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RPG Resident Evil: The Uprising


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[I]Brian is sitting in the chopper. The blades make deep thudding sounds above his head. He looks over to the other side of the copper at his Partners, Liam and Ken. [/I]

Brain: "This is it boys, the big one... were going in to the army base head on... expect resistance from the guards and MPs. We will take them out at any cost, this completion of this mission is vital to the entire world... and we... have been entrusted with it..."
Liam: "Great..."
Ken: "All right, lets take 'em out..."

[I]Ken takes out his Sniper rifle and loads it, Brian follows with his MG-4, and Liam with his Sig Saur Automatic.[/I]

Brian: "The first part of this mission will be stealth... Team one (Brian, Liam & Ken) will drop in from helicopter and take out main gate guards and watch towers, this must be done without being noticed. Then Team 2 (Luuey, Craig & Andrew) will enter in the main gate after it has been cleared of all enemy resistance. From this point Gamma team will enter the base through the air ducts and make their way towards Basement two, where will find the lab and collect the T-Virus sample..."
Ken: "Ok, if it's stealth you want... Then stealth you will get..."

[I]Ken Picks up his sniper rifle and heads towards the side of the copter. The others follow.[/I]

Liam: "We jump on 3!"
Computor:"1... 2... 3..."
Brian: "Go, go, go!"

[I]The three commandoes rappel down the rope from the chopper and touch down on the ground. They run to a nearby wall and look around the corner...[/I]

Brian:" 3 on the left, 1 on the right..."
Liam & Ken: "Got it!"

[I]Ken kneels on the ground and shoulders his sniper rifle... Bang, Bang, Bang. Ken takes out the three guards on the left. Brian Loads his MG-4 and turns on the night vision scope, he peeks round the corner... Pffft, Pffft. He takes out the remaining guard. The three Men run towards the guard and drag them into a nearby ditch. [/I]

Brian: "Ok now we have to clear the watch towers and gates, so Team 2 can get through"
Ken: "Lets go!"
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[I]Brian is leaned against the wall with Liam and Ken.[/I]

Brian: "You two cover me, i will move across and take out the other tower"
Liam: "Got it"
Ken: "Ok"

[I]Brian draws his MP-9s and runs across the yard in front of the watchtower, He shoots out the spotlight and takes out the guards. The guards at the gate hear him and turn to fire. Ken and Liam open fire and take them both out.[/I]

Brian: "That's all the enemies in this area... Lets get these gates open for Team 2."
Liam: "Right."

[I]Liam walks over to the gates and plugs in him computer, he cracks the code and opens the gate. Just as they open three more men enter the complex.[/I]

Bran: "Welcome team 2, lets get going"
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Craig bursts through the door, with his minigun at hand, and his sheathed uzi's. Several guards xome through the gates behind them. Craig turns around, and faces them.

Craig: Knock knock....

Craig mow's the guards down with his minigun, as their limbs fly off at the force of the bullets.

Craig: Lets do this team.

Craig signals to team one for them to check the circumfrence. Craig slings the minigun around his back (it has a strap) and runs towards the door, followed by the other team members.
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[i] Metal falls next to Brian from above [/i]

Metal: Hey Brian, sorry im late

Brian: Its okay. Right now we have problems, guards everywhere.

Metal: Oh dont worry. I killed them, i excel with my sniper rifle.

Brian: Oh thats great....

[i] The squad slowly moves foward in stealth [/i]
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Andrew stands behind Craig looking out for guards. 3 walk past and spot them. Andrew spins round Matrix style and pulls out his guns at the same time and blasts them to pieces.

Andrew: Let's get workin on that door.

Andrew walks up to the door and hooks up his computer. The code is gained easily.

Andrew: I would have thought that would have been more difficult.
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[I]Brian, Liam, Ken & Andrew enter the door.[/I]

Brian:"Ok the rest of you wait here, and take out any resitance. We will recover the T-Virus smaple and bring it to here and we will escape in the boat on the river"
Brian:"It is vital to the mission that we are not discoverd while in the base"
Kevin:"Fine... Hmmmph..."
Metal:"Don't worry, i got the place covered"

[I]Metal sets up his sniper rifle, and attaches the scilencer. Brian pulls out an electric screwdriver and begins to take of the screws on the ventilation duct.[/I]

Brian:"Once were in, we will go down two floors in the ducts and then exit thme int Basemewnt Lab 2. We will collect the sample snd get out as soon as possible"
Ken:"Lets do it"

[I]Brian jumps down the shaft followed by Liam, ken & Andrew, and begins they begin to make their way down several floors.[/I]
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[i] Metal notices some guards [/i]

Metal: Now the fun begins, *snicker*

[i] Metal shoots them down [/i]

Metal: Too easy....Shoot. One of them sounded the alarm i guess they were slow [/i]

[b] Not too far off [/b]

[i] Brian and the groups notices the alarm [/i]

Brian: Shoot, Metal..... The Silencer wasnt strong enough

Andrew: LETS HURRY!!!

[i] They start to run stealthy [/i]
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[i]Luuey jumps from above next to Kevin[/i]

Luuey: Hey Kevin

Kevin: Oh, hey, where'd you come from?

Luuey: Just finished some unfinished business with a few guards

Kevin: Oh really, how nice

Luuey: Well, what are you doing now?

Kevin: Just thinking what to do about that damn virus

Luuey: Me too

[i]Luuey stays with Kevin as they walk, on the look out for any guards.[/i]
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Craig puts his minigun down and draws his two uzi's. He fits silencers on them.

Craig: I'm going to search the perimeter.

Craig goes around the corner of the building. Metal hears a few silenced shots, and the moaning of guards droping to the floor.
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I think we should each have a COM Link so we can communitcate with each other if we are far away
[i] As Metal hears the sound of Craig's victums he is going some shooting of his own [/i]

Metal: 3 of them... 2 Traq and 1 Sniper

[i] Metal pulls out his Traquillizer and hits 2 men and the 3rd one doesnt hear it [/i]

Metal: One more....

[i] Metal aims his sniper rifle, the guard falls [/i]

Metal: Time to advance....

[i] Metal hops from the perch where he was [/i]

Metal: I need to find the main core of this place, with the army listening to the information, i will beat them to it set up and record, get out and its done.

[i] Metal runs [/i]
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[i] All of a sudden Forte bursts into the room where Ken is and goes for the door [/i]

Ken: NOOO!!!!! Dont open it, look down

Forte: What? Hmm... :eek: Its open, this whole mission was a waste. Lets wait for the others to come.....

Ken: Ya i think thats a good idea.

[i] Forte and Ken sit and wait for their comarads [/i]
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Luuey and Kevin come to the spot where the others are looking at the broken sample.

Kevin: (whispering) I can't believe those idiots broke it!

Luuey: (whispering) Chances are that it was broken when they got here.

Kevin: That means something really nasty could walking around here. Keep your guard up.

Luuey: I will.

One of the others notice the unknown watchers in the background.
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Metal gets on the comm link to Craig.

Metal: Craig, get your *** down here now, and bring old reliable.

Craig grabs his mini-gun, and breaks straight through the door. He movesswiftly and silently through the corridors, and attracts little attention, as most guards are lying dead outside. He reaches the basement, and puts on his gas mask.

Metal: The sample is out.....

Craig turns on his Mini-gun......

Craig: Well then, we'd best brace ourselves.
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[i] Kevin and Luuey are staying with the others, keeping an eye out for movement[/i]

[i]Kevin walks for a while, and before long he sees something dash past the smashed doorway into the lab[/i]

Kevin: Hey, guys, something's around

[i]They all look towards Kevin, just about to aks him what he meant, but they see he is pointing his weapon straight at the doorway[/i]

Kevin: Just through there. Something fast, and black

Luuey: Errr, guys, something here aswell

[i]Luuey saw something dash past the window that was behind him[/i]

Kevin: I think we're a bit late, guys. I think they're already spread 'round

[i]The group stays in a circle, all weapons armed and loaded. They watch, and they're ready for any attack[/i]
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[color=crimson]Ken: Remember... the docks?

Metal: What about them?

Ken: we could grab a few speed boats... get the **** out of here... before the Zombies come...

All: Zombies?

Ken: The T Virus... Out... turns humans into Zombies... .. Blood thirsty.

All: .....

Ken: Come on... to the docks...

[i]Ken ran down a corridor followed by the others[/i][/color]
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[i] Luuey runs along with the others[/i]

[i] Luuey soon relises he is struggling to keep up with them. He tries to keep running, but is too dazed to run any further[/i]

Luuey: .........*pant* Keep running you guys, I'll try my best to keep up. *pant*.........

[i] They keep running, and Luuey struggles to run.[/i]

[i] Suddenly, out of nowhere, a black figure jumps down in front of Luuey, who is about 3 metres behind the others. He didn't realise as he was too dazed, and ran straight into the clawing arms of the black figure.[/i]

Kevin and a few others look back, and say: Luuey!

[i] But Luuey is taken up by the figure before they can say another word[/i]
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[i] They finally reached the boat but only to be greeted by a lot of zombies coming from the ground and the water and in the boat [/i]

Ken: No, we are too late. Lets kill them!!!!

Bryan: * cocks gun * Im ready..

Forte: Lets see how many hits it takes to kill them, lemme sniper one...

Ken: Go ahead.

[i] Forte snipes a zombie in the head and it is still standing [/i]

Forte: okay, well. Just kill them, they might come back so pay attention.

[i] The group comes from the shadows and starts to shoot the zombies [/i]

Zombies: Its them, destory all non zombies!

Ken: Keep it coming..

Forte: Fire in the whole

[i] Forte launches a grenade [/i]

Bryan: Everyone back off a little

[i] The grenade explosions and sends some zombies flying into the lake [/i]

Forte: Only a few?! Damnit!

Ken: We cant keep this up.

Bryan: Wait look.... They are weaking. I guess these are like adavnced zombies. The rest will be easy.

[i] The zombies fall to the ground [/i]

Forte: Hehehehe.

[i] THe groups goes into the boat and they drive off [/i]
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Andrew runs out to the docks to see the boat speeding away. The others look back and see Andrew aiming his Eagles at them.

Forte: What's he doin?

Craig: Don't know!

He begins to fire at somethiing in the water and then that something turns over the boat.

All: ****!!!!!!

Andrew: Swim assholes!!

They are just about to reach the dock when the creature comes out of the water and attempts to attack Brian. Andrew quickly pulls out his Uzi and begins blasting the f**ker! All of them get back inside and begin to plan what to do.
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Craig runs out next to Andrew, and aims his Minigun.

Andrew: I can't see him......... or it rather...

Craig: Don't worry, I got enough bullets go kill every mother ****er in this lake!

Craig aims his Minigun, and starts pumping bullets into a spot near the shore....... something cries lowdly, then they see blood, and a few air bubbles.

Craig: Got him. We'll be safe for a while!
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[i] Metal is on the dock [/i]

Metal: We cant leave, we need to stop the virus before it gets to someplace else.

Bryan: Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Lets split up.

Metal: Okay, ill go with Bryan.

Craig: Ill go with Andrew.

Kevin: Ill go with Luuey and Ken

Metal: Good, thats good for now.

Bryan: Okay now lets split up.

[i] They all go their seperate ways [/i]
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[i]Meanwhile, Luuey is up in the air-conditioner vents, in the roof of the lab. The black figure is dragging him along behind. Luuey realises where he is, and what is going to happen.[/i]

Luuey:Oh no! The virus has spread wide! I'm going to be injected with it!

[i]Luuey looks in horror as the black figure holds a ciringe, filled with the virus, above Luuey's head. He looks in horror, until he notices a switch in the corner of his eye. He looks around quickly, and sees that it is an emergency switch for the air-conditioner. He reaches out, and manages to turn it on.....[/i]

[i]...vuuooooooooo......the air-conditioner comes to life, gushing air through the vents. The cold, freezing air hits Luuey and the black figure, and the figure falls, dropping the ciringe. Luuey gets to he's knees, and picks the ciringe up. Then he makes off, in search for the others.[/i]

[i] Luuey barges a vent closure out of the wall. He climbes out, and makes his way to the dock.[/i]

[i]Luuey runs onto the dock, only to see the others running off in groups. He yells:[/i] HEY, WAIT UP!![i] All the groups keep running, except for the group of Ken and Kevin.[/i]

Kevin: Hey Luuey, I thought you were here with us.

Luuey, running towards them: I was attacked by a virus alien thing, but got back here

Ken: Well, come on, we need to get the show on the road!

[i]Luuey, Kevin and Ken run, on the look out for any sign of the virus.[/i]
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(Sorry guys, my comp broke down so i wasn't posting :P)

[I]Brian calls the groups on the Com and tells them to come back.[/I]

Brian:"New plan...Ok here's what we have to do... We must get to the other side of racoon city, scince our transport is cut off... we will have to go through racoon city. Now we know the virus has spread through the lab and is probebly infected the whole of racoon city now, as it got in to the water. So we must split up into three groups and head through the city. The first group will be... Me... Ken... & Andrew. The second... Luuey... Metal... & Kevin. The third... Craig... & Forte. I am putting Forte & Metal in charge of their groups and me... in charge of mine. The reason for splitting up is there are three main entrances availible to us into racoon city, South, South west and South east. Scince we don't know where we can and can't go, we must try all three and hopefully get into the city and acroos the the other side. The stars base. Good luck men..."
Ken:"Ok lets go"

[I]The three groups walk off towards racoon city, as day starts to break... Metal's team to the south east, Luuey's to the south south west. And brians team to the south... [/I]
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