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  1. I have a stupid for the record books. One afternoon me and my friend got bored and decided to do something incredibly stupid. We talked his little brother into letting us tie him to a tree with an entire thing of yarn. We tied him up and poured yogurt and other stuff on his head. With left him there for hours. It was freakin hilarious. Just for reference his "little" brother is thirteen so it wasn't that cruel.
  2. I'll guess one of the ghostbusters movies. I don't know why?
  3. I want a night vision- thermal scope for my hunting rifle. It would also be cool to have a laser sight.
  4. I suggest looking into the Fender Strat Pack. It comes with everything you will need to get started. It includes an electric guitar(red, black, or blue), an amplifier, a case, a cord, a tuner, a strap, picks, and an instructional DVD. You can usually find them for about 300 dollars, sometimes less. You can look on musiciansfriend.com and it will have listings.
  5. [QUOTE=Chikara Kokoro]Just for pure lack of originality I have to give this a 2/10.... The names are recycled from other anime, and not just any old anime, popular anime, [i]really[/i] popular anime. Keep in mind that names from other languages other than Japanese can be, and more often then not are, extremely beautiful and interesting. Try to come up with 5-10 reasons why this story must take place in Japan. If you can't find any reason other than "it's manga", don't have the story take place in Japan. The personality of your main character has been used time and time again
  6. I think that the FLCL manga was kinda strange. I didn't like it nearly as much as the show. I really didn't like it at all.
  7. [QUOTE=Gavin][SIZE=1]I'll go with Trialed by Fish,l I really have no idea why but it just sounds a little better to me than Smacked Ewes, of course both names are unlikely to ever hit the big time as rock bands. [B]Would you rather watch your worst enemy suffer the most humiliating defeat possible ?[/B] Or [B]Would you rather watch your best friend attain the greatest success of his life ?[/B][/SIZE][/QUOTE] I think I would rather see my best friend attain the greatest success of his life. I guess I would like to stay on a positive note and I really don't have one main arc
  8. [QUOTE=Hanabishi Recca]I can gain either. But I guess riches. Being famous would be a hasle (I think). Because I wouldn't want someone coming up to me in a store and wanting my signiture. :animestun Being rich, I could by houses (House the homeless). I like to help people in need. So, I guess I would rather be rich. Would you rather have a poster of your favorite manga/ anime or have a calender of your favorite manga/ anime?[/QUOTE] I would rather have a calender. A poster is one large picture, but a calender has many multiple pictures. It could also have more than one characte
  9. [QUOTE=Hanabishi Recca]I don't really care, as long as I have a job XD Would you rather clean the entire school that you go to, or clean your entire house?[/QUOTE] I would rather clean my entire house. It is a lot smaller for one. Secondly you know everybody in your house. You know that some strange person doesn't come into your house and stay there for hours. In your school there are a lot af people that aren't neccesarily clean. It would be really gross to clean my school, especially the bathrooms. OK.... Would you rather be eaten alive or would you rather be barried alive(yo
  10. That's kind of a hard question, but I guess I woul rather be the thief and get killed by a cop. I will never be a cop. Would you rather be shot and killed instantly Or Be tortured horribly for hours but barley live through it
  11. Oh I would have to go with SAW. Hostel is way to gory and torturous. I still liked it though. Heres one.... Would you rather stay in a burning explosive building OR Would you rather jump out the window (You will die in both situations)
  12. Azumanga Daioh is really funny. I own the first 4 of the dvd's. Even though they are really funny I think that Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu is so much more funny. It is about a high school boy who is in the army. He thinks everything has to do with military and uses weapons and army skills on simple situations. It is really hilarious and I suggest you seeing it.
  13. I have been thinking about maybe getting a tattoo when I turn eighteen. If I stick with my plan I'm gonna get a sweet shamrock and on a banner around it is going to say "Don't mess with me, I'm Irish.(BTW I'm like freakin half Irish)
  14. Rurouni Kenshin. I loved the whole thing from the instant i saw it. I was watching the video for the theme song and it just grabbed me. I watched the first episode and immediatly it was my favorite. It is now and probably will always will be.
  15. That sounds like it sucks pretty bad. I have two suggestions. First, hang on for the ride of your life and trie to get through this fast as possible into easier times. This is the option that will most likely hurt someone or crash and burn. The second and more likely to work way is to sit down with both of them(seperate or at the same time) and try to explain what is going on and that you really don't have alot of time to do extra things. If they hate u for it then they suck anyway. I hope you get through this alive and without stepping on anyone's fingers. Good Luck.
  16. I have only seen the first five episodes. But I can tell u that this show is freakin hilarious. The kid is in the army and goes to highschool. He is very paranoid and suspicious about simple things. I really suggest you seeing this show.
  17. Try searching google for guitar help. You should be able to find something on it. O and a guitar and a bass guitar are two different things. Bass is four string unlike the other guitars.
  18. I would have to say I would like to be in Rurouni Kenshin. I like samurai action and that sort of stuff. Plus ot would be freakin sweet to have Kenshin teach you how to fight with a sword.
  19. I recently picked up the latest issue of .hack. AI Buster tells about a background story before the series happens. Its not really a manga. Its kind of a chapter book. I liked it after I read it and I was wondering what every body else thought. So let me know what you guys out there think about it if you have any opinions.
  20. I liked them all. they were very well written and pretty graphic. The first one kind of did disturb me a bit but i guess you were angry when you wrote it. :D I still liked it despite it being creepy. You are a really good poet. Keep up the good work
  21. I live in Virginia. We don't really get any good conventions here. Every once and a while we get a good one, but not very often. It pretty much sucks to like to go to conventions and live here. The last convention we had here was Nekocon in November of 2004. It pretty much bites pretty bad.
  22. I was wonderin what you guys think is going to be the best. I know the X-box 360 has already come out. It is a pretty impresive system. It's graphics and gameplay are pretty intense. All of the games so far have been, for the most part,have been pretty good. I was wondering if you think the other two will be as good, or better. Or do you think that the x- box is the best. Just let me know what you think.
  23. I was wondering wat all of my fellow students thought about school. I personally don't like it very much. I find it to be very boring. We can't do hardly what we want and we have to listen to people we hardly know all day. I was just wondering what you guys or girls thought about it.
  24. I recently started reading samurai deeper kyo. I like the basic plot about how he has a horrible demon locked inside him. I like the mix of comedy and action in this book. It is hilarious when Kyo is perveryed. I was just wonderin if anyone else out there liked it or if they had an opinion.
  25. [quote name='? Nomad Tical ?']What did mother nature do that made you angry? Personally, I'd like to beat the snot out of mother nature for creating mosquitos. Bloodsucking little bastards who spread diseases and make you itchy, all while giving nothing to the community. Most animals serve some purpose, even if their annoyance outweighs it, but as soon as I found out they couldn't really bring back dinosaurs, I realised they were worthless and sucky (pun TOTALLY intended).[/quote] I totally agree with you. I dont care if mosquitos are a major food source for the dragonfly. They still s
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