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15 years have passed since the last quest undertaken by warriors around the world to destroy the Evil Sword known as Soul Edge. However like with the previous attempts to destroy or seal the sword they only got it half-right. When Sophitia, wielding Soul Calibur, destroyed Soul Edge she did not permanetly destroy it and when Siegfried tried to seal it the sword shattered its bonds and dissapeared into the world once more.

Fifteen years of uneventful times and no word of the Evil Sword have happened except for the occasional tall-tale of the Azure Knight, Nightmare. But when the former dwelling of the Azure Knight is destroyed but what was rumoured to be a giant sword. It is time for people to take up their weapons to fight wheather they have fought for it or if they are no less than pups on their first journey.

1) No Godmodding- You will inveriably get bettered in a fight although characters may show mercy.
2) No Ultimate Weapons- No Soul Edge and No Soul Calibur. These weapons are off limits unless the weapon in question was created by Soul Edge/ Calibur.
3) No Modernish weapons. The games are set somewhere around 1600 AD.

Characters that are certain to have a role in it (Either NPC or PC)

Ivy Valentine (Reserved by Vampire_Fox)

For profiles of characters from the Soul Calibur series then click [URL=http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/file/soul_calibur_ii_story.txt]here[/URL]
Character Generation
Name: (Keep it to where your character is from)
Age: (Be rational with it)
From: (Anywhere on Earth)

Weapon Name:
Weapon Type:
Fighting Style:

Family (Optional):



I'll include an example; Keep in mind it is the Profile of a Character

Name: Sophitia Alexandra
Age: 25 (At time of Soul Calibur 3)
Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
Weapon: Short Sword & Small Shield
Weapon Name: Omega Sword & Elk Shield
Discipline: Athenian Style

Family: Husband/Rothion

In order to save her children, Sophitia embarked on a journey once again.
Following the rumors of Nightmare, she arrived on the bank of the Rhine river,
overlooking Ostrheinsburg Castle.

Breaking the silence, a small girl in dark green clothes suddenly appeared
from the mist and spoke to her with an innocent smile. Sophitia remained on
guard and drew her weapon. She could tell that the unusually large ring the
girl carried was a weapon.

"Soul Edge isn't in that castle anymore. Say, I'd really like to play with
your children." the girl said.

Sophitia attacked without a word, but the girl dodged the blow, disappearing
into the mist with a twisted giggle. Sophitia hurried home and was relieved to
find her family safe. She could not relax, however, for she did not know what
she should do. Feeling uncertain, Sophitia headed to the temple of Hephaestus,
God of the forge.

But what awaited her at the temple was none other than the girl in green.
Sophitia quickly picked up her sword and shield.

"Ahaha! You want to fight me? Sounds like fun!" The girl in green beamed.
Blocking the girl's attack, Sophitia looked into her eyes and saw the emptiness
the girl held in her heart.

"Poor child. You've never known happiness..." Sophitia murmured. The girl
froze. Her expression changed from her previous fake smile to a look of extreme
hatred. She knocked back the surprised Sophitia and took her distance.

"You're annoying... when the time comes, I'll come for your children."

For the sake of protecting the ones she loved, Sophitia steeled her resolve
to eliminate the threat at the source. She announced her intentions to Rothion
and once again put on her traveling clothes.

"You be careful..." Rothion softly said to her.

In the eyes of this woman, who believed in herself and fought her those she
must protect, shone a light of hope that would illuminate the future.[/INDENT]


And that's a basic one except for the Background. Fairly Easy to get the hang of.
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Name: Ivy (Isabella Valentine)
Age: 32 (at the time of soul calibur 3)
From: London (British Empire)
Weapon Name: Valentine (Ivy sword)
Weapon Type: Snake sword (sword/whip)
Fighting Style: Unrelated

Family (Optional): Adoptive parents deceased : Birth Mother is deceased : Birth Father Cervantes

Background: (Sumarised from soul calibur 1 and 2) [url]http://www.soulcalibur.com/history/ivy.php[/url]

Appearance: [url]http://perfectdark.3dactionplanet.gamespy.com/sc2/scii_ivy2.jpg[/url]

Ivy was on a quest to destroy everything associated with Soul Edge. In
her mission, she often had slain the innocent, but that didn't matter. All that
mattered was that Soul Edge be exterminated.

Ivy's sword had begun to change. It was unstable. She decided to return
to her alchemy lab in order to investigate this. Once there, she would have access
to her equipment. On the way home, she stopped into a certain academic English
town. There, she bought some books about the secret arts. Both old and new books
had been gathered to the one place. When she returned home, she looked through
the books she had bought. One of them stood out. It revealed the nature of Soul
Edge. As far as she knew, this was the most detailed information ever gathered on
the subject. As she deciphered the ancient text, she discovered the other sword.
Soul Calibur. It was a sword that restrained the power of the evil sword, and
fought against it. This seemed almost too good to be true, but the precise nature
of the text didn't seem to be fiction.

Over the course of a month, Ivy discovered every detail about the sword.
The thought that it existed excited her. She closed her eyes in contemplation,
but the sound of the door opening startled her.

"Who are you?" She asked in a firm tone.

"Did you read the book?" The man asked in a quiet, cold voice. The man was
tall, with dark skin, wearing a robe. In the following silence they both learned the
answer to their respective questions. Ivy grabbed the book and stepped back. She
drew her weapon. The man drew a scythe, seemingly out of nowhere.

The battle ensued. The man struck very precise strikes with his weapon, but
Valentine was able to deflect them all in a flurry of clashing steel.

"Damn it!" Ivy clenched her teeth. She had to concentrate harder than usual
to control her sword. This slight distraction gave the man an opening. Ivy was
knocked back by the force of the blow. She dropped the book, and the man picked
it up.

"This is a mistake from my past," the man said. "The world no longer needs
this." The book burst into flames. He dropped the book on the floor. The flames
spread with an unusual fervor, separating the two.


"If you wish to learn everything about the cursed sword and the spirit world,
then follow the knight you know well..." With these words the man disappeared
behind the curtain of flames.

The wall of flames surrounded Ivy. She was not afraid, but she could not allow
it to destroy her precious lab. She gave up her pursuit. Ivy looked into the darkness.
She pondered. She had lost the book, but it's contents were etched into her memory. And although she was angry at the man for the way he had treated her, she believed him.
It was decided. She would set out once more. She would find the truth about Soul
Calibur, and
obtain it for herself!
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Name: Aidan Bermillion
Age: 20
From: Born in Versaille, France
Weapon: Quarterstaff
Weapon Name: Tranquil
Weapon Style: Gyulkus Polefighting

Adoptive Father- Louis Bermillion
Adoptive Sister- Rochelle Bermillion

Appearence: [URL=http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/f/flamechamp01.jpg]Clickie here[/URL]

Background: Aidan had never known much about his life before he was found on the streets of Versaille by a Nobleman by the surname of Bermillion who took him in at the age of 12 and taught him how to fence after seing potential after seeing the boy fight of an older guy with a pole in the same way as a polefighter would.

Now a Bermillion; everything seemed fine for Aidan as for the first time in what felt like a lifetime he had a famly and was living well. He was taught how to fight and he trained for years while cmpetng for year until he turned 19 and things started to change

His adoptive father was starting to change for the worst; he bean to distance himself from his daughter and Aidan while he started to ramble about something called the ultimate sword. Every month his adoptive father would dissapear for days on end and would come back covered with cuts and dry blood. After one of these ventures Louis Bermillion ended up dead in a ditch.

Trying to find out a reason behind her fathers insanity; Rochelle began to examine the volumes in her fathers private study and unearthed some information about the Ultimate Sword Soul Edge.
Realizing what damage it did to people; Aidan took his fathers Staff and set off on what little information that he had to find Soul Edge and destroy it.
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Name: Asuka Karasugi


Born- Owari Japan

Weapon- Kunai

Weapon Name- Kage, and Kaze ( Shadow and wind)

Weapon Syle- Kazemaru Ryu Ninjitsu Ken (Wind Ninjistsu Style)

Family- High Priest Hiero

Background- Asuka was born into a high Shinobi clan. Her father Heiko brought Asuka up around the art of Wind Ninjitsu style of fighting and later gave her the weapons Wind and Shadow after hearing of a sword of power. Leaving quickly Heiko wrote often to his daughter he left in the care of Hiero his brother at nearby shaolin temple. One day the letters stopped coming. Immedietly Hiero sent out some on the clan to find his brother. Days passed and no word came to be until a dark night when only one of the clan returned. Heiko dead on his shoulder. The clan members last words were " It killed him, the thirst to destroy it...It lives" Asuka learning of her fathers death and his ambition to destory something evil took up the Kunai and began to train under the tutalige of Hiero. She vowed to avenge her father in the Kage Shinobi Karasugi's honor.

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