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If anyone has any questions, or suggestions regarding the RPG, please post here.


Ok Nefertimon, here's what I think:

All the characters you mentioned were good, but not what I had in mind fo the RPG. I think Chibu will fit best, but I have some suggestions regarding her; maybe you could give her some sort of weapon, or something I mean if that age she's on an elite search and destroy crew she must have something extra up her sleeve, in addition to the fangs and the sea weed strand, don't you think? :animeswea. Psychic powers are fine by the way, nothing too over the top though.

So I just have the weapon comment about Chibu, otherwise you can feel free to modify or leave things as they are with her.

I hope this clears things up, let me know what you think. :animesmil
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Yeah, weapons were a big concern with Chibu, so that's why I had other plans for a character... She just isn't a very strong fighter especially as far as weapons and such go, but I suppose I could change her in one of two ways:

--One "weapon" I can give her is mirror--a sort of "magical" mirror so that anyone who sees his/her reflection in it while attacking or something will end up attacking him/herself.

--That, or I can just give her telekinesis or some other psychic power. (since you said those powers are OK)
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hmm :animeknow , I think psychic powers would be cool for your character, maybe you can also give her some good piloting skills, to explain why she's on the eilte crew :animeswea just an idea...feel free to use it, or not.


I need web hosting to use music for the RPG, and since free web hosting doesn't allow MP3 files, I need to pay for web space, and that's out of the question (because of the lack of the means to do so...credit cards or whatever :animestun ) so if anyone has an idea or a suggestion that can help me out, it would be most appreciated. :animeswea

Asim :animesmil


[B][I]Planet Kasumi:[/I][/B]
This planet is a gray planet, obviously always filled with mist. The outskirts where Nightwalker and Viper have landed are somewhat of an old west-ish sort of setting, the central cities are something of mansion filled Victorian cities, with coaches, tarmac streets, gas street lamps. It's filled with eccentric aristocrats, with very outlandish and acquired tastes; some are even thought to be vampires. It is known for its strange beautiful women and there voluptuous interests; the women living in the cities that is. These aristocrats used to be involved with the empire, now they work secretly with the brotherhood, but they really know how to keep a secret, so the federation doesn't really know what they're doing. The aristocrats have sort of a German/French accent, in which they take pride in (i,e they say zis not this, zat not that, and of course the good old ya).

I hope this info is helpful :animesmil
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