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The story is: eight people from different lands, time, and dimensions, and have somehow appeared into this parallel dimension. They arouse around a campsite, in the middle of a jungle, each staring wide eyed at the next. None know why they have come here, and none know how they are going to get out. Many are already plotting to destroy the rest, and others to make friends.
This story is of hardships, romance, and Violence among friends. Who among them will survive what lay ahead?

As soon as I have the eight characters for the story, I can give the opening sequence which will leave the story wide open for those characters to control.

Weapons and abilities:

And after all eight characters are signed up I will start off the story for every one to continue.
You can?t post until two people have posted after your last post.
If you are going to post, post ?Reserved? and the edit that post with your story.
I will intervene at times to continue the story, and give major plot advancements.

This story will end up being a fight for life, a search for a great treasure, and a way back where everyone must stay together, or kill one another. Anything can happen in this RPG, it's all up to how the characters play it.
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Name: Sorri Ki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Mage

Personality: will edit...

Appearance: [URL=http://www.icybrian.com/fanart/pyrogoth/redmage.jpg][B]Sorri's Pic[/B][/URL], but with silver hair, and a red dress, not black.

Weapons and abilities: Being a mage, she has little need for weapons, but she has a small mace for hand-to-hand combat, much like the one in the pic, but the handle is half the size. Her abilities as a mage allow her to controll fire, water, wind, and earth, as well as a little healing properties.

Strengths: Sorri can manipulate the elements. Her ability to do this strengthens her "unity" with nature and those around her. She has great agility, and can dodge most attacks. Also, her emotions and mind are developed well beyond her years.

Weaknesses: Fairly weak, so her defence and strength are considerably lower, but not as low as others might think. Her fondness of overanalizing and disecting a situation too much causes her to be overcautious, getting her into trouble in some situations.

Bio: will edit...
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Guest Mushroom Pie
Name: Leebrus

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Personality: Snide, sneaky, and playful. He'll do anything for the sake of a prank, though he often takes things too far, having little concern for the well-being of others. He's also a pretty good actor, which does nothing but aid in his jokes. It is evident that he is slowly beginning to slip into a somewhat more sinister personality, being somewhat corrupted by the power he weilds. He generally lives by the policy "adults suck."

Appearance: Short, blond hair, underneath a Linkesque cap. He has a tattered green tunic which he wears underneath a light green longsleeved shirt. His pants are extremely baggy (kinda like the pants people in Aladdin wear).

Weapons/Abilities: Leebrus' sole weapon is a large pocket watch, a bit bigger than a fist, which is is held on a chain of thick, rectangular links. As an actual weapon, he swings it about akin to how one would weild a ball and chain, its indestructability making it smart quite a bit. However, that isn't all it allows him to do. It also gives him the unique ability to alter the age of things. There are some guidelines as to how this works, (mostly meant to make the power a little weaker) and it'd probably be easiest for everyone if I just listed them:

1. Leebrus can alter the age of himself and all non-human things as fast, slow, or whatever as he sees fit, no strings attached.

2. When using the ability on humans other than himself, however, he expends energy. The amount of energy expended depends on the speed at which he causes the change, as well as the amount of years he adds or subtracts from someone.

3. In order to make things older, Leebrus has to have "years" saved up in his watch. For instance, if the watch had no years in it, and he wanted to make some one ten years older, he would first have to make some one else ten years younger. The lost years are then stored in the watch, until he adds them to some one else. I guess I'll let Takamor'e decide how many years Leebrus will have at the beginning.

4. By opening up the watch and adjusting things inside, Leebrus can make a few changes to precisely how the age-changing works. If he's making some one younger, he can alter just how much memory of their now future years they retain (though he usually likes to leave a good quantity of the memories, simply for the sake of getting laughs out of the victim's reaction). There's one or two smaller things that he can do through this, but they're largely inconsequential and will be explained when the need arises.

5. Killing some one with this ability, by either de-aging them into a state unbirth or pushing them over the threshold of death via old age, exerts an extreme amount of energy, and is therefore largely avoided.

Strengths: He's extremely nimble on his feet, which makes him a tricky target to hit in hand-to-hand combat. His greatest strength is probably his total lack of concern for humanity. With no emotional ties to anyone, he has the freedom to do pretty much any thing he wants. Fortunately, he's not particularly murderous or violent.

Weaknesses: At the end of the day, he is still just a kid. Get that watch out of his hands and he's pretty much helpless. That's easier said than done, however.

Bio: Orphaned at a young age, Leebrus lived in an orphanage that would have made Oliver Twist feel lucky to be in that workhouse. But then, one day, he found a pocket watch out back in a dumpster. Soon after discovering its magical powers, he set out on a mission to transform villainous adults into young children, allowing them a taste of their own cruelty. This somewhat just cause eventually detiorated into using the watch for pranks, such as transforming a bride into a young girl while she was at the altar. The pranks ever so slowly grew more malicious, giving birth to the Leebrus of the current day, who is far from the end of his descent into evil.
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OK, here is my character--hope she'll do...
[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Sundira Lemente (aka Sunny)
[u]Age:[/u] 16
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Race:[/u] Bunny fae (humanoid rabbit)
[u]Personality:[/u] Sunny really has a sunny personality. She's energetic and friendly, and she loves to help others. However, she has a great deal of favre* (see bottom), and people don't often trust her. Also, she's good at lying, but she only tells white lies to protect herself or her friends. She can also keep secrets well. As far as her abilities go, she doesn't like to use "evil" or "dark" abilities, mostly for fear of karma. This causes her much worry and even stress--she has a hard time calming herself fully. Plus, Sunny is easily distracted, so she would find it nearly impossible to meditate for example... But on the plus side, she has a fair amount of control over herself and her emotions, except maybe excitement... Yeah, she does get excited easily. And though she's not too shy, she is quite modest and is easily flattered.
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/sunny.gif]-clickety-[/url]
[u]Weapons:[/u] A magical staff, as shown in the picture
[u]Abilities:[/u] Mostly dark abilities. With her staff--which is of the Spirit element--she uses various spells pertaining to that element, ranging from energy pulse waves to a constricting dark vine--but also including a healing spell that involves a sort of transmutation circle. And she can also fly on her staff, just like in the picture.
--Without her staff, all is not lost--she still has two abilities left. The first is a pulsing wave of psychic energy that she can only use while wearing her hat. The second is the ability to drain the energy of the soul. However, this ability is harder to use on stronger foes--she must gain some sort of advantage over them first. Sunny also hates using this ability most of all and mostly uses it on "unimportant" passersby. Most of that reasoning is explained in the "Weakness" section...
[u]Strengths:[/u] Her lies are hard to detect, and she's a good improviser. That's basically it, unless you count her magic...
[u]Weaknesses:[/u] Sunny has poor physical strength, and she's both physically and emotionally fragile. Also, the only way she can obtain energy is by draining it from others, and her strong reluctance to do this definitely makes this a weakness. Also, she tends to overestimate herself, and she gets tired pretty quickly.
[u]Bio:[/u] Sunny was born on the planet Gala. Her real name means "curse"--her mother (named Selenthe, to make this easier to read) named her that because she wanted Sunny to become really experienced with black magic, just like her. However, Sunny's personality just never fit that goal. Most of her childhood was painful--her schoolmates automatically detected her ominous aura and mostly feared her, and her sister Amandina teased her for being "weak and incompetent". (Amandina, unlike Sunny, was overjoyed at Selenthe's expectations.)

One day, Sunny finally found a friend--Satsuma--who happened to be the leader of Gala. Satsuma, unlike most others, saw past Sunny's aura and became her best friend. However, one little name messed things up: Merelda. Satsuma's possesion of this as a last name was a bad sign--the Lemente and Merelda families were fierce rivals for ages. When Selenthe found out about this friendship, she was furious. Adding to that was Sunny's defiance of Selenthe's policies. Determined to subdue Sunny, Selenthe used a bit of her own dark magic to disable Sunny's digestve system. After that, she named her "an official soul hunter".

Sunny was mad at Selenthe for doing this--she already hated using her dark powers anyways--"and now this?" Of course, she had a hard time explaining the situation to Satsuma. Satsuma wasn't entirely shocked, but even she began to draw away from Sunny more and more. This depressed Sunny quite a bit. Having nothing left except to fear, she considered suicide a wonderful option. But before that chance came, she mysteriously vanished, appearing at this camp with a group of strangers--this RPG's start.[/color]
*[u]Favre:[/u] (n) 1. A negative or ominous aura 2. An innate quality that inspires hatred or fear in others
Syn. Formidability
Ant. Charisma

Anyways, poor Sunny... I don't know how many times I've said that Sunny really hates using her energy-draining ability above all... so therefore I hope she'll fit.
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