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Writing Kingdom Spirits [PG]


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Well, finally, Nom has come up with a KH fanfic. :animesmil Here ya go.


Kuro Miyasaki walked along the dirt path. His grandfather told him that at the end of it was an old shrine. He also said that he shouldn?t go in it. Of course, he wouldn?t if he?d known what was in the shrine. But, he did. And when he did, his adventure unfolds.

Old boards of wood were nailed over the door. Considering how old they were, Kuro could break them easily.

?Hey! Kuro! Come on! Godzilla fest is on!? shouted Aura, his sister.

Great. Kuro was missing out on an adventure to watch a bunch of movies about a fake dinosaur. Kuro pulled back his long red-dyed hair from his face, to see the big T.V screen.

Aura and Kuro were twins, though one was a girl and the other a boy. Some people said they looked alike because of their hair. So...Kuro dyed his hair.

After a few hours, the popcorn was gone and Aura was snoring loudly. Kuro got up from the couch and snuck out the backdoor. He tried hard not to wake up his grandfather or his parents.

He walked past the small forest along the dirt path, and he was in front of the tall shrine.

Slowly, he made his way into it. He went up the small stairs, and entered the only room in the shrine.

Five rooms lined the room. And in the middle, was a single table with a golden box on it. Kuro walked towards the table, and he opened the box. Inside was a beautiful crystal.

Several bats flew about, screeching. Startled, Kuro jumped, sending the box tumbling from his hands.

The crystal shattered in to five peices.

And to Kuro?s astonishment, dispappeared into nothing.

?What have you done?? said a voice.

Kuro was wide-eyed and looking up at the ceiling. Where the voice was coming from.

?Who?s there??

?You can?t see me, but I?m the Priest! You?ve just broken the Soul Stone!?


?The soul stone! Three-hundred Years ago, five dimensions each had there own Spirit stone, beside ours. The spirit stones would help lost souls. Yet, many ghosts were still around. Many, angry and full of hatred. The harvest went bad, and an eclipse took place until all of the dimensions decided to use a single stone that consisted of the six spirit stones.?

?You must get them back!? shouted the voice.

Kuro sat motionless. Either the strange ghostly voice frightened him...Or the long history lesson that the voice just gave.

?I?m not going in there! Who knows what?s in there??

?I do!? said the Priest.

?Then why don?t you go in??

?I?m only a ghost! I can?t!? He exclaimed.

Kuro turned and began to run. But, to his astonishment, he was petrified. Standing still, without the ability to move.

?Please young man...? Said the priest.

Kuro calmed down, and finally said ?Okay. How??

?The spirit stones will only react to another stone. So you will use another stone to get them.?

The crystal shard on the ground started to form a long figure.

?I behold! The soul staff!? said the preist.

?Wow...Did you just make that up? I?ll do it then. I came looking for something fun, and this just might be fun.? Kuro said, finally smiling.

A ghostly finger appeared out of nowhere, and pointed to the door at the far right.

Kuro slowly made his way towards the door, and then he entered, disappearing into another world.

EDIT: And here is the actual first chapter! Enjoy!

[B]Chapter one: Armored Bodies[/B]

Kuro stepped out into a small town. Children were playing, and people were hurrying about. One person was yelling, and running around the same block.

?Al? Al!? The person kept screaming at the top of his lungs. But, all the people looked too busy to notice him.

Kuro didn?t know what to do, and maybe this guy could help him. Kuro edged closer to him, but stopped to gaze at his body. His arm looked shiny whenever his sleeve moved up just far enough, so that Kuro could see.

This place was strange.

The people were different, the world here looked a little outdated too. Yet, nobody had made a fake limb that resembled the one that the boy had.

The boy?s long blonde hair went from side to side as he shouted, and glanced from side to side.

?Ummm...What?s wrong?? Kuro finally asked.

?I can?t find my brother...? said the boy.

?Well, what?s he look like??

The boy paused and then replied, ?He?s a big armor.?

?You mean he?s in armor?? Kuro asked.

?Well, sorta.? the boy remarked.
It took a good twenty minutes before they found Al.

?Where have you been!? the boy exclaimed to the tall man in the armor.

Kuro froze still, listening to the man?s voice. He sounded like a child.

?Oh yeah, thanks for helping us.? said the other blonde boy. ?So what?s your name? I?m Ed. This is my bro, Al.?

?Kuro.? said Kuro, following the two. He had no place to go, and maye he could find a ?Spirit whatever? sooner or later if he just followed Edward and Alphonse.
While walking, the three saw a man lying out in the street. He had a giant armor coated around his body.

?Hey! Are you alright?? Ed called out to the man, running up to him. Ed pulled off his helmet, and found nothing.

The man got up from the ground, and took his helmet away from Ed.

?Oh...I?m so tired...I must?ve fallen asleep while I was gardening...?

?Hey! You?re like my brother!? Ed exclaimed. He pointed behind him to Al.

Kuro?s eyes were now focused on the man?s armor. A dark red circle was on his chest plate, with a cyan-blue stone in the middle. A spirit stone!

?Hey, Kuro! Are you coming? The old man invited us to stay with him!? Ed yelled, half way across the street. Across from Kuro was a nice small Cottage, with a large garden surrounding it.

?Uncle Gaian!? said a smiling little girl as the old man walked through the door. She ran up and hugged the big piece of armor. ?I got worried, ?cause you were out so late!?

?Got worried now did you, Zoey?? He said as he patted her blonde pig-tailed head.


After an hour, the little girl was asleep, and five people were in the den, talking. Edward, Alphonse, Kuro, Uncle Gaian and Zoey?s father, Mr. Rohan.

The two brothers had lost their mother as Ed and Al had. They tried to bring he back, and faltered. That would explain why both Ed and Mr. Rohan had bionic limbs, as well as why Alphonse and Gaian had armors for bodies. The two pairs of brothers? stories were almost exactly alike. The only thing near by was armor.

Gaian and Rohan had been in the army, so they had armor near by when they tried Human ?Transmutation. Apparentally, The spirit stone on the Gaian?s chest plate was the only thing keeping him together. If it was removed, then Gaian would die.

Kuro...needed the stone...but how could he do that to the family? And to Ed and Al?

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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Woah... nice, Nomura. This is starting up as a really good story and a good plot. I already like the fact that you met Ed and Al, also realizing that they have used the forbidden Art of Human Transmutation; it just adds to the heart wrenching story. Also, about the fact that the soul stone is used to keep Gaian's soul in that armor and Kuro needs it. Whatever shall he do? Keep it going, Nomura... it's getting really good.

~~* Your #1 Fan[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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