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Writing For the Deliciously Morbid - 6 of Tical's Poems [PG-M]


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These are 5 more of my poems from multiple books. I was sure to take the strangest, most disturbing and morbid poems. Mostly from my new book.

[B]If I Shoot You Enough Times Your Blood Will Cover Everything[/B] from[B] A. S.weet S.ensation[/B]

[I]It?s Fun To Kill
To Maim To Wreck
Give Those You Hate
A Trip To ?Heck?

It?s Fun To Loot
It?s Fun To Steal
More Savory Is
A Taken Meal

It?s Fun To Have
Hours Of Sex
With People You
Have Never Met

It?s Fun To Shoot
Some Crack Cocaine
And Slowly
Destroy Your Brain

It?s Fun To Find
New Ways To Sin
And Inflict Torture
On Our Kin

It?s Fun To Destroy
And Laugh At All
The Death We Bring

We?ll Kill Those Near
Then All The Others
And When We?re Done
We?ll Kill Each Other

Once Everyone?s
Been Raped And Killed
The Underworld
Totally Filled

We Can Spend
Again Killing

It?s Fun To Watch
Each Other Die
It?s Fun To Make
Each Other Cry

My Pain Becomes
Your Pleasure[/I]

I came up with this when my little brothers were olaying Halo, and they'd shoot the aliens till their blood was everywhere.

[B]Fearing Fear For Fearsome Fearful F( r )iends[/B] from [B]Mandate For Madness [/B]

Because There Are Things
That You Should Be
Afraid Of

Because Fear Itself
Is Not A Thing
To Fear At All

Because You Want Your Fear
To Spread To Those
Close To Your Heart

Because Everyone
Should Fear Themselves
More Than Anything

Because Fear Of Fear
Is What We Have
Making Our Souls Itch

Because Fiends Are Friends
And Everyone
Is To Be Feared[/I]

A personal favorite.

[B]Hell Hounds[/B] from [B]Mandate for Madness[/B]

[I]Once You?ve Sold Your Soul
There Is No Turning Back
The Hell Hounds Surely Are
Now Right On Your Track

Your Soul Shall Now Fester
And Rot Ever More
And You?ll Suffer Forever
Just Like So Many Scores

When You?ve Lost All Hope
And Your Options Are Nigh
You?re A Fool To Be Low
And Then Go And Get High[/I]

Inspired by the song Misery by Green Day.

[B]Burn Burn Burn[/B] from [B]Callous[/B]

[I]Burn Burn Burn It All
Burn It Down, Make It Fall
Burn Burn Burn The Sky
Burn The Clouds Until They Dry
Burn Burn Burn The Earth
Burn The It Down For All It?s Worth
Burn Burn Burn The Lips
Burn The Words That The Mouth Slips
Burn Burn Burn The Heart
Burn The Dumb And Burn The Smart
Burn Burn Burn The Dead
Burn The Hair Upon Your Head
Burn Burn Burn The Tears
Burn The Sight Of All Your Fears
Burn Burn Burn Your Life
Burn Away Your Pain And Strife
Burn Burn Burn It All
Burn It Down And Make It Fall[/I]

I am now sick of the word 'Burn'

[B]Lucifer?s Head[/B] from [B]Callous[/B]

[I]Lucifer?s Head Won?t Stop Bleeding
Every Night His Heart Is Beating
I Think, ?Why Not Throw Them Out??
His Blood Keeps Dripping Without Drought
His Eyes, They Shift And Stare At Me
His Heart Expands, I Swear It Breaths
Still I Keep Them Both As Trophies
Remembering His Demise Eternally[/I]

This goes with a picture of me at my desk, with Lucifer's head on a plaque, bleeding, and his heart in a case.

[B]Minority Of One[/B] from [B]Callous[/B]

[I]Wondering These Halls In A Daze
Passing By Me All The Days
Thinking About What I?m Thinking About
Snatched By Fear And Pain And Doubt
My Eyes Have Melted From My Skull
Mouth Full Of Blood, No Thoughts To Mull
A Blade Now Glides Across My Wrist
Death?s Sweet Nectar, I Can?t Resist[/I]

I wrote this while in school. I was depressed, needless to say <_<
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