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wolf masteres

who should try fussing?  

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  1. 1. who should try fussing?

    • goku/yamcha
    • vegeta/trunks
    • pan/marron
    • chichi/bulma
    • gohan/goten

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Usually when people fuse it's to become stronger, heh I doubt a tien/yamcha fusion could even beat up android 18, would be funny at least tho. Altho out of those....I dunno vegeta/trunks would be cool, gohan/goten would just sound the same, hard to come up w/ a fusion name, oh well.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by wolf masteres [/i]
[B]what would happen if yamcha and tein fussed? any one got an anwser for that one? i sure as heck dont! hey, it's not every day you see yamcha with 3 eyes! lol
i wonder if there are any really strong female warriors? [/B][/QUOTE]

Umm, well they have a fake pic of it on a site somewhere, i forgot where, It has Yamcha's hair and clothes with Tiens 3rd eye and the face combined with the 2.
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Topic's these days are getting sadder and sadder......Yamcha would just make Goku weaker so "Gocha" wouldn't be strong. Vegeta has much more power than Trunks so "Vegeunks" would be alittle stronger. "Parron" would just be sad. "Chima" would be super weak. And "Gotan" would be alittle stronger than Gohan and Goten. As for Yamcha and Tien that would be cool since Tien is the second strongest human and Yamcha is the third. they would mak a Tri Kame Wave. It would be cool to see it but they would be weaker than my toe.
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goku and yamcha fuse, that will be the most pathetic thing in DBZ history.

vegeta/trunks, father and son fuse that wouldn't be too bad they'd be pretty strong although Vegeta is stronger than Trunks.

pan/marron, Its just funny thinking about it .......... :bellylaug :laugh: :laugh:

chichi/bulma, :help: :help:

gohan/goten, Yet again that wont be that bad. They both be pretty strong ..........

Yamcha/Tien, Thats not a bad idea considering both their statistics...........

:demon: :naughty: Peace!!!:mrt: :smirk:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DBZM_Brolly [/i]
[B]Yeah. Wouldnt it be cool if every people fused. watch
Bulma-Chi Chi= Bulchit (not bad word)
Goten-Trunks= Gotenks
Videl-#18= 8del
Bra-Marin(krillins daughter)=Mabra
Mirai Trunks=not yet

Gogeta-Krillohan=Krillota Han
Mirai Trunks= still not yet

Gochit-Krillota Han=Gochill Han
Mirai Trunks= next time

Gochill Han-Chapriel= Chapriell Han

Mirai Trunks-Chapriel Han=Trapriel Han

There... an entire family. Bathroom problems? [/B][/QUOTE]

DBZM post this in another thread.
Bulma and Chichi together = :cussing:
One of the is loud already, two of them would damage my ear.
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