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King Samuel leaned back as he took another bite out of his chicken. "The royal chef always makes such marvelous meals" He looked over to see that his daughter was till not back yet. "Vic...where did my daughter go?"

Vic bowed as he shifted his helmet. "She went horseback riding with her bodyguards in the forest."

"When did she leave?"

"This moring your majesty"

"Well she should have been back by now"

"I shall...." He turned as he was interuppted by a bloodied guard stumpling in. "Brice?"

"Where is my daughter?"

"We where ambushed by orcs...They took her" He fell forward dead as a paper fell out of his hand.

Vic picked up the paper then stopped as his face went white.

"Vic, give me the paper now" He grew angery as Vic didn't move. "Vic!"

Vic snapped out of his trance then handed the king the paper as his face went white too. "What shall I do?"

"Get the best fighters in the knigdom. Bring them here to me" He paced back and forth in his throne room as a large group of people were brought before him. "You have been chosen cause you are the best at what you do. My daughter has been kidnapped by a man who calls himself Zylon. Who do not know who he his but he is an enemy of the kingdom of Mecki that was supposed to have been killed a long time ago by my grandfather and now he is back and wants revenge. If I do not surrender to him in ten days, he will kill my daughter. You have ten days to find her and bring her back. Now go"

As you can the royal princess has been kidnapped by orcs lead by a man who calls himself Zylon and a decree fro thebest fighters in the kngdom has been sent out. You are to find the princess and if possible, kill this man named Zylon. There are several classes you can choose from.

Paladins-The muscle of any army and sometimes have extremely good fighters. Max of two. Male only. Two to three weapons.

Mage Knight-Not as strong as a Paladin in muscle but make up for it in defensive magic. Two only. Male or Female. One weapons

Hunteress-Extremely good archers and trackers. Max of two. Female only. Only two weapons

Asassains-Killing shadows. Known for being extremely quiet and for killing their enemeies quickly. Max of two. Male or Female. Only one weapon

Mage-Spellcasters. Know a variety of spells and elemental attacks. Max of Two. Male or Female. Only one weapon.


Age: 19-24
Race: Human, Elf, Dwarf or a mix of two
Class: One of the four above
Magic: Only in a Mage Knight or Mage. Mage Knight has two defensive spells. Mage has six spells.

My Profile
Name: Vincet Sasfron
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: [Url=http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/dante.jpg]Vincet[/url]
Personality:Loyal to his friends. He is flirty and tends to get an ego sometimes.
Class: Paladin
Weapons: A long Claymore on his back. Dia katanna and an single bladed axe.
Bio: Unknown son of Zylon. He was abandoned after he was born and was picked up by some travelers. After years of trading between towns his new family settled in Mechi where he learned to train as a knight. He found himself easily passing throught he ranks and eventaully became known as the best fighter in all of Mecki, also where he met a nice elf named Neko that he usddenly grew close to.

If you have any questions please pm me. Certain Information as been left out becasue you will find it out later on in the rp
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Name: Ceyla Ashwind
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Slightly ruddy complexion, wispy, sandy blonde hair and gray-violet eyes. She is as tall as most men and has a trim, lightly muscled physique. Ceyla prefers to dress plainly and abhors any form of make-up, but a good number of men find her attractive. She has soft features that sharply contrast her personality. She wears a silver and gold bracelet with amethyst stones on her right wrist.
Personality: Ceyla will usually help those in need, but is often sarcastic and sharp-tongued. She does not care about a person's status and has found that the poor are often kinder than royalty. She enjoys solitary activities. Even though she is easily annoyed by adults, she loves children.
Class: Assassin
Weapon: Stiletto with a silver blade and black handle
Bio: Ceyla is actually distant royalty. She grew up riding horses and sparring with her two brothers. When she was 16 she was put in an arranged marriage with a wealthy nobleman who promised her parents riches. Ceyla resented being a pawn to gain more money for her parents, so she ran away. Being an assassin suited her because she could choose her own clients. Ceyla is now in Mecki because she hopes to be hired to fight Zylon.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][B]Name:[/B] Kacela Sevgi

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Human, Elf

[B]Appearance:[/B] Long dirty blonde hair, reaching all the way down her back. Fair complexion, with vibrant, light blue eyes. She has a lean figure and is rather tall, with pointed ears, the mark of the elf. Generally, she wears a dark brown, tough, leather armor vest with a dark green, long sleeved, skin-tight shirt underneath. The vest comes down to about mid-thigh level. A brown leather sword belt encompasses her hips, and another leather belt goes from her right shoulder to the left side of her waist, holding her bow and arrows. For easy movement purposes, she wears skin-tight, dark green stockings on her legs and tight, leather boots that rise to halfway up her calves.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kacela doesn't talk much, which makes some people think that she distances herself from people. If someone were to talk to her for a short period of time, they'd only get very short answers. It's not because she's unfriendly, she just doesn't find people very trustable. If someone were to gain her trust, they would see that she is in fact a very caring, gentle soul.

[B]Class:[/B] Huntress

[B]Weapons:[/B] Bow and arrow, broadsword

[B]Bio:[/B] Kacela was born to a young, unwed mother. She was the product of her mother's rape by an elvish warrior. Being a human-elf mix, she was not generally accepted by normal humans. She lived a sheltered life, with no friends. As a young adolescent, she would kill animals with the bow and arrow she made and bring them home for her and her mother to eat.
One particular outing, she came back with a good catch when she saw a man fallen on the road. When she went to investigate, she saw that he was a wounded Meckian fighter. Kacela fetched her mother, who brought the man in and nursed him back to health. Feeling he owed them, he helped Kacela fetch food for awhile. He said that her skills with the bow and arrow were very well developed and suggested that she go into training as a Meckian huntress. When she talked to her mother about it that night, her mother said that it was time that she should go out into the world. The next day, she set off with the man to Mecki, where she trained to be a huntress. When she was eighteen, her training was completed. Almost a year later, she was one of an entire force of fighters sent to retrieve the kidnapped princess of Mecki.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Name: Cellah Morko
Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Human, Elf

Appearance: below

Personality: She is a kind hearted and very shy and dosent hang around people very much because of her lineage and she only trust her younger sister and they are very close she loves flowers and she is one of the sharpest boweyers out there

Class: Huntress

Weapons: Bow and arrow, Iron fist

Bio: Cellah is child of mis conception her father the lord Miken had and affair while his wife Lady Joyun was away doing her job as a diplomat his escort was an Elf Courtney elf when she gave birth he was in deep trouble so he hired a mage to disguise her looks and said he found her in an alley but she found a way to restore her true apperance her mother still loves her either way she just took her and her younger sister away from her lechorus husband she has grown up learing elven archery and medicine and human mannersism and polite behavior she looks more like her elven mother but she dosent have elven wings and she has her fathers eyes she joined the force to find the princess because she thoght it was a great way to practice archery and have a good adventure
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Name: Neko
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Appearance:She stands at 5"7 and is somewhat curvy. She has long, flowing black hair that she ties up when in battle. Shehas peircing elemerald green eyes that shine in the dark.
Personality: From being elvish, she is naturally very graceful. She is quiet and rarely speaks. The only time is ever says anything is when she feels it has to be said or if she is asked a question. She is always thinking and no one dares to question it.
Class: assasin
Weapon(s): Sword
Bio: She grew up with the elves in middle earth, Rivendale to be exact. She had a good life there, but always felt that something was missing. She ran away to find it when she was 16 and hasn't been back since. It has been questioned if she was even still alive. She ran into Vincent Mechi and became good friends with him.
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[quote name='Oblivion']Sorry only one character per a person and you have to be a human or elf or a halfbreed. No demons or half demons. If you are a mage or mage knight, be sure to specify your main magic attacks.[/quote]

oh Im sorry didnt know thanks
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Sounds like fun...
Name: Dalanius Greynin
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: [URL=http://img162.imageshack.us/my.php?image=guy21ac.png]Dalanius [/URL]
Personality: Brash and sarcastic. Dalanius is rude to most people to say the least and has been ever since he was a child. He can be very quick to anger and will often seem annoyed for no reason. If people do something wrong then they?ll know it straight away. He has a very, very strong sense of honor and will do almost anything to keep it in tact.

Class: Paladin

Weapon(s): Chinese broadsword, Claymore and a double bladed axe

Bio: Dalanius parents and many other people were murdered by a known hoard that ripped through the country side many years ago. He was only a child when it happened and vaguely remembers the events. He was adopted by his uncle and only other living relative. His uncle was a great and revered Paladin; Dalanius grew up aspiring to become as good as his uncle.

He quickly became highly ranked within the Paladin class and has been invited by the King to take part in retrieving his daughter. [/COLOR]
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