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Sign Up Saiyuki. To kill a demon [M-LV and S for inuendos etc.]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue]The world of Shangri-La is all but a fable to the people of the modern world now. In that world there was a great demon lord named Guyamoh or the Ox King. He refused to live with humans in peace and instead devoured them until he was defeated by the war god Nataku. However five-hundred years after the defeat of the Ox King one of his concubines tried to resurrect him but she was thwarted by a group of four people. Sanzo. A priest of Buddha. Gojyo, a vulgar half-breed who while having an unusual heritage had become a dependable person and was like an older brother figure. Hakkai, a kind hearted man turned demon with a tragic past. And Goku a young spirited demi-god fighter.

The place of Shangri-La has long disappeared when Guyamoh?s resurrection failed. The twelve Yama kings of hell decided to destroy the land. However the people fled and survived and what was Shangri-La became China. But things from that place have survived. More or so the demons, or as they were called then, the youkai. But now in the year of 2035, the demon lord Guyamoh has come back from the deepest layer of hell and has brought with him the twelve Yama kings of hell. With his twelve companions they have waged war on humanity taking over India, China, and the Koreas.

However. The demon forces have been met with resistance from Japan. Mainly Nagasaki. The city has proven to be a real power to contend with since it is so close to the battle front. The demons have been pushed back to the mainland and they have been gathering a large force to launch an all out assault on Nagasaki. However a group of four has appeared, one of them being Son Goku the young spirited warrior. They are the ones who can save humanity against the demons, though some think that humanity can fight for itself rather than rely on these four people. However, the gods have decided to finally awaken their champion to help this group and put an end to this struggle. The champion was the one who put Guyamoh done over 10,000 years ago. His name is the War God Crown Prince Nataku. Having finally come out of his coma, the god has been training for the past five years to ready himself to dispose of the demon threat. He has made his way to Nagasaki where the other four have been helping the police force and military fight off the demons for the past few days. Though the fight has been taking its toll on the group. But once the battle for Nagasaki has been won, with the help of Nataku hopefully, the group will head to the west to stop the Yama Kings and Guyamoh. What three of the warriors don?t realize is that they are in fact reincarnations of the three other warriors who joined Son Goku on the last journey to defeat the Ox King.

Okay here?s what I need.

Name: Please be Asian, either Chinese or Japanese.
Age: If you?re Goku then you?ll look twenty but you?ll be about 10,000 years in human years.
Powers: Similar to the characters from Saiyuki
Weapon of Choice: No futuristic weapons like a big freaking laser gun of doom.
Who you?re a reincarnation of: Hakkai, Gojyo, or Sanzo

Basically three of the characters are going to be reincarnations of Hakkai, Gojyo, and Sanzo. Also, the story will start in Nagasaki. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or so I'll try and get the underground thread posted up tonight or tomorrow.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[b][size=1]Name: [/size][/b][size=1]Son Goku

[b]Age: [/b]looks around 23, is in fact over 10,000 years old

[b]Powers: [/b]Goku's main strengths lie in his speed and agility. He is a fast, yet powerful opponent, who stores awesome energies within himself. He can make himself a whole lot more powerful by removing his power limiter, which is in the form of a headband. He becomes so fast it is almost impossible to see him move with the naked eye, and his strength and agility become phenomenal. In the past thousand years or so, he has spent more and more time without his power limiter, trying to control the power stored within him, and has made reasonable progress with this. He has also been training in certain arts that Hakkai taught him long ago, namely [i]kikou jutsu[/i], or chi manipulation. He has managed to be able to fire blasts of concentrated chi energy, and mantain a chi barrier for a short period of time, although with more time, he could become a much more powerful chi manipulator than even Hakkai ever was.

[b]Weapon of Choice: [/b]the Nyoi-Bo, a magical cudgel that can transform into a sansekkon staff. When he has removed his power limiter, he also has claws and teeth that he fights with, and are much stronger and harder than human teeth and nails. He can also use [i]kikou jutsu [/i]to a reasonable extent.

[b]Personality: [/b]Believe it or not, Goku has mellowed out a little in the past few years. He is no longer the screaming, tantrum-prone brat who always thinks with his stomach that he was when Gyumaoh was being resurrected. He is a headstrong fighter, who always has his mind on battle. He understands his strength when he removes his power limiter, and knows that in order to better himself as a warrior, he must learn to control it.

[b]Description: [/b]Goku retains many of the characteristics of his younger self. His monkey-like body, lithe and agile, is now even more toned, through rigorous physical training. His face is still round and boyish, though now with numerous minor scars, and one major one, running from his hairline, down the left side of his face, down to the centre of his left cheek.

His hair is slightly longer in the fringe, and flops down over his face, just into his eyes. It covers his coronet, which he has exchanged for a silver one, which is slightly weaker than the gold, but he feels that he has his demonic side under much better control now.

When he takes his power limiter off, his deity side has taken a different appearance, since it is released more often now. It now has jet-black hair, which falls over his face, longer than it usually is. His eyes turn crimson, the colour of blood. His teeth and nails elongate into fangs and claws respectively. He becomes a fearsome sight to behold.

He generally wears a pair of faded jeans, with black-and-white sneakers, and a long-sleeved t-shirt, usually black or white, underneath his black jacket.

[b]Bio: [/b]Son Goku. The Monkey King. Imprisoned in a mountain for five hundred years for misdeeds, he was only rescued when he was discovered by priest Genjyo Sanzo, who released him and, involuntarily became his guardian.

Sanzo took Goku on his mission to the West, foreseeing that the annoying monkey could be useful in the future. There Goku met Cho Hakkai, who became like an older brother to him, and Sha Gojyo, the kappa who was always at odds with the Monkey King. Their destinies would be irreversibly intertwined from that moment on.

They travelled together, and Goku became fiercely protective of Sanzo, battling against any enemy who wounded the priest, twice even removing his power limiter to fight for Sanzo. Both times the rest of the group has taken their combined strengths to place the limiter back on Goku.

He has since grown up a lot, and is now a resident of Nagasaki. He fights to keep the world free of demons, and ultimately to destroy Gyumaoh, his almost eternal nemesis, and the Yama Kings. He has, in his time in Nagasaki, met the three latest reincarnations of Hakkai, Gojyo and Sanzo.
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Name: Akira Souji

Age: 25

Reincarnation of: Cho Hakkai

Powers: Chi Manipulation, otherwise known as kikou jutsu. He's not that adept with it, but he has been able to perform some of the same skills as his previous incarnation, namely the chi blasts, setting up a barrier, and some healing. Also, he likes to try out skills he finds in video games.

Weapon of Choice: Kikou Jutsu, for the most part, but is also fairly skilled with a gun.

Personality: Akira is the reincarnation of Hakkai, and is as placid, polite, and cheerful as his previous incarnation, but has a serious, sometimes lethal streak that shows itself from time to time. He is good with children and animals, and could have worked in either field, but chose to be a Librarian because of his love of books. While working he is as meticulous as any other librarian, but is nowhere near the same on his own time. His own home is a clutter, and Akira seems to lack the understanding that a bed is made for sleeping in, not another place to put books. His life would be perfectly functional if he could just remember where he put his shoes...

Description/Bio: As the child of an American woman and a Japanese man, Akira?s life was a little different than most of his peers. He was teased a lot as a child because of his hair and eyes?brown and green, respectively?and was only able to find solace in his books. What friends he did have valued him for who he was, not what he looked like.

In addition to his schooling, his mother, a firearms aficionado, took it upon herself to teach her son how to handle a gun. He understands that the weapon itself is not to be feared, but it can be very dangerous if used improperly.

After graduation from high school he left his home in Kyoto and moved to Nagasaki. It was there that he finished his schooling, and there that he met Goku. After meeting the Monkey King he began to realize that he had?other talents. As such, he?s trying to refine those talents, and is doing quite a good job.
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] The War God Crown Prince Nataku

[B]Powers:[/B] Nataku has the ability to manipulate chi to such a great extent he's considered a master of the art, but he really doesn't use it unless its an emergency. He also has a few powers that he knows of but hasn't tried. He carries one of the scriptures, the Seiten sutra with him as its new guardian.

[B]Age:[/B] Nataku is about 40,000 years old but he looks like he's about 21.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Nataku has long jet black hair that reaches down to the middle of his back. His eyes are a deep golden amber that seem to captivate people when they stare at him. He also has a red diamond marking on his forehead. His robes are mostly white but on the hem of the sleeves are golden with black markings. His fighting clothes are that of a simple martial arts fighter. He wears the usual martial arts shoes, think like what Bruce Lee used to wear. However he'll wear modern clothes most of the time when among normal people.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Nataku will use his katana with runes enscribed on it and chi.

[B]Personaltiy[/B] Nataku. Though being a war god is rather kind hearted and he is more for fighting for what's right. No longer the low self-esteemed kid he was a long time ago when he went to fight Guyamoh, Nataku is more confident and ready to fight if the need arises. However he is not always thinking of fighting, sometimes he's quietly reading a book or just meditating. In other words, he's one of the more mellow war gods.

[B]Bio:[/B] Nataku fought against Guyamoh 500 years previous to the first attempt to stop Guyamoh's resurrection, but the battle left him in a coma state. However when Shangri-La fell the gods decided that they should consider bringing the god out of his coma and have him get ready for another fight. When the age of man hit its apex in the year of 2034 the demons decided to finally make a come back. So Nataku was finally brought out of his coma to train for a year. Over that time Nataku got back into the routine of fighting etc. However he still had doubts about going back to fight Guyamoh and the twelve Yama Kings of hell. He'd never fought the Yama kings but some of the things he'd heard from the gods in heaven a long time ago were enough to make the god shiver.

When Nataku had been brought out of his coma he was rather shocked by the fact that Shangri-La had fallen and that someone had even dared to bring Guyamoh back to life. But now that the Ox King is back along with the twelve demon kings of hell. Nataku's needless to say a little overwhelmed. However he was told by Kazeon, the goddess of the west, to go to Nagasaki and seek the company of some old friends, one of which he should recognize. So Nataku left but in his robes posing as a monk to see if he can meet this help and protect the city from the oncoming demon onslaught.

Edit in brief note- I'm not going to have him be like uber broken otherwise that'll just suck the fun right out of the game. He'll mainly be there as a trump card etc. He'll fight but not all out.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

EDIT x2- I'm holding Sanzo's spot for someone who will be getting the sign up posted in the next couple of days. So Gojyo is open for the taking ^_^
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Name: Kai

Age: 23

Reincarnation of: Sha Gojyo

Powers: Not extreamly fast, but posses alot of power. He uses alot more physical strength than anything else. He has honed himslef to be able to take alot of damage before even appearing to look like he is hurt. He also has a little power over the element of water, being a kappa and all. He doesn't really like using it, which is normally why he doesn't even think of it.

Weapon of Choice: He uses a Shakujou, a staff with a moon blade attached to a chain. He is very skilled with it, and it shows. In battle, it can get a little messy if you are around the blade when it hits its target.

Recently, he has been training himslef with a Zimbato. He doesn't care for it much, but has begun to try and learn how to use it in case the need may arrise.

Personality: He could pretty much be summed up as an asshole. He is an alcoholic, smoker that loves to try and tempt the women he comes across. He likes to show off alot, and does a pretty good job at it. He is a smooth talker that can almost get his way out of anything. He has found out that he isn't that fond of monkeys, though.

Description: Nicely built. He has a good muscle tone, that is topped off with blue hair. Its reletively short, only comming to about his ears, and near the top of his eyes in the front. The normally has a light vest that is a shade of blue, and crystal blue eyes.

He wears a pair of tan pants, normally loose on him, and aqua sandles. Around the middle of his bicepts, he has a blue ban around each arm. He is about six feet tall, and uses his height as a big advantage when fighting.

Bio: He grew up in Japan. He was never really treated that bad, but people used to talk about him behind his back. One day, he got word of it, and he began fighting everyone until he got the what he was looking for, what everyone was saying about him, and why.

He never really knew what made him so diffrent, but he knew that it was obvious. His skin tone, hair color, eye color, and his want to learn how to use a staff. As he grew, he traveled. He never stayed in one place for too long, and never got himself fixed on one thing, so he wouldn't have to stay. He is a rouge, and a horny one at that.

Soon after, he made his way to Nagasaki, and found Goku. At first sight, he realized how much he didn't like the litte guy, even if he was older than Kai. There was just something about the monkey man that pissed him off. He did decide to stick it out, mainly because he became good friends with the one known as Akira.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue]Okay. The person that was going to sign up as Sanzo has been unable to and he and I talked it over. So the spot for Sanzo is now open for those who want to play the part. I apologize for the lateness of this update. I hope those who already joined are still wanting to participate in this rpg.

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