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Guest bleached
[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=4]Earth 20 Years Ago[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR=Blue][CENTER]In the thickness of night, a single blue aura is seen. Suddenly, everthing flaches white, then the aura is gone. A few minutes later, the blue aura is seen agian, along the tree line.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][CENTER]In the thickness of the blue aura, four young adults are seen. When close up, their bodies have become empty. The mind, the soul that had once filled the bodies, they are gone. Slowly, the bodies begin to decay into dust.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER][SIZE=4]Earth, Modern Time[/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]A group of campers walk through the woods, As they set up camp, and the sun goes down, many of the m begin to see a dark blue outline agianst the sky. Slowly it forms into a light blue as the sky fills with stars.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]When the goup finds their way to the large blue light, they come across a gate. The gate is giant, with the blue background flashing into the darkness. Suddenly, one camper freaks out after seeing what seems to be a skull. A few of the campers fun off back to the trail to find help, while the others remain.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]In a giant flash of blue and whilte light, the bodies of the campers are left, empty to rott into dust, just like before.[/CENTER][/COLOR]


[COLOR=Navy][CENTER]Alright, there is alot going on in this strange camping trip. One thing that I can tell you is that, once you are sucked into the portal, your soul is intrapped there until it can find its way back to your body. The only thing is that noone knows where your soul is, not even the ones around you.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy][CENTER]It is unsure about where it sends you, it can be anywhere. A few miles down the road, or another planet. Another universe even. The only thing is certian, you shall die if your soul either: Does not find its way back before your body gives up, or if you die while you are a soul. If one dies, so does the other, so you better hurry, or something bad may, or better yet, will happen.[/CENTER][/COLOR]



[CENTER][COLOR=Magenta]Age: 17-21[/COLOR][/CENTER]
[CENTER][COLOR=Magenta]Personality: just a little something letting everyone know what kind of person you are.[/COLOR][/CENTER]
[CENTER][COLOR=Magenta]Appearance: pic or paragraph is cool[/COLOR][/CENTER]
[CENTER][COLOR=Magenta]Bio: something leading up to before you went camping[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][CENTER]Alrighty, I am looking for at lease for people, half and half, boy girl ratio, and a total of about 6 to 7. See you all on the other side.[/CENTER] [/COLOR] :p
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Age: 19
Personality: She has split personalities, one evil and violent, the other quiet and shy. Her evil side dreams of taking over the world and is always plotting something. Her good side however, only dreams of having a simple life with only a few friends. Each side has one thing in common; they are both very playful and naive.
Appearance: She is half-cat, half-human. She has black cat ear along with a black tail and fangs. She also has long black hair that she ties up when in battle. She has bright emerald green eyes that shine like a cat in the dark. (This also causes her to see very well at night) She stands at about 5?4 and is somewhat curvy.
Bio: She never knew her parents. When she was a baby, they put her up for adoption; they never even went to see her. No one likes a half anything, including cat and Neko has been filled with anger for all of her life because of it. At 12, she ran away from the orphaneage and trained herself with a sword while she was living on the streets. She found an abanonded apartment and currently lives there. She pushed herself through school just to succeed so that she could prove everyone else wrong. At school, she met people who understood her, who didn't think that just because she was half cat she was stupid. She became happy for once in her life. Then, everything changed. One of her friends suggested a camping trip and she agreed to go.
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Name: Jason Sigara

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Headstrong and has somewhat of an ego. He tends to get along with people unless they really push his buttons. He has a problem of flirting and joking alot.

Appearance: Later

Bio: later
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Guest bleached
[CENTER][B]Name: [/B] [COLOR=Blue]Riku[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Age: [/B] [COLOR=Blue]18[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Gender:[/B] [COLOR=Blue]Female[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Personality:[/B] [COLOR=Blue]Very stuborn, she will take her own word before she takes anyone else. She is headstrong and acts alot like someone who is. But, once you are able to break that down and get to the inside of her, she is mostly nice. That is only if you are alone, if you are with a group, she is back to being her normal headstrong self.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Appearance: [/B] [COLOR=Blue]Pic is below.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Bio: [/B] [COLOR=Blue]Riku practically lives in the woods. Her house is so close, that when she walks outside, she is in it. One day, when one of her classes decided to take a camping trip, she brought up the woods that were right behing her house. Finally, after about a week of debateing, it was agreed.[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

[CENTER][COLOR=Blue]The class would go to the woods that were in the next county. Riku was furious, but she decided to go.She did love the outdoors, no matter where it may be. She was happy she was going, but she still wished that the class would go to her land.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[CENTER][COLOR=Blue]When they got there, the class walked for a little bit, then set up camp. She was right there with them, setting up, when the blue light filled the sky.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][CENTER]Ok, I still need a few more signups before I can start this one. So, please, sight up.[/CENTER][/COLOR]
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Guest blooming
Name:amizokia kanekasola

Age: 21
Personality:dark and mysterious but is also mature and cold.shell get mad and cold before she gets to get to kill someone.she warns people when shes mad.and she hates almost anyone except jason and neko.she has a slight crush on jason and really likes neko as a friend and she can be happy and friendly and caring but mostly dark.and only neko and riku and jason understand what makes her dark and like her for that
Appearance:a long black cloak with a black halter top and a black mini skirt
Bio:she never knew her mother but her father told her to move to get away from all of the problems in the tropics so she moved into a cabin in the forest five miles from the campsite.She never went to school and that is why she has no friends until she decided to enroll at a school and no one every talks to her except for neko and jason and riku.So they asked if she wanted to go camping and she said yes
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