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Sign Up Irrelevant City [M-LS]

JT Darkfire

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to our city. It is a peaceful place, full of harmony and love for your fellow man. Nothing bad ever happens here...

...Well, except for the occassional homicidal maniac, master thief, terrorist agency...and the mimes. Those damn mimes...

Who am I trying to kid? This place is the pits. Hell, I'd rather be homeless than live here. But I guess some of us don't have that option. And others are too stupid to take it.

...Anyways, these constant attacks are too much for any police force to handle. That's why Irrelevant City is the number one home for super beings down on their luck. The city often hires heroes to protect the town, and room and board is simple to find (notice how I said simple, not cheap).

However, because of the crappy conditions, that's often the kind of hero you find in Irrelevant City: crappy. Like I said, who'd want to live here?


Okay, while Irrelevant City may not have much order, we still need to put any and all residents on file. Here is the necessary form for becoming a citizen of Irrelevant City. If you are deemed WORTHY you will be allowed to enter the annals of history as part of something great, which you probably wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.




Physical Description or Image:

Affiliation: (Hero, villain, or citizen)

Powers: (Not required for citizens)


What makes you stupid:[/QUOTE]

Here are some examples from my ongoing web comic (still in the works; when it's finished, you'll be the first to know.

[QUOTE]Name: Invisi-guy

Age: 36

Sex: Male...(I think)

Physical Description or Image: Dude, he's invisible

Affiliation: Hero

Powers: See Physical Description

Origin: He started his Superhero career as a lackey for "The Heroes of Ambiguous Title." Was recruited almost immediatly after interview

What makes you stupid: The only reason they accepted him to join the team was that he had a minivan that his mom lets him on weekends[/QUOTE]

That's all there is to it, so be creative. The crazier the character the better. Just post your creation, and wait to be approved. Then, you can officially start your life as a somebody!

Happy posting!
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Name: Neko

Age: 19

Sex: Femael

Physical Description or Image:She is half-cat, half-human. She has black cat ear along with a black tail and fangs. She also has long black hair that she ties up when in battle. She has bright emerald green eyes that shine like a cat in the dark. (This also causes her to see very well at night) She stands at about 5?4 and is somewhat curvy.

Affiliation: Hero

Powers: When in battle or near to death, her fighting abilities sky rocket; it is shown though an eerie wind and glowing red eyes.

What makes you stupid: She has split personalities, one evil and violent, the other quiet and shy. Her evil side dreams of taking over the world and is always plotting something. Her good side however, only dreams of having a simple life with only a few friends. Each side has one thing in common; they are both very playful and naive.
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Name: Harley

Age: 21

Sex: girl

Physical Description: Spikey purple hair, blue eyes, and three ear peircings. Silverworkout gloves and head phones around her neck. She has on a light blue tank with 07 on it in dark blue. Tight leather flare pants the same color as the numbers on her shirt. She's plain sexy with her low riding pants and D chest.

Affilation: Hero

Oirign:She grew up in Tokyo, her father was a terriable band producer. She ended up buying all her father's band cds because no one else would. In desperat need for new music, she robbed a music store and listen to all the cds. A new obbesion started and she began to train her self for her mission in life. Mission: Know every song on the Planet buy Heart.

Powers: Her voice can destroy ears drums or control men. Like a siren and banchie at the same time. She also knows everything there is to know about music.

What makes you stupid: As in powers, she knows everything about music, but that's about it. She's never read a book in her life and she can't do math even if her life is on the line.
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[COLOR=Sienna]Name: Harry "Ben" Affleck

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Physical Description or Image: [URL=http://www.kommunalbogen.dk/img/artikler/ben-affleck-art5356.jpg]Harry[/URL]

Affiliation: Villain

Powers: Looks strikeingly similar to Ben Affleck. Also, if he makes eye contact with someone, he can cause the liquid in their brain to slowly boil, cooking the brain alive! The biggest weakness with this, of course, is that it takes about 5 minutes of staring to be even noticably lethal. But it's still evil!

Origin: Harry was born from the womb of a Sataness, in the heart of a pentacle, while his mother bathed in the blood of a thousand dead babies, while Chuck Norris watched from the shadows - when he was born, every dog on the planet cried out in agony and that guy from Men In Black's head exploded and didn't regenerate! Well, that's what he likes to tell people... the truth is that he was born a spoiled brat in southen California, to an uncaring mother and father. He eventually decided that he wanted to leave home, as it was boring at home, and he traveled around the countryside for a while, until he somehow got some radioactive gooooo split on him, thus giving him his powers, a la any comic book in existence. The end.

What Makes Him Stupid: Looks strikeingly similar to Ben Affleck. Also, he feels it necessary to go around talking with a dark, deep, scary voice, probably like Satan would sound like, if he looked strikeingly similar to Ben Affleck (Wholly possible). Interestingly enough, this is hardly considered strange in...[I]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=4][B]

Edit: whoopsies, frogot something![/COLOR]
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Name: Freeze Frenzy aka Edward James

Age: 32

Physical Description: He normally wears a black suit with a white T-shirt underneath with a red tie. While he is a villian he wears thick ice armor that sheilds his identity as a common villian in the economic industry.

Affiliation: Villian

Powers: The ability to freeze moisture in the air and use it as weapons through armor. (Yes even Ice glasses)

Origin: As a kid he was abadoned and dumped off between a nuclear plant that had a liquid nitrogen plant next to it for the effeciency of steam. While he lived in a box outside there was a leak in the radiation collecter. Together the radiation collided with the liquid nitrogen and exploded. The cardboard box protected the boy and killed all the workers. From then on he had the powers to control the ice.

What makes you stupid: He doesnt' have a well education and talks like a german. He usually answers questions in more questions.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Corneilia Thrust

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Physical Description or Image:[URL=http://us.a1.yahoofs.com/users/419bedfez87842d4f/55b1/__sr_/697f.jpg?phYVjLEB4Lrh1o00]Piccy!![/URL]

Affiliation: Villian

Powers: She is able to seduce any male. She has a whip!

Origin: Corneilia lived in a prostitute home the majority of her childhood. She doesn't remember most about her mother except that she was a well known prostitute herself. One day when she was five, she looked at a man and was surprised that he was instantly attracted to her. She spent the following years perfecting her skills. Leaving the home behind her to fulfill evil deeds, the owner of the home, Mr. Go Lucky, a 70 year-old perverted businessman gave her a special whip made of the finest black leather.

What makes you stupid: She is a total ditz and a blonde at heart. (died her hair black to go with her outfit)[/COLOR]
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