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Writing Twell [PG]

Dragon Warrior

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[center][i]The following is an unusual fairy tale about an elf-like man who is banished from his village due to a simple mark and decides to finally see what is out in the world. But will the mark lead to more than he thought?[/i]


[size=2][left]Once upon a time, there was a land called Darq. It was inhabited by many unusual and magical species that spread far across the borders of mapped countries. From forests to mountains, plains to seas, Darq was lush and riveting. Indeed, it could be said it was at its peak? just before where our story begins?

In a small village in the woods of Normander, there lived people who really didn?t go by any specific name. They practiced no specific trade and they most certainly did not go to any specific place other than a little ways into their woods to find a stream for water. They really did not venture too far at all. Mainly they were frightened of what they may find. You see, these creatures had built up a belief system so complicated and so vivid that even their own ideas scared them. One could make up the idea that the water is poisonous and everyone would believe it, including the one who made it up!

But our story really isn?t about them nor do we want to spend much more time explaining their unruly habits. You see, our story revolves around one of these creatures. His name is Twell. He?s of normal height for his race, pointed ears like any other, long sandy blond hair that reached to the middle of his back, and blue eyes like the ocean that he?s never even seen. He?s a happy man who enjoys to learn things, but, like any other of his kind, does not wish to venture far beyond his woods.

Too bad for him. He does not have much of a choice. I should probably explain.

One morning, Twell had a rude awakening. His twin brother?oh, bother? I did not introduce his twin. His twin could be considered the evil one, but he?s not really evil. He?s just cruel. And why is he cruel? Mainly it was jealousy of his brother. Envy has turned his hair green. That?s the truth! He really does have green hair. He goes by the name of Ruz, which may sound weird to anyone, even his kind. He has always been jealous of his brother and probably always will be. That?s why this particular morning was particularly a fine morning for Ruz.

?Wake up, lazybones!? Ruz kicked his brother out of bed. ?You stupid!?

?What is it, Ruz?? Twell mumbled sleepily from under his sheets.

?Today?s our turn to bring the buckets of water from the stream.?

?Alright,? Twell said sleepily, finally getting up. Ruz smirked and kicked his brother back down into his bed. ?What the hulla, Ruz? I?m getting up!?

?I know.? Ruz smirked again and went on his way out the door. Shortly after, Twell, still sleepy, stumbled out the wood threshold into the daylight. Already the village was a bustle of life with the townsfolk busying themselves with the daily business. Twell looked down and saw the ten large buckets at his feet, obviously left for him to take care of. Ruz?s smirk had left quickly once he had stepped outside to see the work that was ahead of him.

Twell sighed and bent down to lift the first bucket only to be frightened by a small man that leapt out of nowhere. Twell stumbled backward, but regained himself when he noticed who it was. ?Forgath, c?mon!?

?Sorry, Twell,? the small man grinned. ?Here?s your buckets. Get to work.? Forgath was recognizable easily by his height. He was the shortest of their kind, but built tough. He easily carried all ten of those buckets to Twell and Ruz?s hut on his own. And there?s nothing that he takes glee in more than telling someone of lesser strength to do work he can easily show off with. Putting all that aside, he?s a kind enough fellow, if he wants to be and something?s in it for him.

Forgath left after that and Ruz and Twell made their way down to the stream, each carrying five buckets. ?Since when did Forgath become such high authority in town?? Twell asked.

?Who cares?? Ruz said in his usual negative attitude. ?The shrimp?ll get what?s comin? to him soon. He won?t last a day in that position he?s got. Then the town leader will have to choose me for the spot and then I can shove fifty buckets in Forgath?s face.? Ruz suddenly caught his foot on an out-stretched root and tumbled down the hill, buckets and all. Twell followed gradually behind.

Once Twell reached the stream below, he found Ruz nursing a knee wound and grumbling foul words under his breath. ?You alright, Ruz??

?Whaddaya think?!? Ruz snapped. He then went back to tending to the rather small cut. Twell did not hesitate, however. He went straight to his work and began filling the buckets. He eventually filled all five of his and began to fill Ruz?s, but of course that was a stab at his brother?s pride. ?What the hulla are you doin??! That?s my bucket.?

?I was just helping you. You seemed busy.?

?I don?t need help from the likes of you.? As Ruz?s clammy hands latched onto his half-full bucket, his gaze wandered to the back of Twell?s hand. ?What?s that?? he said softly.

?What?? Twell asked curiously.

?That,? Ruz replied, pointing rudely to Twell?s hand.

?Oh.? Twell peered questioningly at a strange marking that shown very clearly. ?I?m not sure what it is.?

?I am,? Ruz said, eyes wide. ?It?s the Mark of Evil.?

?What?? Twell screeched. His eyes lit up with fright. ?Ruz!?

?No!? Ruz shouted, stumbling backward. ?You stay back, you hear?!? Then his expression changed from fright to pleasure. ?Wait,? he grinned, ?you have the Mark of Evil on you. I could use this in my favor. I can finally one-up you, Twell.?

?What?re you talking about?? Twell asked, but Ruz was already far up the hill towards the village. ?Ruz, you left me with all the buckets!?

Ruz was smiling from ear to perky ear, for he had the scheme to inform the town leader that Twell had the Mark of Evil from legend and that he should be punished. Therefore, Twell would have to be jealous of Ruz. It was the perfect plan. For once, Ruz was thankful his kind had a ridiculous belief system.

Upon arriving at the town leader?s hut, he bumped into Forgath, who blocked the entrance. ?Got the buckets?? he asked.

?No, I don?t have yer stinkin? buckets,? Ruz cursed. ?Now let me through!?

?You bite your tongue,? Forgath scolded. ?You cannot come barging into our leader?s hut with that sort of language.?

?It?s an emergency,? Ruz glared.

?Then tell me and I?ll inform the leader.?

?And you get all the credit for finding out [I]my[/I] news? I don?t think so!?

?Look, Ruz,? Forgath said, ?I?ll find out anyways and it?ll somehow become credited to me, so why don?t you save yourself some trouble?? Ruz looked around and saw no one watching, so he attempted to push the dwarf out of his way. Of course, he must?ve forgotten Forgath?s great strength and was easily thrown over Forgath?s head into a tree where he was beaten quite severely. Forgath stood smirking over Ruz?s limp body. The conniving man had lost a fight so quickly and so easily. He stared up at his superior who was only a few feet taller than him even when he was lying down. ?Now tell me??

?Sir, I have grave news,? Forgath said, entering the hut. The town leader looked up from what he was doing, which happened to be trying to get his beard untangled from his fork.

?What is it?? the leader asked impatiently. ?I?m about to eat.?

?You may not wish to eat after you hear this, sir.?

The leader put down his fork in interest. ?Tell me then.?

Forgath smiled slyly as if he was the one who saw the Mark and not Ruz. ?I have found the bearer of the Mark of Evil.?[/left][/size]


This shall all be updated randomly. It's not posted in chapters. I shall just add onto it every now and then. One day it may be as long as three paragraphs, another it may be worth seven pages in Microsoft Word. But please, comment so I may continue the adventure and give me feedback, so I know what you like and how I can improve my tale for you.
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