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Discuss Would anyone be interested in a Saiyuki rpg? Rating would be M-LVS


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[SIZE=1]Basically I etched out a rough idea of a Saiyuki rpg idea. The setting would be in about 2035 or so. The Ox King or Guyamoh would have been successfully ressurected and this time he would bring forth the Yama kings of hell. (Chinese demon kings) and start waging a war on humans across India all the way to Japan. But there's a small group of people who have been chosen to go and stop Guyamoh and the Yama Kings. But Guyamoh's nemesis has also come onto the playing field.

The War God Crown Prince Nataku would have come out of his coma and assembled this team of people to go and fight Guyamoh and the Yama Kings. What I'm basically asking is if anyone would be interested in this rpg?? I know Saiyuki is somewhat popular, I just was wondering if anyone would like to get into it.

Basically your character wouldn't have like uber futuristic weapons. Instead he/she would have maybe a gun or something else. Though one person would need to be Goku except he looks like he's 20. I apologize if this seems awkward at the moment but I'm still figuring out how I really want this rpg to work. If you have any interest or questions etc. Just post em' here. I hope I have the right answer for ya ^_^[/SIZE]
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[size=1]I would be very interested in this idea. I've suddenly got right back into Saiyuki, and a Saiyuki RP of my own died after a few posts back in summer. Anyway, your idea seems a little better fleshed-out than mine, I like the idea of Gyumaoh already having been resurrected, and the introduction of War Prince Nataku is very interesting.

Just wondering: would people create entirely new characters? Or could some of the original cast be used again? If we do have to create entirely new characters, could they be the same sort of half-youkai people?

Sorry, lots of questions, hope you can answer them all. I'm happy to help with this in any way I can, so just give me a PM and I'll see what I can do.
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Definently sounds interesting, that's for sure. I've been a Saiyuki fan for long while now, so I'm game if this happens.

However, are you making the setting more definent than in the series? Such as, instead of traversing a continent in some unknown era where jeeps are scarce and a monk has a gun, we're in a more modern era? Cities and all? You mentioned no futuristic weapons, so I have to ask.

To Blayze's point, will previous characters be used? In looking at your premise, I have to think that Kougaiji and his subordinates may have a hand in all of this. You also mentioned Nataku, and that approach feels like it has smatterings of Saiyuki Gaiden in it. It makes me wonder if we're also going to deal with the corruption seen in Gaiden that encompasses the people surrounding Nataku.

I'm also willing to help with this. It sounds like an idea with a lot of potential.
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Blayze- Basically what I'm going to have three people do is they'll make their own characters but what the catch is that those three will be reincarnations of Sanzo, Gojyo, and Hakkai. The Sanzo reincarnation of course will be a sanzo again and will have a scripture that I will tell whoever chooses that character about.

Stark- Basically the setting is in the year 2035 and there will be modern modes of transportation and futuristic weapons. But I'd prefer it if the characters themselves were more like the original Saiyuki cast. Basically they're tough enough they don't need no stinking laser guns ^_^;;

To answer questions that seem similar to each other.- The transportation will be from the same source, a dragon that can transform, but it will be a bit faster than Jeep was (going by the dragon's manga name.) Now, I mentioned only three characters will be reincarnated. Goku, being that he's practically immortal, will instead look like he's 20 or so.

Now, I also mentioned Nataku, he'll be there more as a tag along to make sure the group gets there. He won't be teh uber brokeness. Instead he'll be more of a trump card for the group, but that doesn't mean he won't fight.

I'm glad people have taken an interest in this ^_^ I'll try and get the story more fleshed out and posted tonight so expect to see the sign up thread posted sometime tonight or tomorrow.
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