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  1. Linkk


    HUGE FAN!!!!! I love them! I have all their albums. They area fav of mine hands down no questions asked. My fav song that so hard! So is my fav album cause i love em all! Ok a fav of a fav song would be " Until It Sleeps" And for album ohhh ahhh ummmmm "Master Of Puppets". They're great!
  2. I'm a band geek I guess lol. I love music and I play in a band. I play the drums. I never though of this as being geeky though hahaha! I listen to music all the time. I have over 100 cds i have cassettes...yes remember those. I even have records! Oh ya and Im going to a film and music school in a couple of weeks and Im taking the film and music buisness program. Its gonna be exciting!!!!! So Im totally a band geek than I guess. Meh I love it! Keeps me going!
  3. omg! that might be very weird!!!! But hopefully he'll do a good job...but i duno sounds stingy to me.
  4. im 21. But i usually get between 15-18. LOL! Hey thatll be good when im really old! Ya i dont feel 21 really but meh its ok. I dont mind that i look young. i dont wanna look old lol
  5. not much to tell my best friend esctacy told me about it. i checked it out and i liked it.
  6. pink floyd a momentary relapse of reason very good!
  7. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i cant wait for number 3 to come out. It's so good!!!!!!!! but elizabeth is so annyoning!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Linkk


    I love it!!!!! I have seen every season and own them...waiting for the last one! I am so pumped for next season too! It is like my fav show ever! I love it! Jack Buaer rocks!!!!! Im a huge Keifer Sutherland fan! That is one sexy man! OO lala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen all the season? I got my family and friends hooked on the show too. I love it!
  9. Linkk

    Your Band(s)

    Ya I m in one in a way. My bets friend and guitar player and I have been playing togther for 7 years now. We love it but dont always get time to jam as much as we want. We have had a few bass players over the years......they all fel through! Damn bass players lol no offence. We are still looking. Recenlty Shalina( the guitar player) her boyfriend has kinda joined us. He plays guitar too but must settle for rythem...no one takes over the lead from her lol! OR ELSE!!!!! Mostly tho when a new mwmber jojns you can so tell it's us and this new person but our rythem gutarist not so much as he is her boyfriend and my friend too. We all get along great. Me I'm the drummer! WE play all kinds of music. We love rock and metal. Some of our fav bands: Metallica Europe Dokken Bon Jovi Rolling Stones The Beatles Led Zepplin Def Leppard Pink Folyd Dire Straits Simon Ahd Garfunkel The Clash Green Day Hanson Cher The Corrs Abba
  10. Well I think thats it's ok as long as you have been together for awhile and really love eachother. Cause if you just boom bang move in together thats just weird. I'd want to really know and feel comfortable with this person. I mean ok my aunt and uncle lived together for many many years before they got married. They just decided why the hell not ya know. And things are still great and still the same. By many years i mean like over 20. To me they were married and my aunt has always been my aunt. A piece of paper can't ever make or break that. Personally i dont even know how i feel about marriage. I cant picture getting married anytime soon. But If I loved someone and wanted to move in with them then im sure i would. But I mean everyone has the right to do what they want and what is best for them.
  11. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]After coming out of shock from whatever was coming from Dred, Klylipso regained her senses and began fighting again. She used her bow and arrows aimimg right at The Devours heads'. " Take that vile beats." She said as she shot an arrow straight at one of their eyes. The creature screamed funmbling forward almost crushing her and Kim. They jumped out of the way. Only now Kylipso was on one side, Kim on the on the other. Kylipso couldn't see any of the others either. The creatur wa scareming in pain thrashoing out in all directions. [I]Danm. These horrid servants.[/I] Kylipso rolled out of the way once more. She began stabbing at the creature with a small knife she had found. It wiggled and cried. She could hear the other beasts cries as well. And the holler and shouts of her friends. She seemed to have been seperated from the others. [I]This is it I need to find a way back over or around this thing.[/I] As she went to make her move she heard a sound coming from behind her. She turned and saw another grusome servant. This one however, had octopus like arms with six heads. Each one displaying a set of enormous fangs. It was heading for her. Drooling and making growling like noises. She gasped and shot an arrow at one of the heads. It paused for a moment. Then looking twice as marn and anry moved towards her. She could hear Kim still battle the disgruntled beats she's blinded in one eye. " GUYS! I need some help" She hollered and tried to get out of her cornered in cage made up of Seleastia's servants.[/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]OCC: Kylipso is a girl! IC: When she saw Leo was awkae Kylipso ran towards him trowing her arms around him and palinting a kiss ao his cheek. She had been so worries about him. " Oh Leo I'm so glad you're...." She stopped when she noticed the strange look on his face. "Leo's lost his memory," Kay said sounding in despare. " I've told him everything" Katie said. Moving towards her friend. " But he doesn't remember anything or any of us." Thay all sat down and prepared something to eat. And the stream was great to wash off lost of the filth they'd all accumilated over the last few days. It was refreshing. Dred sat in silence. Kylipso watched as he seemed to be in his own world. And Leo was well acting rather odd. [I]I just hope he gets his memory back soon[/I] " So what are we all excatly trying to do here?" Leo asked. Breaking the akward silence. The others looked around at eachother. None of them were quite sure what to say. " Well I want to find my daughter." Quincy replied. " I'm looking for tha kst man I saw in this valley long ago." Dred sighed. " We came here to help fix your leg and get some rest." Kylipso said. " But ya where are we going to go now? What are we going to do?" She asked saying what everyone else was feeling. Just then they heard a nose. It seemed as though a wind or presence was around. They looked around it was if someone or something was there. But everytime they turned in the direction of whatever it was they felt there was nothing there. " What was that?" Kylipso said ina whisper.[/COLOR]
  13. Linkk

    Gaming MySpace

    Ya myspace it has some cool things about it. I go on there quit a bit i guess. But I hate how it alwyas has something wrong with it. It's cool as long as you use it in a good way and don't be stupid about it. Just like anything on the copm I guess. It's fun. But after awhile it gets boring so i 'm not on there for long periods of time. uaully i try not to stay on the copm that long anytime. But ya I've met some cool people, foudn frins on there, and become reauianted with old friends too. So it's pretty cool.
  14. Hey everyone. I know things have been kinda slow here. I don't want it to die off either. For those who need their characters to be taken over for awhile we can certainly do that. I see that a few people haven't been here in awhile. Like Ectasy. I need to get him to post again. I keep waiting for everyone else to post. LOL. It still has a chance and Ex will be happy to hear. I think he thinks it died and I though so a while too but it still is going. So I hope we can keep it coming along. So ya we can get to this valley already and get into other cool things. Linkk
  15. Linkk


    I'm a huge fan! I've seen every season and this one is as good as any. I hope it's not the last season! I heard they were going to make a movie. I have no idea how that will work...a 24 hour movie with Keifer Sutherland..I think I could handel that quit nicely. :animesmil However I'm sure this movie will rock. I hope they really do do one. It seems as though it might be the last season with lots that has happened. But I haven't heard that it is going to be. As for all the rumours until I hear it from Jack or someone else on the show I don't believe any of them. Maybe the movie is just one too. But yes Jack should go out the way a true hero should.
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