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Ok not very long ago I thought I would try and make a go of being an artist as a lot of people do. I was just wondering if they are any good so what better way than to get the opinions of proper artists (people who can draw).

Ok this one isn't even an anime drawing but I thought I would add it anyway as it's the best non anime drawing I have done. I just found it in a book and decided to try and draw it, the original looks a LOT better. You have to love Death though.


All the Chrono Crusade fans that look at this next picture I do apologise and try not to shoot me. I have serious problems drawing anime eyes (as you can see).


I had to attempt this next drawing as he is my favourite anime character there is. I don't think I really did him justice, the hair is terrible.


This one is the same picture as the one above but I colored it using photoshop. I started coloring this one without having any idea how to work photoshop properly so I think it turned out ok considering (still hate the hair).


Ok well that's all of them for now, I would love to have some opinions and criticisms about my pictures, thanks a lot!

Oh and sorry I had to use links I was having trouble resizing the pictures.
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OK, sorry Retribution for not elaborating, i will do now

All in all i like these pics and think you're a good artist Flame_Alchemist, I especially like the Coloured picture of Roy Mustang, the shading is done well and the colours are accurate. the only thing i will say about this drawing is that his hair seems a bit too blocky, Roy's hair strands are usually thinner i thought. but a good pic.

I also like the Chrono and Rosette picture a lot, the eyes are not as bad as i think your making out, but i would like to see this with some shading and maybe colour? but a well drawn picture, 1 question though, were you copying from the manga book cover volume 3 for Chrono Crusade?, if so, Did you forget Rosette's other arm? lol, no worries on that though, i dont think it hurts the picture much

Well done i say anyway, a pat on the back is deserved
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[quote name='FullMetalHughes']Yep you gotta love him, and that is one nice drawing my friend, gets a thumbs up from me *puts up thumb*[/quote]
[size=1]Welcome to OtakuBoards, FullMetalHughes!

It's great that you enjoy this drawing, but elaboration on [i]why[/i] you like it would be much better than leaving your post as-is. Without giving an artist a mention of what they did correctly, they don't know which techniques worked well and which ones didn't. Reading the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52171][b]Art Studio Rules[/b][/url] section on Constructive Criticism would probably give you a better example as to what is being asked of you.

As for you, Flame_Alchemist, your image is stretching the OB Liquid Skin, so I'm going to take it out and replace it with a link. I think I should also amend the rules to include this -- sorry ahead of time for any confusion and/or misunderstanding.[/size]
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