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  1. Hey there guys, just wondering if anyone out there would help me. im looking to get a tattoo soon, and i have an idea of what i want. wondering if anyone would design a basis for the design im looking for someone to draw me a double headed snake, as in a head on each side of its body not the both on top, i want it so it entwines itself up my forearm. if anyone can help, i would be reaaaaalllyyyyy grateful, if not, no worries thanks
  2. FullMetalHughes


    [quote name='Naui27']My favorite song is entering the sandman i luv it.[/quote] *Shakes Head* Enter Sandman........ Anyways,[B] Ride[/B] and [B]Puppets[/B] have to be the best two albums, followed closely by [B]...And Justice[/B] and [B]Kill 'Em All[/B]. In My opinion there is no other album anywhere that comes close to being as original as [B]Puppets[/B] That Said, My Favourite Metallica Song Doesnt come from [B]Puppets[/B] but [B]Ride The Lightning[/B], [B]Creeping Death[/B] a Thrash Masterpiece, then maybe [B]Seek and destroy[/B], [B]MotorBreath[/B], and [B]Leper Messiah[/B] i like most of the songs, except some [B]Load/Reload[/B] and [B]St.Anger[/B] songs
  3. [COLOR=DarkRed]Where To Start? I Loved [B]Biker Mice From Mars[/B] With A Passion When i was a wee toddler, they were so cooooooool, havent had the chance to rewatch them now, but im waiting [B]Count Duckula[/B] Was An Amazing show, The Idea of a Vampiric Duck just sums it up really [B]Dangermouse[/B] was Great, He had this massive ego for stopping all Greenback the Frog's plans, yet it was his little mole sidekick Penfold that did it [B]Sharky And George[/B] A show about two Crime busting fish undersea, now thats jus cool in itself Then theres the classics, [B]Earthworm Jim[/B], [B]Ren and Stimpy[/B] (you EEEEDIOT!!!), [B]TMHT[/B], [B]X-Men[/B] (Go on Gambit!), never watched [B]Spiderman[/B] though, God i Despise that lycra wearing web slinger [/COLOR]
  4. 1. Pick a band or artist: Machine Head 2. Are you male or female: I'm your God now 3. Describe yourself: All in your head 4. How do sompe people feel about you: Blistering 5. Describe your exboyfriend/girlfriend: The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears 6. Describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend: Down to none 7.Describe where you want to be: In The Presence Of My Enemies 8. Describe how you love: Left Unifinished 9.What would you ask if you had just one wish: Descend The Shades Of Night 10. Share a few words of wisdom: Exhale The Vile 11. Now say goodbye: Take my Scars
  5. The Who - 'My Generation' "Talkin ' bout my Generation" New word: Amber
  6. I agree with Flame_Alchemist on this one, Aeris(or Aerith if you want) Theme is quite "pretty" its all high and nice like, sticks in the mind for a pretty song for me anyways
  7. I heard from rumour that the new album will be out Decemberish if that helps, and i think itll be more like the older stuff, cause they havent got Bob Rock telling them what to do now. Bob Rock was pretty much responsible for turning them away rom their old stuff in my opinion
  8. [quote name='Avenged666fold']Im buying advent children. :cool: Maybe it will shine some light on this game for me. But im beating Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 first.[/quote] lol, i highly doubt itll shine some light on it, you pretty much need to know the game to know what the hell's going on in the film lol
  9. :twitch:.......Silent....Hill.......bad....guys..... most of them scare the living @%*# out of me, especially those Nurses! oooh! and the ghosts things off number 4, one minute, you're peacefully walking down the corridor, then it's "huh? OH MY GOD RUN!! IT'S COMING THROUGH THE WALL!!!!" god i hated them also, i was scared of those Zombies that stay after you kill them in Resident Evil 1 remake, the "crimson heads". Bombing down thecorridors at you ready to club you with their fists, not that i found the zombie himself scary, it was the fact that most of the time it happened, i was out of petrol to burn them but scariest = Silent Hill bad guys, i still love the games though
  10. [quote name='hentai#1']does anyone find Metalica and the San Fransico syphany a little to weird or something that goes well on certain songs?[/quote] Well, im not too fussed on it, i think it ruins some of the songs, but theres one or two that sound cool, i Liked the songs they made up for the concert though, especially 'No Leaf Clover' i think thats a great song
  11. I listen mainly to Metal music, classic rock and some Punk Metal music - i like the heavier, faster stuff that gets you going more, but i can sit down and listen to a slow song now and again, my favourite bands mainly come from this section (Metallica, Machine Head, Rammstein etc.) Classic rock - Gives me a kind of Nostalgia feeling, i dont know why, i love the way the songs are made, i like to play along now and again on my guitar, especially to bands like Thin Lizzy Punk - What really was the baby steps towards me liking metal, i like a few punk bands like Blink 182(before they turned pop-punk) and the Offspring im definitely not a fan of Rap, hip-hop and pop, i like songs where the lyrics mean something, and not just "ooh baby!..", random stuff about some girls 'booty' and then some other nonsense you cnt even tell theyre saying cause theyre saying it so fast Oh, and you gotta love Anime and Video game soundtracks, who doesnt love a bit of 'READY STEADY GO!' i dont know, as for Video games, you can't beat the Final Fantasy soundtracks, Nobuo is a musical Genius
  12. Metallica are my favourite band, i reccomend listening to the first 3 albums most. Kill 'em All would have to be my favourite of them all, but my favourite song is Creeping Death, i Reccomnd that one Tatsubei [quote name='Flame_Alchemist']The best thing is I?m gonna be seeing them live this year! I?m going to a three day festival with a load of bands there and Metallica are gonna be headlining one day[/quote] Hell yeah, you're coming with me in my car, its gonna be great and as far as Metallica going downhill after 'Metallica' a.k.a 'The Black Album' i agree, their best stuff was before that album, hopefully they pick up again with the release of their new album :D
  13. OK, sorry Retribution for not elaborating, i will do now All in all i like these pics and think you're a good artist Flame_Alchemist, I especially like the Coloured picture of Roy Mustang, the shading is done well and the colours are accurate. the only thing i will say about this drawing is that his hair seems a bit too blocky, Roy's hair strands are usually thinner i thought. but a good pic. I also like the Chrono and Rosette picture a lot, the eyes are not as bad as i think your making out, but i would like to see this with some shading and maybe colour? but a well drawn picture, 1 question though, were you copying from the manga book cover volume 3 for Chrono Crusade?, if so, Did you forget Rosette's other arm? lol, no worries on that though, i dont think it hurts the picture much Well done i say anyway, a pat on the back is deserved
  14. [quote name='hey_love][size=1]Well, [spoiler]Hughes' death[/spoiler] is a major drive on some of the character's actions. With that happening, it starts linking some of the plotline together in the story, weaving every connection and securing it. [spoiler]His death[/spoiler'] is brought up multiple times throughout the series, you'll see when you water the later episodes. :)[/size][/quote] Yeah, I suppose i will, but they had better Justify [spoiler] Killing him off[/spoiler] lol. Cant wait to see the rest
  15. Of any anime, i would be Maes Hughes of FullMetal Alchemist, He's just one funny guy, loves his family and is deadly with a knife, or alternatively, i would be Roy Mustang of the same series, i mean come on, who wouldn't want to set things alight and blow things up with the click of a finger oh, and as Keyblade Wielder said many posts ago, do video games count? if they do, i would like to be Sephiroth of FFVII because he's so cool, and that sword...........my god i've never seen such a big blade
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