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RPG Elemental Spheres [PG - VL]


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[COLOR=Navy]There are two major elements in the universe, they are as conflicting as Black and White, but they are always together in a harmonious state, these elements are, of course; Light and Dark. Light rules over the day with its celestial body, the golden Sun proudly shedding light and warmth to all living things; and Darkness rules the night with the silver Moon gleaming, casting a silver glow to allow rest for the living things after a long day. But what if this harmony was disrupted and both of these enormous powers were suddenly placed into the hands of two chosen teenagers? And what if it was up to the teenagers to decide what the fate of the Earth would be?

But along with those two teenagers that are destined to receive the powers of Light and Dark, there were eight others chosen, half of them were destined to be on the side of good, with the holder of Light, and the others had the same powers, only they were on the side of evil, accomplices to the holder of Darkness. The powers that were chosen for them were the other four major elements affecting the planet, the power of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. These eight teenagers were sent as helpers, to aid the keepers of Light and Darkness in their quest, but before any of them can start their quest, they must find the spheres that contain their powers, the chosen 10 are spread around the world, some together, some apart, in each of their cities are the spheres they need to find, but finding them won?t be easy in the large places they live in. Searching out the spheres is their first task, and when completed it, only then will the quest begin.


Sakura sat at her table, stifling a yawn as her maths teacher continued to drone on and on about conditional probability. JJ was seated at the table on her right and he was looking equally bored; his navy blue tie was slightly loose and his white shirt was rumpled from a long, hot day with his navy blue pants hitched up slightly from when he sat. She straightened her navy skirt beneath the table and looked as if she was paying attention, but her eyes slipped out of focus.

Everyone got up with a scraping of seats when the bell rang, signalling the end of another painful week of school. Sakura and JJ waited for the crowd to rush out of the room before walking out calmly, stretching. Maths was Sakura's worst subject ever and she hated it with a vengence, she couldn't be happier that the school week was finished.

[B]"Did you copy the notes Akizuki sensei wrote on the board?"[/B] JJ asked, walking beside Sakura.

She rolled her eyes at him, [B]"Of course I got them, baka. If I didn't who would? I'll pass them to you later."[/B] she said hitting him on the arm playfully.

The two of them made a trip to their lockers, dumping whatever they didn't need and removed the things that they did for homework and studies. JJ was always a little lazy on the last period of a Friday and didn't end up doing much. He slid his fingers into the knot of the tie and tugged at it, pulling the material free from his collar. He folded it carefully and slipped it into his pocket, undoing the top button of his shirt. Sakura did the same, shoving the tie mercilessly into her bag and unbuttoning the first two.

The two had the day planned out already, they were going to drop their bags off at her house, then they'd go out and hunt for a birthday present for one of their friends. Sakura slipped her left hand into JJ's, tugging her bag higher with her right, they didn't talk much as they walked along the familiar route, she pulled a pair of sunglasses from her bag and slid them over her eyes, blocking the glare from the sunlight, JJ smirked and stole them from her, holding them out of reach. Sakura gasped and jumped on him, tugging at his arm before he relented and gave them back. They laughed and chatted a bit until they arrived at her house. The couple walked up the driveway and Sakura let go of JJ, searching her bag for her keys. Sakura opened the door and sighed at the cool breeze of the airconditioning in her house. They slipped off their shoes and they dumped their bags under the stairs, grabbing cool drinks from the kitchen. Daisuke heard something and came to investigate, greeting them as he grabbed a drink too.

[B]"How'd you beat us home?"[/B] Sakura questioned, taking a sip from her lemonade can.

[B]"Heh, I had last session off. But I didn't get home until a while ago, I was just hanging out with Takao and the gang."[/B] he grinned, naming his best friend and his group he hung with.

[B]"Not fair. We had Akizuki for a painful hour."[/B] Sakura pouted.

Her twin brother just smirked, gulping his can and trashing it, letting out a satisfied sigh. Sakura rolled her eyes and whapped him on the back of the head as he walked past, letting him know they'd be going out for a while. Daisuke went back to the lounge and flopped on the sofa, watching the TV. Sakura and JJ finished up and exited the house, she was now carrying a small shoulder bag with her things in it, locking up as they headed out.

The two moaned as the heat washed over them but they continued on, their friend's birthday was tomorrow so they needed to find a present. They walked into the main part of Tokyo and started to shop around, walking up and down the busy streets. Sakura stopped in front of a store window suddenly, jerking JJ's hand. He came back and peered inside too, looking at Sakura who had a gleam in her eye. They entered the shop and purchased the bracelet they had spotted in the window and waited as their friend's name was engraved onto the silver plate. During the time they waited, they continued to browse the display cases. Sakura was admiring a locket when JJ called her over.

She walked over to him and he jabbed a finger onto the glass above the item he called her over for. Sakura looked into the case and her eyes lit up at the beautiful object; it was quite simple, yet lovely and they felt as if it were calling to them. It was twin pendants in the shape of the Ying Yang symbol. The halves were quite thick, at least a few centimetres with the curves smooth and a hole in the fat ends, each hung from a fine silver chain.

Sakura wanted it but they hadn't brought enough money with them. She conversed with JJ and they agreed to come back tomorrow and purchase it then. The store attendant came out of the back, holding a long case where the bracelet sat on cream velvet. She took it and paid the money to him, then asked him to hold the necklaces for them.

The two of them left and Sakura slipped the box into her bag. They walked back to her house but the pendants lingered in her mind, there was something about them that she couldn't put her finger on.


[B]Only people that have been accepted are allowed to post here; the list is on the first post of the INN thread.[/B]

All right everyone, sorry its taken so long to put this up, been pretty busy.

The first post is just an [B]INTRODUCTION[/B] of your character, you can do whatever you want, except get possession of your [B]ITEM[/B] (which I hope you've all thought of already since its been a while since I sent that message). You may see it like I did, but no gaining until the [B]second post[/B], and wait until [B]JJ[/B] or [B]I[/B] posts about getting it so you know what to do kind of.

Thanks guys, if you have any questions either PM me or you can put an OOC at the top/bottom of your post. Have fun!
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Casey was sitting in the corner of his small studio apartment, dead asleep from the night before. He had won three more matches last night and had made over 350 bucks doing it too. He had taken his share of hits, but that was nothing next to those poor saps he had in front of him. His eye was a bit swollen and his lip had a small cut on it. His knuckles were also cut up and his forearms were bruised.

There was a loud knock on the door and a voice from just beyond it "Casey, get out here. I've got a new match for you."

Casey dragged his hand off against the ground and pushed himself to his feet. His eyes were blood shot and his throat was dry and his stomach was empty. He shuffled across the room lazily to the door where he then looked out the peep hole "What do you want, Zander?"

The man outside shouted in again "I told you, I got a new match for you tonight. It pays 200. You worked three last night for only 370. Come on, you know your up for another round tonight. You always are."

Casey pulled the door open, keeping the deadbolt in place so Zander couldn't just push his way in. Casey looked up and down the drab, dirty hallway of the building, then looked back to Zander. He couldn't keep his thoughts on Zander or this new job for him anymore. His thoughts were still trapped on that bizaar dream he was having til Zander came and woke him up. Casey took his left hand and rubbed his temples "Sorry, I'm out of it tonight. Come back tomorrow."

Zander wanted to say something else, but Casey simply closed the door and sat back down in the corner of the room he was in before. He sat there, trying get back to sleep, but he suddenly felt really anxious, like something was about to happen. He stood up and went to the window and looked out on his decrepit block. There was nothing going on that didn't happen every day. He sighed and looked to his right. A large truck pulled by at the end of the street. As it did, an overwhelming sweep of cold came over him. Casey watched as the truck rolled by, but he then heard a loud hiss and and clunk of the engine shuting down. The truck had stopped.

Casey ran down stairs and ran toward the truck. He rounded the corner where the truck now sat, the fan still clinking from the heat. Casey saw a large man standing directly next to the truck. He was a large behemoth of a man. He was wearing a black jacket made of a heavy cloth material. He had on a pair of brown boots and had a red shirt underneath the large coat to go along with his standard blue enim jeans. But the one thing that grabbed Casey's attention was a single glove the man wore on his right hand. It was made of a simple black leather and had metal studs on the knuckles, nothing unusual. What got his attention was the single, small, deep blue stone on the bottom of the wrist.

While he stared on at the large man someone grabbed hold of him by the shoulder, then an all to familar voice came "Hey, I thought you said you were out of it."

Casey turned and looked at Zander and nodded to the big guy "Who is that?"

He had to know who it was and how he could get that glove. Casey wasn't sure why, he just knew he had to have it. Zander looked past him to the guy "Oh him, he was suppose to be your opponent tonight. I came to tell him you declined."

Casey put his hand on Zanders shoulder "I've reconsiderd, I'll do it. But tell him, if I win, I want something he's wearing."

Zander gave him and odd look, but shook it off "Whatever, I'll tell him. Thanks for taking this on."

Zander ran over to the big guy and filled him in on the situation. Casey was still feeling a bit tired, but he couldn't let this go now.
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"Shutup Gary!"


David leaned forward from the backseat of the Corvet and punched his older cousin in the right shoulder. Stephen laughed and looked at the passing by scenery to his right. It was mostly desert, as they were passing through a very empty area of Canada.

"Come on Dave," said Stephen, turning to look at his friend. "Lighten up! It's not often you get to go on a roadtrip across Canada."

David shrugged and bent forward. He turned the radio on and blasted the volume. Unfortunately, Celine Dion was playing.

"Ah! Turn it off!" Gary yelped. He quickly popped a CD in and let out a breath of relief. He turned his head to the side, indicating he was getting the others attention. "Hey, how about we stop at a hotel around here? Get a nice one with a pool and what not. Sound good?"

Dave and Steve shrugged and said sure. Driving for hours in the car was getting boring faster and faster. They soon found a nice suite and pulled into the parking lot.

Stephen stretched his arms and fell backwards onto his bed. He glanced over to David, who had already passed out on his own bed. Stephen slipped under the covers and rested his eyes.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Austin lied on the graveled ground, and picked at grass sprouting from the crushed granite. He could feel the earth shake around him as the trains rolled on by, but could not hear them. Most experience freight hoppers were ear plugs. A cat walked by, and butted it?s what face against his hand.

?Hi Clo.? He said happily to the small kitten. The white cat had been his companion for most of the trip, such as when he didn?t have people tagging along. Austin could feel the cat vibrate with its purrs. Back to his train of thought, he didn?t know why she followed him around. Freight hopping is dangerous, but Clo stayed by Austin?s side.

The trains stopped rolling by, and he took his ear plugs out. Austin placed them in his pocket for latter use, and closed his eyes. Sleepless nights had taken their toll on him, and as he drifted away while he tried to stay alert. Austin?s nap was short lived though, since he could feel someone shadowing him.

?What?s a boy like you doing here?? The man questioned. The man was old, as old as the last time Austin had seen is grandpa. Unlike his grandfather, this man didn?t have a long beard, but gray stubble. He had brown tanned skin, which looked wrinkled and dried up. The man wore overalls, a white shirt, and worn-out work boots. All of the man?s attire was covered in grease stains.

Austin remained quit, as he though what could happened to him. His journey would end, and he?ll probably get sent back home. But home was where he was turning his back too.

?So, are you going to call the bulls or something?? Austin replied. Bulls were officers that patrolled the train yard, looking for hoppers. Though, most of the time yard workers were more understanding than bulls.

?No, but I?m a very lonely man.? He replied jokingly. The old man bent his knees to sit, and it seemed he did it in pain. ?So, where are you heading??

?The west coast.?

?You?re in luck than.? He informed, ?You?re in Bluesberry, Nevada.?

The two sat quietly as the old man stroked Clo?s ears. She purred loudly since she never meows. Austin always found it weird, and thought maybe he was to blame. The silence between them was awkward, and Austin wished he would say something or leave. But the old man didn?t, and just sat their, staring at the ground.

?What?s your name?? Austin asked, finally conjuring the courage to break the silence.

?Henry Richards.? The old man replied.
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