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RPG Faded [PG-LV]


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High school senior Miki Aoiro sat quietly at her desk during the first class of the day, already sick of being there. It was an unusually hot day New York City, even for the summer month of June. There was about three weeks left of school, including the days without classes when the students took their end of the year tests. But Miki was impatient. She had convinced herself that it was necessary for her to get out of there, and with the ability to do so, she wasn't about to sit back and watch the lesson.

She, herself, sat comfortably in her seat, while those around her felt a drastic increase of temperature. Two of the girls towards the front of the room fainted almost simultaneously, and even the teacher towards the front of the room was feeling light headed. The teacher asked the girls' friends to bring them to the nurse, and excused the rest of the class, bewildered by the sudden occurance.

Miki, not planning on sticking around for the rest of the day, headed towards the school gates, her forged permission note clenched tightly in her fist if anyone attempted to stop her. Today, she had decided, she was going to start her search. Suddenly, her left arm left her side without her consent, and she turned to see what had caused it. She saw John holding onto her wrist as he caught up with her brisk pace.

[b]"That was weird, huh, Blue?"[/b] John asked, referring to the girls who had fainted in their previous class.

[b]"Hmm,"[/b] she mumbled in reply.

[b]"Where are you going? When the next bell rings, they'll expect you in class."[/b]

[b]"Then tell them I've gone home. I'm feeling 'under the weather'."[/b]

Miki attempted to continue on her way, but her body jerked backwards as she continued, forcing her to come to a halt. John was stronger than her, and even though she couldn't feel his hold on her, it was still there.

[b]"What's up, Miki? You haven't been yourself lately."[/b] He rarely ever used her real name, so she knew he was being serious. But she couldn't help but chuckle loudly to herself. [b]"And what's so funny?!"[/b]

[b]"I haven't been myself for a long time, John. I'll see you around."[/b]

Hoping he had loosened his grip, she pulled back her arm to free it, and turned away from her friend. At the gate, a guard stood in her way, but she handed him the note and after answering a few of his questions, he opened the gate for her. He waved and said he hoped she'd feel better as she walked out onto the sidewalk. She took a glance back at the private school, and John, who stood quietly behind the gates, before walking towards the local coffee shop.


[i]'Now... How am I going to contact the others?'[/i]

Taking a small sip of her coffee, she scratched her head. She was having a hard time figuring out what to do. It was a foolish idea already; afterall, she had no idea what gathering everyone together would accomplish, and she didn't even know how she was going to do that.

[b]"Maybe I'll make a reality show to attract 'em all,"[/b] she laughed. [b]"Call it 'The Freakiest Ability Show-Off' or something."[/b]

[b]"That's a horrible name for a reality show."[/b]

[OOC: Alright, after a [i]long[/i] delay, with the agreement to participate from several of those who signed up, [b]Faded[/b] is finally up and running. For now, just post as your character going through a normal morning for them, wherever they are. If anyone wants to take over the conversation with Miki, feel free. If no one feels up to it, I shall continue it in my next post. This conversation will most likely lead to the idea of how she is going to gather everyone who is cursed.

Be creative, use your 'gift' anyway you want, and have fun!][/size][/color]
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Ruri was strapped down to the bed as the doctors 'taking care' of her stuck a needle in her arm sedateing her she stopped struggling but she morphed used her power to turn the needle into a bomb but her power didnt change the shape or form of the needle just the properties so in 10 minutes she'd be free like she had planned to do the doctors handed her a laptop
"Ok now Ruri you can email your pen pal Blue' they said walking out she started her message:

[I] Dear Blue,
I have finnaly made the preperations needed to finnaly escape this hell-hole- hospital I have stocked all my meds so it should last a while once I escape I'll email you and ask you your whereabouts it'll be great finally meeting you ^_^ then I can finally bring myself to end it all... until then

Sincerly, Rurino [/I]

then she looked at the timer and made her pillows into fire and impact proof sheilds as there was an explosion the pillows protected her from the explosion then she got up took her meds and bag and went to see she looked at the carnage and one of the doctors he was alive but injured she took his handheld computer "thank you" she said as she left the building she was blinded by the sun so she found a pair of sunglasses to put on as she started south
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Latharix opened her eyes halfway and squinted at the sunlight pouring in through the curtains. She weakly stretched her arms once she had managed to sit up and rose out of bed, planting her feet firmly on the floor.
She started to walk, but stumbled, so she made her way downstairs while supporting most of her weight on the banister. She didn't eat breakfast because lately she had been waking up with an upset stomach. She showered, got dressed for school, and walked outside just in time to catch the bus.
As she was climbing the steps, she tripped and wasn't able to get up until her friend Merrol tromped up to the front and helped her up. Merrol gave the the laughing kids a sinister look and then escorted Latharix to their seat.
Once they were settled, Merrol immediately began berrating her on her feebleness. Merrol was the only person that knew about her curse and she was constantly nagging her about saving strength.
"La-chan, I [I]swear[/I], what did you do [I]this[/I] time?"
"Nothing...I--I heard that my neighbor's new baby had an earache and I fixed it, that's all."
"That's all?" Merrol's right eye twitched as it always did when she was upset. "You mean that's all it took to get you this weak??"
Latharix slumped over against her friend's shoulder. "Yeah, I guess so, but I'm really okay, Merrol; don't worry so much about me. I just didn't get enough sleep afterwards, so let me take a nap."
She started dozing almost immediately so she didn't notice as Merrol frowned disbelievingly at her.
Latharix hadn't told Merrol about all the other little miracles she had performed earlier. Not only had she cured the baby's earache, but she had also rid her dog of heart worms, cured the cold of the kindly lady that worked at the bookstore, and caused the cancerous tumor of a neighborhood kid to dissappear. She was completely drained and had recently caught a stomach virus so her health was already bad to begin with.
She didn't want to bother anyone about it, though, so she told no one.
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James was walking the streets on this unbearably hot New York day. He walked at a leasurly pace as a single bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. As he moved he recieved many of the usual looks that he got from the neighborhood busy bodies. This high society area that his uncle and aunt lived in was full of those like them. Though, like with most things, James was really indifferent.

He didn't approve of there gossiping, but they would do as they pleased, as always. He liked the streets of the middle and lower class districts. Though they were rougher, he felt more at ease here. This was one of the only things he could feel anymore. He was pulled to this place like a moth to a flame. He knew that being this way couldn't be right. Everyone else seemed to be all thrown up in these deep feelings and were driven by these almost irrational forces. Was that normal? If so, then was what he was wrong?

As he moved through the streets, he heard scuffling and crashing coming from his left. He looked to see an all to familar scene, yet another New York mugging. He may not be able to relate with the poor sap being mugged, but he could understand that what he was not right or just. James turned and walked down the alley way, one of the two men looked up to him from jabbing the man on the ground with the toe of his foot. He looked to the placid James and yelled "Just keep going, pal. This doesn't concern you."

James continued to walk towards the two men. The one stood infront of him and drew a knife "Did you not hear me? I said blow off pal or I'm gonna give you a new hole to crap out of."

James continued to walk to him. The man lunged for him with the knife and caught his right shoulder. James didn't even flinch at this, he simply took the mans wrist and pulled the knife out of his shoulder. The man flailed and tried to pull away from him, but was deadlocked in James hand. With a quick twitch and a sudden snap, the man started screaming hysterically. The second man ran off, leaving his injured friend in the alley way. James went to the beaten man "Are you well enough to walk?"

The man sat shaky and nodded lightly. James gave a single nod back "Good bye then."

He turned around and went back to the sidewalk of the street and continued on his way. It was then that he rememberd there being a coffee shop being only a few blocks off. He wiped his forehead and decided that he should get a drink before going on his way. Walked to the far corner and turned right and at the end of the block sat the little coffee shop. Many of the kids from his school frequented his place. He wasn't a regular, but he had been there a few times.

As he enterd the shop he noticed a familiar face sitting down for a drink. She seemed to be thinking very deeply, and was mumbling something to herself. James thought her name was Miki, but he wasn't very sure. He didn't socialize much with the others from his school, but for some reason he was intrigued by why she might be here. He thought she would be at the school for the summer lessons. He thought he would go to her, when a woman in the shop shouted "My lord, that young man is bleeding!"

James looked to his shoulder, the wound from that street thug was bleeding. The shop quickly became panicked by the sight of him standing there bleeding. He tried to tell them it was not a big deal, but they wouldn't listen to him. Everything was becoming a mess.
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[size=1][color=blue] Charisma chewed the tip of her pen as she watched the slides being click through. The companies newest client is present there product that they would be redesigning the companies logo. Stifling a yawn she made a few quick sketches in her notepad of ideas she already had of the new logo. The meeting came to an end and she gathered up her paperwork. Walking over to the client she shook their hands, "It will be a pleasure to work with you."

As Charisma left the conference room an arm came around her shoulder. "Car-Car! What a lovely day, the sun is shinning, birds are singing, and Manny's Brown is having 25 cents a shot!"

Charisma wigged out of her friends grip. "Cha-ris-ma, Chuck not Car-Car. I have hated that name since you started calling me that." She let out a sigh as she pushed a button on the elevator. "And we don't have time to get any shots right now. We just got new clients." Rumaging through her folder she pulled out three pieces of paper and handed them to Chuck. "I need you to run them these to the text editor."

The elevator door open and they stepped inside, "But Charisma, they will have your favorite shot, Ivy's pussy-juice. " He grabbed the papers and pushed the fourth and sixth floor button. "Come on it is fun to play hooky once in a while.

Charisma smiled, "That they may be but we have more work to do. We shall play later." The elevator ding and opened on the sixth floor and Charisma made a bit of gust of wind, starting to nudge Chuck out the door. "After the job is done than we will get some drinks." Giving a small smile she waved as the door shut. When the door closed she lost her balance and propped herself up against the wall. The doors opened again and Charisma left to start contacting printers in her office.[/size][/color]
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Cheers rose from the small crowd of half-drunk steel workers inhabiting the bar on this particular night. The shouts were a mixed cacophony of slurred curses and encouragements. It was a wonder that a fight didn't break out, but not too suprising since they were already watching one.

In the center of the floor two seemingly mismatched opponents trades hits. The largest of the two was a foul-mouthed member of the steel worker group, and the only one that seemed to be holding his alcohol. Opposite this man was a girl, half his size, but with blue eyes that looked ready to burn a hole in his soul. Despite their differences, the steel worker was destined to lose this time. An open-handed palm to the chest knocked him back just long enough for the young girl to sweep his feet out of from under him. Before he knew it the large man was face down, with a boot pressed against his shoulders.

"Now," the blue-eyed hellion said, "about that bet we had..."

A grunt or irritation escaped the man's throat, but in the end he held up his end of the bet. "Fine. Barkeep, add this young lady's drinks for the night to my tab." The bartender merely nodded. Even though she was only 18, no one her had looked past the false ID and just accepted her as 21.

For the rest of the night she sat there, laughing up a storm with the group. Even the man she had beaten, who later introduced himself as Kyle, was there joking with her. In the end she had to leave first, still steady on her feet despite the drinks, but was rather disappointed. It was rare for her to find a group she got along with, but her nomadic nature would not allow her to stay for long.

[i]You had way too much fun in there tonight.[/i] A male voice echoed in her head.

A grin escaped her lips as she kicked the motorcycle to life and flipped down her helmet's visor. "You're damn right I did." With that Jaime's female personality gunned the cycle's engine, and flew down the backroads in the small Illinois town.
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[SIZE=1]Lydia watched herself chopping up vegitables from halfway across the room, moving carefully so as to avoid cutting her own fingers. It was odd, watching everything she did from a mirrors vantage, or rather, from the view of whatever animal happened to be wandering through the room she was currently in.

She reached out idley to scratch Snookums behind the ears. Lydia would never have been so cruel, but her grandmother had been a very... Well, her grandmother had named the old tomcat before Lydia had come to live with her, and it was years too late to change anything. Besides, oddly enough, "Snookums" suited him.

"So what do you think Snook?" She rinsed her fingertips under the running faucet and dumped the assortment into the boiling pot. "Old Meyers said he'd give me thirty-two thousand for this old place. Said it was a historic landmark, said he wants to fix it up and turn into a Bed and Breakfast..."

"Yes, I think he's a cheap old buffoon too."

Yes, Lydia talked to her cats. And yes, she made up words for them to say back to her. It was, she had found, a useful way of sorting out her thoughts, presenting both sides of an issue for speculation... It wasn't like she had anyone else to talk to.

"I don't want people around here anyway." She decided. Testing the soup and reaching to turn Snookums head towards the spice cabenet while she fumbled for more basil. "Make yourself useful."

The heavy clump of feet along her back deck came with a flash from one of the half interested cats dozing out on the porch.

"Speak of the devil..." Lydia muttered.

"Miss Lydia I was just driving by and noticed your roof could use some patching." The old man Meyers called. "I know you don't normally like folk up around but i thought maybe, with winter coming on, you wouldn't mind if I got some friends of mine up here to work on the house a bit..."

"You're only driving the price up, Mr. Meyers. And don't touch that one she doesn't like to be woken up."

He snatched his hand away from the cat he'd been about to pet. If there were two things he'd learned about Lydia; be disgustingly polite, and when she tells you not to touch one of her animals, for your own safety, don't touch the animal. It was a temperamental lot that took up with the old witch's granddaughter, they got along right well with each other.

He nudged a fretting chicken out of his way with his boot, but gently, and opened the screen door. "Well, either way, winter's comin', like I said, and i know this old house gets drafty."

Lydia set her spoon down on the counter with a sharp clatter. "Get out of my house. The draft and I have gotten along famously for years now. Your sudden interest in my home hardly changes anything."

"Now, Miss Ly-"

A china teapot shattered on the wall beside his head. Now, china is not nearly as delicate as it sounds, as a matter of fact, it's generally stronger than stoneware...which should give you a general idea of how hard Lydia can throw...


He got.[/SIZE]
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