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Gaming Japanes GAMECUBE Games - Box Art


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[color=blue][b]This is a terribly poor quality shot...but it is still interesting. It shows the boxes of three Japanese GAMECUBE games, including Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm.

The games come in a jewel case, much like a DVD but they also have a cardboard slip cover over the top which displays the cover artwork.

Nonetheless, I think that the boxes look very cool.[/color][/b]

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[color=red]Here are a few more examples.


The below images are comparsions of the Japanese GAMECUBE, N64 and GBA boxes.



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Sweet even more great sceenshots of the GCN Box art its cool to see em speaking of game boxes i seen the Xbox game boxes set out on store great to see alot of selction of games for the Xbox but there will only few games that interest me.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cecil [/i]
[B]wow... i didnt know that the gba and n64 boxes where so diffent in japan [/B][/QUOTE]

hey james, do you think you can get some pics of the games them selves, i wanna know if they are cartriges or cds.
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