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RPG Dragonball: Saiyan wars (sign up)

Lord Sephiroth

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[I]Before the time of goku, saiyans ruled half of their planet and where fighting the tsufuru-jin the saiyans need more fighters here come some[/I]

powerlevel: (less than 4000 in sign up then you get more powerful as you go)




name:Li Omega
age: 25
powerlevel: 3000

bio:sent to a saiyan fighter camp when 16 trained by master hijin then news came to our camp ''a war had broken out and looking for fighters''. so master hijin picked the most powerful out of the camp I was the last to be picked.

Appearance:a black suit of armour.
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age: 19
powerlevel: <3999

bio:sent as a sayian warrior to planet jakia. looking for a real challenge. destroys planet. now is ready to give life for his worlds war

pretty much looks like gokuu in ssj3 as a little kid,but instead i am taller with eyes that are hazel and yellow in the pupil and i have curly yellow hair with black tips
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Name: Gladius
Age: 29

Bio: was born on vegeta but when he was twelve he was sent to conquer Barkos which he did with little trouble after years training he joined the army and became very powerful ready for war

Appearance: Wears a green suit of saiya-jin armour that is impervious to most weak attacks. He is 5'9 and has hair like
cloud only black
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name: Forte Metal
age: 16
powerlevel: 3999.9

bio: He is an excellent Saiyan warrior. He is smart and nice, he is also serious at times.

Appearance: Thick black armor.
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Name: Gohan
Age: 17
Power level: 3500

bio: Mother died giving birth to him and his father was the king's brother but he was also a loyal servant to his beloved brother. but he died in a war when Gohan was only five years old.

Appearance: 6'6, has hair like Gohan's from the cell games and wears the old saiyan armour that vegeta wore when he cam to earth to fight Goku in the saiyan saga
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Name: Craig
Age: 15
Power level: 3999

Bio: His parents fleed to the mountains when he was to be born, as they wanted him to be free of the control of Frieza. He has been trained in the mountains all his life, and has known no-one but his parents. He is calm no matter the situation, and is a very intelligent fighter. He has also adapted to using his surroundings to help him fight.

Appearence: A suit like Vegitto's, except everything that is blue on his suit, is black on Craigs. Has hair like Vegitto's also.
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Name: Shoushi Kirono
Age: 16
Power level: 3700

Bio: A fighter from Earth. Although, when compared to other warriors on his home planet, his power level seems low, he is actually a skilled tactition able to adapt to most situations in a short time. It is this very ability that allowed him to dispose of the fighter known as Gabe - By using his "saturn rings" move, he was able to trap Gabe in the blast of a dying star. - he then decided to seek the training techniques of the great Saiyan race who are known throughout the galaxy for being warriors. He asked permission of king vegeta to stay on his planet and train in the army traiing camps. He could but only under one condition.... that he helps out the planet in war when ever it needs help. And it needs help NOW.

Appearence: Generally human facial features, dark hair Brown/Black. Hair short and spiked. Owns an orange fighting uniform much like that of the soon to be gteatest saiyan of all time - Goku. He has a metallic, unmarked bracelet on each wrist through which he is able to channel his Ki energy.
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Ok then i'll start.:rolleyes:
It was three days until Gohan's birthday. He couldn't wait until he was eighteen. It wasn't so much the birthday that he was looking forward to it was the fact that he was only allowed to fight in a war when he was eighteen due to the fact that he was royalty. He decided to go and try out the new saiyan invention called the gravity chamber. This invention can change the amount of gravity in the room for harder training conditions. (It was a marvellous invention for those people back in the olden days:D ) Gohan enters the gravity chamber.

Gohan: *thinks* It doesn't look much, but never judge a book bye it's cover. I better try this thing out.

He turns the gravity up to 10 times the normal gravity of planet Vegeta. It is very hard to move and he tries to fly but he fails miserably.

Gohan: *thinks* This is good. i like a challenge

He starts running around just to get used to the gravity on the floor. Once he is used to it he starts flying around and doing flips acroos the floor. He then get's some weights and starts doing bench- press.

Two hours later

Gohan: 999,997 , 999,998 , 999,999 , 1,000,000. That's enough training for this morning. I'm going to have a shower then go and get some breakfast. He shuts the gravity machine down and then heads for the dining room to join his uncle, auntie and cousin for breakfast.

Gohan's new power level: 6000
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Name: Cactuar
Age: ????
Powerlevel: 4000
Moves: Destructo Beam, Kamehameha, Maseko, Fly,Teleport &
10 000 Needle?s.
Race: Hybrid Cactuar/Saiyan
Bio: Cactuar is rumored to be thousends of years old, yet never ages. He has joined the saiyins im there fight being half saiyan himself.

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