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  1. I read through all the posts but couldn't find anything on the updates being done for the American version of Dirge of Cerberus. Well apparently when the game was released in Japan the gameplay was...not so good, but hopefully that's gonna be changed for our version cause they are giving the game a big overhaul. Vincent's been given new moves like a double jump, dash move and the like. He's also faster than in the Japanese version which should be more fun I guess. The online play mode has been sacrificed but there are now 40 single player missions based on the online missions to unlock. Then you have the unlockable material like songs and character models and such. I'm really looking forward to this game and am really glad it's starring Vincent and not Cloud. Cloud as cool as he is has had enough time in the spotlight. Oh and people are mentioning Vincent being a rip off of Dante, wouldn't it be the other way around if anything? I mean Vincent was around first right?
  2. *points to banner* Can I have an Avi to match please? *ahem* Ok, sorry I havn't commented in a while, but here we go! The vectors are awesome although why would you want rain to go away? I love rain! But luckilly for you I love this artwork too. I'm glad you actually told me what a vector is so I can comment on it, the colors, or should I say color, works well with the theme. And it works cause I don't think anyone will be thinking of the sun when they look at it, go rain! The second vector is even better in my opinion. Makes me feel alive! for some reason. The shapes and overall design of the piece works well with each other, so great job! *thumbs up* And the banners, all of them are great! And yes, guys do love giant robots you're right. You'll have to give me some tips sometime. Can't wait to see more!
  3. For me it was Tool's 10, 000 Days album. What an incredible album this one is, but of course it's not for everyone. If you've never heard of Tool before it's not a surprise really. They arn't exactly a commercial band as they hardly do interviews and usually have animated music videos, not making appearences themselves. My favourite songs on this CD which you really should check out are, Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot and Right in Two. Tool really is an aqquired taste, it usually takes a good few listens to get into the songs, but when you do it's so worth it. Amazing album by an amazing band.
  4. I have! I had a chance to play it early cause we havn't got it in the UK yet. I got to play it at a three day music festival I went to last weekend and they had a Nintendo comedy tent there. Basically it was lots of Nintendo stuff with a comedy stage with...nakedness, but that's for a different thread. I was happy with the DS Lite, I was going to buy the original one but may as well wait for the Lite edition. The screen seemed sharper to me, I dunno if it was just my imagination or because the screen was brighter or not. It was also more comfy to hold for me. Also the actual color of the system was an improvent although that's not so important. Does anyone know when it's going to be released in the UK? I have to get one ready for Final Fantasy III!
  5. I loved the new album, Vicarious, The Pot and Right In Two are my favourites on there I think. Also seeing them live this Friday! So they should play some of the new songs then, at least I hope so. Only the other day I worked out the trick with the CD case too, I'm slow I know. Although it makes me wonder how the heck anyone can write a song like Roseta Stoned and not be classed as insane. Good song but it just makes me think "huh?". Does anyone know what the single will be from this album? I can't wait to see a new video.
  6. Here's your banner, I hope it's ok! [img]http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f196/Flame_Alchemist29/Spike.gif[/img] I'm still a beginner at photoshop so I know it's not state of the art or anything, but I hope you like it anyways. If you want me to change anything lemme know and I'll gladly do that.
  7. Ok here we go for my totally unbiased vote, I had a bit of a row to vote for who I thought was best so here we go. Sorry White but I still have to vote for KW, her picture appeals more to me. Your usual choice of the color blue works well with the black and white image of Sasuke I thought, plus that font style looks pretty cool. Also your choice of words pretty much sums his character up so that?s cool too. For White?s picture, I?m sorry but it just doesn?t appeal to me, seems a bit too artsy for me if that makes sense? Although I do like the stripey background, that's quite fun. So my vote goes to the wonderful Keyblade Wielder.
  8. Hey conratulations on making your stamp, like I said practise and you'll get even better, and you are getting better all the time. Right what do I think of your new picture? Well I don't know who the guy is but that doesn't stop me from liking it. I wanna know how you did all those cool background effects. Oh and that font effect is cool too, you'll have to show me how to do that as well some time. Let's see, I can't really say how you could improve cause I'm not as good as you but if it was me I would have made your stamp a different color maybe so it would stand out more. Maybe that wouldn't be a good idea I'm not sure, anyways it's really good and I like it a lot.
  9. As always I love your new artwork, the effects you use on all of your banners in my opinion are great. I try to use your banners as a reference to help with mine but I still can?t get that cool glowing effect sadly. Looks like you had a butterfly theme going with these ones. Anyways I noticed that in all of your banners the colors always match quite nicely so good job with that. Also I don?t know why but I like the DNangel one a lot, probably cause it?s just so?sparkly. Oh and I like the one above it, dunno what?s that off though sorry. I liked the way you had the image on the left with the glow effect and the image on the right just normal. To me it makes it look like the picture on the right is in the foreground and the left picture is in the background so that?s cool. I can?t wait to see further work and I know you?ll get even better than you are now so don?t worry, as they say practise makes perfect.
  10. I would love a Final Fantasy VII remake, although they would have to be careful not to upset most of the fans. Then again a lot of the fans would be upset without even giving it a chance but I would like to see what they do to it...as long as they don't mess it up. Although I can't really see a remake happening for a long while, I hope I'm wrong but it seems Square-Enix are really busy right now. Another reason I can't see it happening is, oh and these spolers contain info from one of the new games [spoiler] apparently DoC ends on a cliffhanger indicating that there will be a FFVII-2, so of course if that were so that would be made before a remake [/spoiler] If there was a remake I think they should change the fact that Yuffie and Vincent are optional characters as it would make no sense to Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children if they were not there in the first place. I would also like some extra dialogue and the music should have the same songs but redone. Oh! and Vincent and Yuffie in the ending please..ok I'm done.
  11. Sorry but I havn't heard of that one, I'm not really a techno fan though, even if they are redone Metallica songs I'm not sure if I could enjoy it. Well all this week I have been recovering from the 'Metallica's Master of Puppets Revisited' that came free with last week's Kerrang magazine. Most of the songs have been butchered so much. The only song I liked was Trivium's version of Master of Puppets, all the others I just couldn't agree with. I mean when Charlie Simpson (of Busted and Fightstar 'fame') started singing I actually laughed out loud, it just didn't fit at all. Although the worst crimes were commited by Funeral for a Friend playing Damage Inc. and Chimaira playing Disposable Heroes. What's with the unnecesary screaming? Well that's my complaining over and done with. For now.
  12. Well I have to say I love all these picture, especially the Ed one and the flowers one was cool too. I've been playing about with photoshop too lately, as you already know, and I can respect these pictures more now. The color on the flowers picture made me think "ooo pretty!" which is what you want them to make people think. I really don't know how you did the effects on the Ed picture, you'll have to show me some time. I can't wait to see any more pictures you're gonna do!
  13. My favourite soundtracks are from any Final Fantasy game, oh and Advent Children. The music to me is just genius even in the old games the music is still very impressive. I'm on a mission to buy them all, so far I only have all the Final Fantasy VII OST's (the game, AC and DoC).
  14. Well as far as I'm concerned art can come from anything at all. I mean some 'artistic' paintings I have seen are just terrible but they are seen as art. To me there is loads of artistic talent in video games, character design for one is artistic. The soundtrack is also artistic and so on, so to me video games are definately artistic in many ways.
  15. My favourite numbers are two and nine or twenty nine or ninty two or..well I guess that's it. I'm not really sure why I like these numbers, they have always been my 'lucky' numbers even though I can't think of a time of them bringing me luck. One day they will though!
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