, I really don't like InuYasha that much ...[/SIZE]
  18. [SIZE=1]xD Here we go ... Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, I'm the shortest of all my friends and I get pissed if they call me short. I'm determend, and you know ... everything he is except I have all my limbs.[/SIZE]
  19. [SIZE=1]Hmm ... A good plot, fighting, humor, good art {Art of the anime or whatever ..}, and ... I donno, I can't think of anything else xD[/SIZE]
  20. [SIZE=1]I guess that's alright {Even though I think it's a bit weird ...} but yeah, I'm a girl and never in my life have I cryed over an anime ....[/SIZE]
  21. [SIZE=1]Oi, that's hard ... Probably Asakura Yoh from Shaman King because I like how he's able to keep clam and stick to the motto 'Everything will work out' even in the worst of times. And he's pretty storng xD[/SIZE]
  22. [SIZE=1]I probably wish I have never seen stuff like Pokemon, Duel Master, Yu-Gi-Oh {Ect.}... I just don't get it ....[/SIZE] [color=#ff6600]Please expand on your choices. Threads are for discussion. If you do not wish to discuss anything, don't post. If you wish to discuss, please offer fodder for discussion. :) -Lore[/color]
  23. [SIZE=1]I alway thought life started at the beginning of time D:[/SIZE]
  24. [SIZE=1]I hate that saying and when people say it to me, seriously I'm 12 but I act like a 7 year old xD I don't pay attention to it though, but I aggree with that one person who said you can't just go on liking tuff like Pokemon forever. {And I don't like Pokemon D:}[/SIZE]
  25. [SIZE=1]The meaning of life is to watch / read anime / manga xD No just kidding, I don't know ... but from what other people say it's to die, so I guess that's what I'll say. Yeah ... other then that I really don't care about the whole meaning of life ... My quote is just to 'Live for today'[/SIZE]
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