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[SIZE=1][CENTER][B][U]Doctor Who[/B][/U]

"It?s times like these I wish I had my sonic screwdriver."
[I]The Eighth Doctor[/I]


The Doctor. A Time Lord, an extraterrestrial from the planet Gallifrey, who travels in a time machine called the TARDIS ? Time And Relative Dimensions In Space ? that allows him to reach any point in time and space and is dimensionally transcendental.. The TARDIS originally had the ability to disguise itself according to its environment, but became "stuck" in the form of a police box after landing in London in 1963 and has remained in that shape ever since due to a malfunctioning chameleon circuit. The Doctor has since given up attempting to repair or replace the circuit as he has grown fond of the
police box shape.

For the most part, and usually because the vessel's navigation system is old and unreliable, the
Doctor explores the universe at random and uses his extensive knowledge of science and advanced technology to heroically avert the crises that he encounters. The Doctor has, at various times, been accompanied by companions who have chosen to travel with him for a variety of reasons.

The Doctor, like all Time Lords, has the ability to regenerate, changing his appearance each time he does. New adventures await each newly regenerated Doctor with both old and new enemies just waiting for him, as well as new companions. Cybermen, Daleks, Vampires, Alien Invasions, Civil Wars and TARDIS Malfunctions are just a few of the things lurking in the untold adventures of the Eighth Doctor.


[B][U]Episode One[/B][/U]
[I][U]Eighth Impressions[/U]
?Having finally rid himself and his fellow Time Lords of the renegade known as The Master, The Doctor has resumed his wanderings. As one would expect the TARDIS has returned him to Earth, given this Planet has a healthy supply of Companions for the Doctor. However U.N.I.T. have made preparations for the return of The Doctor.?[/I]




Gender:[/B] [Male, Female? let?s keep it at that, heh]

[B]Race:[/B] [Feel free to make up your own or from the series] [I]N/B: If you make up your own please give some details.[/I]

[B]Origin:[/B] [Home planet, basically]

[B]Items/Gadgets:[/B] [Self explanatory, really]

[B]Special Skills/Abilities:

Position:[/B] [Position in the storyline or if you?re in UNIT or something then it can be
your position there as well]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [Image or description will do]


Biography:[/B] [Well, I?m not really looking for length but the minimum will be 3 paragraphs or so]


[I]Side note:[/I] There will only be a few companions tagging along in the TARDIS, but that doesn?t mean if you?re not chosen you?re out of the RPG. Most people who aren?t picked can still play a part and can be different characters in different episodes, so don?t worry if you?re not picked. The position of the Doctor has been filled already by Jokopoko, I?d like to thank him for helping with the RPG and also Blayze, who should be signing up I hope =), they?ll be an underground thread soon for more information.[/SIZE]
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Name: Coal

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: A Harmonizer.

Human in appearance, yet under their skin lies the souls of hundreds of demons. At will, they can steal the souls of demons, and animals alike. At will, they can change into any demon that they have. For Coal has six main demons he uses. Also, when they change into a demon form, they can use the demons elemental powers, but this transformation can only last for a short amount of time.

Origin: Tsuboso

Items/Gadgets: His glasses. He does not really need them, but they help him when he reads. He also has a com link he carries in his ear so he can talk to the doc.

Special Skills/Abilities:
Coal's main demons consist of the fallowing-
The tiger in the background-it is his lightning/light demon
A blue and white dragon-it is his ice/water demon
A dimond golem-his earth demon
A six tailed fox-his fire demon
A wolf with blades out of its shoulders-his wind demon
And finally, his most powerful demon, a demon that looks like a bat. It has long leathery wings, and horns. It looks like a real demon. It is his dark powers.

Normally, he would use the wolf, tiger, or fox. He only uses the demon as a last resort.

Position: The doctors body guard.

Appearance: Below

Personality: Very calm and collected. He uses strategy to take out enamies four times his size. He is very loyal, and tried his best to be of help when he can. He is a nice guy for the most part, but if you do something to piss him off, you will live to regret it. He can be, well how do you say it, he likes revenge.

Biography: In the forrest of shaddows, on the planet of Tsuboso, Coal hears a large electric sound. He runs outside soon enough to see a ball of light, about a mile away. It is lighting the thick jungle in the dead of night. Coal clenches his fist and curses under his breath. He does not know who, or what this thing could be, but because he is the last defence agianst anything entering the capital, he has to find out what it may be.

While walking through the forrest, he hears the chirping of the winged beasts flying overhead. He looks up, and catches the eye of a Harpy, who in this world, is said to be friend of the Harmonizers. The Harpy nods, and Coal nods back. Slowly, Coal begins to change. His size shrinks, his skin turns into a deep red fur. His nose grows longer, and his ears begin to form into points. He lets out a small roar, his new fangs show in the darkness. As he stands on all fours, six long tails shoot out fron his back.

He looks back up at the Harpy, but by this time, the creature had left. He continued on his way, this time, much faster and much more elegant. As he comes closer to the source of the light, he sees a large building. Slowly, Coal walks closer to it an watchs the doors open. In the blink of an eye, Coal begins to growl, and a man looks down at him with a little bit of fear.

"Well, well. Seems you scared me little guy. Where have you come from? Run away form your family?" The man let out a small laugh, then gasped as Coal changed back into normal. "Well, you are no normal little fox are you?" The man took a step back, both scared and confused.

"This is a bad place for visitors. I would leave, and soon If I were you." Coal took a step closer to the man and then stopped. He turned around quickly and let out a growl.

"Sir, step away from the man. He has been caught tresspassing, and we must take him to the king for trial." The other guards took a step forward, they were all in diffrent shapes.

"Where am I? I understand nothing. Where I am from, it is impossible for anyone to change the shape of their bodies like that. Its, incredable." The man looked at the soldiers in awe.

"Listen, old man. Give me half a minute." Coal watched teh man nod, then Coal turned around. "He is mine. Stay back, for I can, and will destroy you all if you come any closer." Coal smiled as his body began to take the shape of a demon. HE grew wings on his back, fangs from his mouth, claws on his fingers and feet, and finally, he grew twice as tall. He let out a deep growl that seemed to shake the ground a little. In half a second, the entire area was covered in darkness. Screams and grunts were heard, then everything went back to normal. The man stared at Coal, who only nodded back.

"What did you do? Are they dead?" The man asked, astonished.

"Not even close. I suggest we leave, and now." They both went back inside the building, and vanished in a flash of light.
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][B]Name:[/B] Amber Wilkey

[B]Age: [/B]Unknown. She appears to be 17 years old

[B]Gender: [/B]Female

[B]Race: [/B]Unknown. Amber can?t remember her past, she knows she?s not human but she doesn?t know what she is.

[B]Origin:[/B] Unknown. Amber knows she isn?t from Earth but she doesn?t remember where she?s originally from.

[B]Items/Gadgets: [/B] Amber has only one thing from when she was found five years ago, a blue crystal stone on a golden chain. It is the only link to her past. Whether or not the stone is more than a simple necklace is a mystery to her.

[B]Special Skills/Abilities:[/B] Amber is a natural at writing computer programs and hacking into other people?s systems. She has been searching to find any clues to her past and so far she has yet to find a system she couldn?t hack into. She is exceptionally strong and at will can summon fairy like shimmering wings and fly. Though she rarely does that as the one time she did she was taken in by the government to be studied and experimented on. If she hadn?t been as strong as she was she would still be there caged in the laboratory in America.

[B]Position:[/B] Amber is currently in London hunting down clues to her past. She has a vague memory of seeing a blue police box and is looking for where she would have seen one. Currently she is working on hacking U.N.I.T?s computer systems looking for clues as checking the local government files has proven to be a dead end.

[B]OCC:[/B] Depending on how you want to do the story, she could be recruited by U.N.I.T for her skills, just play a part of the story, or even become one of the Doctor?s companions. If you accept me for the story, just let me know which area you think the character would be best at. I tried to write it so she would fit all three categories.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img371.imageshack.us/img371/1548/amberwilkey021ph.jpg ][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Amber[/COLOR][/URL]

[B]Personality: [/B] Amber is very outgoing and cheerful. She gives the impression of being a bit on the dimwitted side though she is actually quite smart. She deliberately dresses in an outrageous fashion, as people tend to not take her very seriously and underestimate her. She is hard working and dedicated and fiercely loyal to those who have earned her trust. Her biggest downfall is she can be careless if she is pursing a lead to her past, as she wants to know who she is so badly that she will often ignore warning signs that she is in over her head. She has narrowly avoided being caught by numerous governments around the world, as she is wanted for breaking into top-secret computer systems.

[B]Biography: [/B] Amber closed all the curtains to her flat and activated the security systems she had installed. She was about to attempt the most dangerous hack she had done so far. She checked the monitors to make sure everything was working and once she checked the views on the monitors showing the alley, and the other sides of her flat she went back to her computer screen, the words U.N.I.T filling the whole screen. If she had done her homework correctly, today she would finally get into their most top-secret files. Surely one of them would have something that would help her find where she was from.

It had been five years since she woke up in the small town of Tooele Utah. Before that day she could remember nothing of her past, except the image in her mind of a blue box that had the words Police Box along the top edge and a body that looked more like blue doors with windows on each side. She also remembered that there was a light on top that flashed. But beyond that she could remember nothing else. The only possession she had other than the clothes on her back was a blue crystal stone on a gold chain.

At first it hadn?t mattered that she didn?t know who she was. The people were kind and a caring family took her in giving her a place to live. They gave her the name Amber Wilkey and for a while she didn?t care about who she was. For one year she was blissfully unaware of the differences between her and the others. Then [I]it [/I]happened during a hiking trip with her family in the mountains.

At first it was like any other normal trip except every time they were near the edge of any cliff or drop off she felt the urge to just jump off. She explained it to her adoptive parents but they misunderstood and thought she wanted to commit suicide. Amber didn?t know how to explain to them that she felt no desire to die. So she dropped the subject. It seemed that her new adoptive parents had forgotten the conversation until on the way back they had to hike within ten feet of a steep cliff. As they were walking a part of the trail broke off taking her new father with it.

Amber?s new family were frozen in panic and shock but Amber just ran to the edge and jumped after her father. Instinctively she willed herself to catch him, somehow knowing that he could not catch himself. Twenty feet short of the bottom of the cliff Amber caught her father and carried him back up to where the rest of her new family was waiting. She would never forget their even more shocked expressions when they realized that she had shimmering wings. It was never the same after than. And shortly after the incident Men in Black came and took her away from her new family. To a dark and cold place.

Amber shook her head; she didn?t want to think about what happened after that. If she had known what the American government had in mind she would have flown away instead of going with them on that day. She continued hacking her way through screen after screen of information in the U.N.I.T. mainframe computer. Right now was not the time to be thinking about what little of her past that she could remember. She hadn?t been in America for several years now. Not since her research lead her to London in search of the Police Box she could remember. The last Police Box that looked like the one in her memories had been at the Barnet By-Pass back in 1981, but there were rumors of another one that would mysteriously appear and then disappear in different locations through out London. So far she had been unable to confirm any of the rumors.

Nervously Amber once again checked the monitors of her security system. So far no one seemed to have detected her hacking attempt. Still she was wary, as she didn?t want to be caught by U.N.I.T. So far every government system she had hacked into had gone undetected, or so she thought, they could be keeping quiet so she wouldn?t run. There was still that absurd warrant from America for her arrest in regards to the murder of employees in the lab she had been locked up in. It didn?t matter that she had not killed anyone; as far as the rest of the world was concerned she was a dangerous criminal.

Amber was down to the last encryption when she felt the tiniest vibration through her flat. Alarmed she looked at the monitors. But nothing was showing. Amber looked closer for any clues that she had been discovered. To her surprise it seemed that some of the plants close to her home were moving from a slight wind but those farther away were still. It took a moment and then it hit. They were coming to get her from above! She hadn?t installed a camera to look up! As if to confirm her suspicions she heard and felt the vibration of several people landing on her roof quietly. Amber swore under her breath and turned to the computer. She quickly pulled up the program to delete everything on the computer and executed the program. Amber wanted to scream! She had been so close to finally hacking into the top-secret files! Amber got up and left the room.

She then ran quietly into her bedroom and grabbed her small pack that fastened to her belt. In it was her identification papers and the key to the locker she had rented at a nearby train station. She was too smart to keep much with her in the flat. Now it was a matter of somehow sneaking away. If they were above her it would be impossible to escape without being seen. Why hadn?t she heard them? Amber sighed, it had to be U.N.I.T. they must have discovered her hacking attempts into their system. Only U.N.I.T. or the government would have the money to own stealth helicopters for coming after her. Amber swore again. She was probably surrounded. Amber crept towards the back door that went into the alley. They would still see her leaving, but it was the best route to take, as at least the surrounding buildings would give her some cover if they should start shooting at her. If she was lucky she would not only escape but avoid being shot too. Amber listened to the men on the roof and waited for the right moment to make a break for it.

[B]OCC:[/B] If there's anything you want changed just let me know. ^_^ [/COLOR]
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[center][size=1][b]Name: [/b]Agent Alexander Kremona (goes by just "Alex")

[b]Age: [/b]Looks to be around twenty-one

[b]Gender: [/b]Male

[b]Race: [/b]Human, apparently

[b]Origin: [/b]Alex claims to have been brought up on Earth in the late 51st Century, although the reality behind this claim seems unclear

[b]Items/Gadgets: [/b]As a former Time Agent, Alex has access to amazing technology. His primary equipment consists of a Sonic Blaster (manufactured by the same company as the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver), and a belt full of handy items, including a multi-platform comm-link, which allows him to communicate with the Doctor through any type of communication equipment.

[b]Special Skills/Abilities: [/b]Being a trained Time Agent, Alex is skilled in many forms of unarmed combat, but he is altogether more keen on the armed forms of combat, whether it is close-quarters or long-range combat.

He also has an inquisitive mind, and will always wish to find the answers to a problem, no matter how long it takes. Most who know him say he has the most perseverance they have ever seen in a human.

[b]Position: [/b]The Doctor's companion

[b]Appearance: [/b][u][url="http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/mal.jpg"]Alex[/url]

[/u][b]Personality: [/b]Alex is very much a team player, but he respects each person's role in the team. He also respects that, ultimately, the leader has control over the team (you have to realise this in order to co-exist peacefully with the Doctor). He is fun-loving, possibly more outgoing than many of the Doctor's companions, and is, most importantly, a loyal friend and companion.

[b]Biography: [/b]Born in the late 51st Century, Alex was almost immediately signed up to join the Time Agents, an organization set up to protect the Earth from changes in the Timestream. He was trained from a young age, and never truly knew his parents. He became a skilled Agent, one of the best there was, and although he was offered promotion many times, he turned them down, preferring to work in the field rather than behind a desk.

It was on a routine "bag-and-tag" mission to 30th Century Earth, to stop a band of "time-frauds," people who altered time for their own personal gain, that Alex lost two important things.

The time-frauds had stolen experimental weaponry from a highly developed race, and had travelled to Earth in order to change history in their favour. When Alex and his partner arrived at the scene, their Sonic Blasters were no match for the criminals. Their high-tech weapons ripped through Alex's partner, and blew his ship to pieces, leaving Alex stranded on 30th Century Earth.

He spent three years trying to track down the time-frauds that destroyed his ship and killed his best friend, and eventually he did, erasing them from the time-stream, putting everything back as it was.

It was this time anomaly that caught the Doctor's attention, and he travelled to find out what had caused it. It was here he found Alex, distraught that he had no purpose left on this Earth that wasn't his, and took him aboard to take him home.

But Alex believed that too much would have changed, that he would no longer fit in back at the Time Agency, so he asked the Doctor if he could travel with him, and the Doctor, realising that it would be useful to have a companion with knowledge of the Time-Stream on board, accepted.

[b]OOC: Hope this is ok for you, vicky, tell me if not and I'll edit it[/b]
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[color=teal][size=1][b]Name:[/b] The Doctor

[b]Age:[/b] Somewhere between 700 and 900, The Doctor isn?t one to tell.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Race:[/b] Time Lord, human regeneration form.

[b]Origin:[/b] Gallifrey.

[b]Items/Gadgets:[/b] The sonic screwdriver is the only tool The Doctor ever uses. Its most common function is to operate virtually any lock, mechanical or electronic, and thus open doors for escape or exploration. It can also been used for repairing equipment, as an offensive weapon, and occasionally even used to drive screws. Like the TARDIS The Doctor prefers to use his older style, and sometimes custom built, sonic screwdriver rather than those made on Gallifrey. The sonic screwdriver is used by the Doctor as a multi-purpose tool suitable for any situation.

[b]Special Skills/Abilities:[/b] The Doctor has a near encyclopaedic knowledge of the Universe and its history and is instantly able to quote relevant information in regards to what ever place and time the TARDIS has brought him too. He is an integral part of the TARDIS, allowing it to translate alien languages for his companions among other things and should something unforeseen happen too him it is possible that the TARDIS will stop functioning correctly.

Should The Doctor suffer a mortal wound or become incapacitated with no chance of recovery he is able to regenerate his cellular structure. He is able to perform this a total of twelve times and is currently on his Eighth form having regenerated only a short time ago.

[b]Position:[/b] The Doctor.

[b]Appearance: [url=http://www.shillpages.com/dw/mcganp18.jpg]The Doctor operating the TARDIS[/url][/b]

[b]Personality:[/b] The Eighth Doctor is easily the most romantic of all the Doctors, with his Byron-esque hairstyle and gentle, debonair air. Possessed of a boyish charm, he seems to face the universe with an almost youthful sense of wonder and enthusiasm, and encouraged the people around him to seize life instead of withdrawing from it. Although open about his feelings and fears, the frivolous exterior also masked what seems to be a very old soul.

In this regard, elements of his personality are reminiscent of the vulnerability and humanity of the Fifth Doctor and the quiet determination of the Seventh Doctor in the face of evil. Like the Second Doctor, he often knows much more than he let on, and like the Third Doctor he delights in dropping the names of famous historical figures he has known over the centuries. The Eighth Doctor also seems to enjoy giving people hints of their own futures, apparently to prod them into making the right decisions.

[b]Biography:[/b] While this is the latest form of The Doctor and he has yet to mark his existence as the other Doctors have before him, aside from the small matter of finally defeating the Master. There have been seven other Doctors and each has lead a full life of his own while still being The Doctor, to the casual observer these eight men if all together would likely appear to have very little in common but each Doctor has mannerisms and personality traits from those that have come before him. The Seventh Doctor, his form directly before the current incarnation, met a sudden end at the hands of a gang war when the TARDIS, suffering from malfunction again, appeared in San Francisco on the 30th of December 1999. He was taking the remains of a rival Time Lord known as the Master from Skaro back to Gallifrey.

While this appeared simple on the surface it resulted in The Seventh Doctor dying on the operating table of a hospital and being declared dead. Through the interference of the Doctors the regeneration process was delayed almost to the point where it would not have happened. The Eighth Doctor emerged from the hospital morgue dazed and confused as the delayed regeneration had resulted in a more extensive form of post-regeneration amnesia which each Doctor suffers from for a time. The events the followed brought The Doctors memory back and he thwarted the Master who was planning to steal the Doctors remaining regenerations, steal his TARDIS and destroy the Earth in the process.

After this near calamity The Doctor returned to Gallifrey in order to inform the Time Lord council of the details of the Masters demise as it had been a highly complicated affair. He stayed on Gallifrey for some time but soon his travellers itch returned and he was back in the TARDIS flying through time and space.

[i]N/B: For a more detailed account of the first adventure of The Eighth Doctor please refer to ?Doctor Who: The Movie?.[/i][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Alright, awesome! I'm not going to post who's in and whatnot right now, but I will sooner or later in the Underground thread or just here. Sign-up's are still open, I'm really just posting my profile right now. Well done everyone! By the way Blayze... is that the dude off The Libarian: Quest for the Spear? Or something like that... dunno I watched something and it looks like him, lol.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Romanadvoratrelundar ?Romana?

[B]Age:[/B] About 500 years

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Gallifreyan (Time Lord/Lady)

[B]Origin:[/B] Gallifrey

[B]Weapons/Gadgets:[/B] None

[B]Special Skills/Abilities:[/B] Like all Time Lord?s, Romana has the ability to regenerate twelve times and is currently on her 3rd regeneration. She possesses all the abilities of a Time Lord and all of their skills, including being very intelligent (and scoring top marks in the Academy). She knows the TARDIS components inside out, from being a Time Lord and also due to the fact that she had to build her own TARDIS in E-Space from K9?s specifications and has the Tharil?s point of view of time added to her knowledge. It?s quite sufficient to say that her made skills are temporal physics, her wit and her Time Lord abilities on top of all that.

[B]Position:[/B] UNIT's Specialist Advisor/The Doctor?s Companion

[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://www.miranda-richardson.com/laurafraser/lfapril2004.jpg[/IMG]

[B]Personality:[/B] Romana III is a lot like her predecessors whilst having her own traits, as well. Like her first incarnation Romana has a habit of a little arrogant sometimes, delivering cold remarks or sarcastic comments, especially to those who would be considered inferior. This is rare but is something she?s been known for on Earth. She respects many people after knowing them over time (another trait of her first incarnation) and will actually listen to a stupid solution without adding a sarcastic comment. She enjoys adventures, mostly, being somewhat brave and bold (but not stupidly brave) and not afraid to tackle the more dangerous situations. Her sarcasm and smart-mouthed comments were mostly developed from her time on Earth, obviously being somewhat arrogant she eventually voiced her opinions which turned into her well-known put downs and comments (like stated before, this has become quite rare of Romana to be very harsh in her comments).

There are still a lot of her second incarnation lurking in there, like her bravery and adventure. If she likes you and you?re her friend, she?s a nice person. If she doesn?t like you or she doesn?t know you then you could expect some cold put-downs from her. A new trait of hers is that she?s quite distance, for instance she has never once mentioned the TARDIS on Earth to anyone who would have known about it nor is she ever willing to discuss the events in E-Space before her arrival on Earth.

[B]Biography:[/B] (I'll edit this when I find my DVD's and her information on it) Romana I was chosen to accompany the Doctor on a mission to find the Key to Time by the White Guardian. At that time she frowned down at the Doctor and enjoyed icy-put downs or seeing him fall into a net while explaining some rules (my personal favourite), it was sufficient to say she say him as her intellectual inferior and even teased him about his low Academy results (in which the Doctor got his own back by making fun of her name). In time Romana came to respect the Doctor as a teacher and successfully helped him locate the Key to Time before her regeneration. Romana II took the form of Princess Astra whom the Doctor and Romana both met while finding the last segment of the Key to Time.

Romana?s second incarnation was a little more ?intimate? with the Doctor than her predecessor, and it seemed that she shared the Doctor?s adventurous nature a little. Their first adventure involved the Daleks and their last adventure took place in E-Space. The TARDIS en route to Gallifrey somehow travelled through a CVE (Charged Vacuum Emboitment), which landed them in Exo-Space, or E-Space. On their last adventure the Doctor and Romana encountered the Tharils, time sensitive beings a lot like the Gallifreyans. Tharils were being enslaved and instead of going back to N-Space with the Doctor Romana decided to stay, saying she wanted to make her own path. She took K-9 with her who had the specifications to build a TARDIS inside him and stayed with the Tharils in E-Space.

Whatever happened after that is pretty much unknown. Romana hasn?t spoken of it nor has she any evidence that she even went to E-Space. She somehow managed to get back to N-Space on her own, however her TARDIS was damaged beyond repair and K-9 just wasn?t with her. Earth was, strangely, the nearest planet and Romana stayed there. The TARDIS took the disguise of an old shed (not very creative, I know) and Romana used any of the parts she could get to sell off or make her life better. Somehow she managed to get involved with UNIT and used some of the components from the TARDIS to create the Translation Software that can translate languages from Scyoraxian to Slitheen (given time, Romana claims that UNIT has slow computers that aren?t very good when it comes to translating alien languages). Romana was well aware that a book from Gallifrey was dangerous and it?s technology could be even more dangerous but that didn?t stop her from using it.

Although she is responsible for the translation software UNIT has, Romana is only involved with UNIT and isn?t really considered a ?full-time member?. She?s one of those who comes and goes, only ever being around UNIT when they need her for something. Romana is currently living in England.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name:[/B] Bethany Spencer

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Origin:[/B] Earth
Items:[/B] Small hand held computer and small archeological field kit. Fits neatly into a small backpack that she carries everywhere.

[B]Special Skills/Abilities: [/B] Reading ancient Earth languages. She?s quite good at learning new languages. She has a photographic memory and only has to hear or read something once to remember it.

[B]Position:[/B] Translating ancient inscriptions for U.N.I.T. Though she?s actually a college student and isn?t employed by U.N.I.T.

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://img304.imageshack.us/img304/1116/bethanyspencer014wq.jpg][COLOR=DarkOrange]Bethany Spencer[/COLOR][/URL]

[B]Personality: [/B] Serious and dedicated. Bethany is very mature for her age. She?s more interested in studying ancient civilizations than in boys or other things. She?s very friendly once you get to know her. She tends to be a bit reserved unless it?s regarding ancient civilizations or languages.

[B]Biography: [/B] Bethany is from America though she is currently in London attending college. She won a scholarship for her papers she wrote about ancient languages and civilizations during her senior year in High School. In addition to her studies at school Bethany also studies local urban legends as she?s always in search of some new discovery.

Bethany has been in London for just over a year and is currently working with her professor at a dig on the outskirts of London. Ancient buildings were discovered when an American business bought an old factory and started tearing it down to build a new building.

At first the dig was straightforward but after a few weeks they began to uncover items that could only be alien in nature. Within a few days U.N.I.T took over the dig. Bethany and her professor were the only members of the original dig who were kept on by U.N.I.T.

Now Bethany is translating the ancient documents for U.N.I.T along with her professor as many of the artifacts though alien are inscribed with ancient Earth languages. She is also putting together a thesis with her professor along the lines that some of the ancient Earth languages were in fact alien in origin.

Although Bethany is really enjoying her work at the dig she is highly frustrated that the information being learned is being kept behind closed doors. She has argued with U.N.I.T a few times along the lines that keeping such an important discovery secret is unnecessary. She?s unfamiliar with any of the issues U.N.I.T. has faced in regards to alien invasions and honestly doesn?t understand why there could be any problems with the information being told to the general public.
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[SIZE=1]Whoops, sorry this took so long, guys, but the RPG should be starting tomorrow. And what's an RPG without a cast?

SunfallE - Amber Wilkey - The Doctor's Companion
Blazye - Agent Alexander Kremona - The Doctor's Companion
Jokopoko - The Doctor
Vicky [Me] - Romana III - The Doctor's Companion
Aaryanna - Bethany Spencer

Raze_3103 - Coal

Sorry Raze, maybe next time =).

Alright, firstly let me say that everyone's sign-up was awesome, yours as well Aaryanna, but obviously it would be hard to have that many companions tagging along. Your character can be involved in the first story of the RPG and even ones later on (if you still wish to participate). The stories which your character won't be involved in simply means you can play a different character in the story, like I mentioned before. I'll be PMing everyone later on when the RPG starts, so if you're still interested in playing later on in the story then you can.

Also there has been a slight change to the way the episodes will be played. Don't worry, I'll either edit the Underground thread or give you the information through PM.[/size]
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