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i need to know if it's any good, if anyone would sign up, and your opinoin on what i should call it. thank you! :catgirl:

It is 2038 and the world has a new leader. Someone who united every country with one common goal: world peace. For there to be no reason for fighting, everyone has been forced into looking and acting the same. There?s only one problem, half animal half human people. They don?t fit in with this leader?s plan, so they must be destroyed at any cost. People despise them. Everyone tries to kill them. They have been forced into hiding and have found safety in a clearing in a thick forest that no one knows about. They can barely get along, let alone survive.

Our journey begins here. We are half animal half human people. We are considered abominations of the human race.
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[size=1]The idea seems a bit... Incomplete. What would you want to achieve while RPing? To be accepted into society? To overthrow the government? To just destroy the whole world? To travel back in time to make sure the world leader will never get his position?

Secondly... How did people get half animal/half human? Have they alway been on the Earth in your story? Have they always been there without others knowing it? Are they mutated? Whatever, you name it.

And in what genre do you want to put this RPStory?

The idea doesn't seem too bad, but it lacks detail, I think. [/size]
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