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Terrorism VS Global Warming


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I had a discussion with a teacher at school recently and this was the basic topic, so I decided to bring it to ther boards. Which do you believe is a more pertinent threat, Global Warming or Terrorism? There are lots of ways to argue for either one, but I came to see what the fine users of the OB think on this subject.

As frightening as terrorism is, I feel we need tos pend a lot more time then we have been thinking on ways to stop, if not at least slow, global warming. The very earth and all life on it is put in jepordy by this, and it's something we can act on. There are those who believe that global warming is a natural occurence and say that human interference has little to do with the global increase in temprature. However, I would like to point out that in the last six years our government has recieved warnings about global warming from the pentagon, the EPA, NASA, and even the vatican. Why aren't we taking bigger steps.

Now then, let's talk terrorism. The fact of the matter is that this is a much more immidiate threat and can happen at a moments notice. Global warming may take years to do real damage, while a single terrorist attack can take thousands of lives in a few minutes. This is another man made initiative; mans hatred of man. This is never a topic to be taken lightly and we should veiw it as a true threat to not only our lives, but the lives all innocent people of the free world.

I have put fourth my veiw on both topics and want to hear what the rest of you have to say. Should we focus on one more then the other? If so then why? They are both important, but which do you feel deserves the spot light of our attention.
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[FONT=Century Gothic] [COLOR=DarkOrange]I think global warming is the bigger threat. Though it isn?t an immediate threat, the potential of the threat is much greater than that of those terrorists. Global warming might take a long time to develop into a serious problem, but when/if it does become a serious problem it will be BIG. It frustrates me that our government doesn?t make more of an effort to protect the very planet we all call home. I mean, if there was a threat on the white house the president would freak out and immediately take action. Global warming is a threat on a much larger scale and yet we take very little action.

Also I think it?s a lot easier to deal with terrorists whereas it?d be tough to change what?s necessary to stop global warming. Automobiles for one thing, that?s a huge thing we?d need to change.

Well, that?s my opinion.


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Guest Gun Preacher
I'm with 13 i think gw(global warming) is a greater threat because terrorism will always be around but we only have one earth and with the way things are life in space really isn't a chioce we have.
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They are both a big threat in their own right, but Global Warming isn't getting the due credit and exposeure it needs to be taken seriously, until then it's all just a big "Day after Tomorrow"

Global Warming can set off a chain of events that are easily capable of wiping millions of people off the globe. terrorists, even if they get a few dirty bombs, can't come close to the sheer destructive power lurking under the hood of nature.

Saying that though, things do need to be done about terrorism, I don't think the current war on terror is the correct way to go about things.(Bbombing Iraq in order to depose of terrorists who are terrorists because they're sick of the west's intervention in the Middle East is tearing a new wound rather than patching one up, giving terrorists more desire to attack the west.) and the situation needs to be re-assessed.

Global Warming needs to be taken more seriously, rather than relegating it to the topic of a forgettable Hollywood blockbuster, we need to sit up, take notice and realise what we're doing to the planet.

Save the lightbulbs people, save the lightbulbs.
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