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Sign Up Sinister [M-LV possibly S]


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He has been known by many names. The lawless one, the beast, the arch deciever, but most know him as the antichrist. It is said that he will be the most evil character in human history. Who will make others like Hitler and Stalin pale in comparison. He is at the crux of an apocolyptic vision that millions of people across the globe and the span of time believe. He is the central figure in the worlds most popular endtime prophecy. And some say, they even know his profile. But above all he's a paradox. He is a figure of pure evil, but true believers look to his coming with anticipation. Be cause this will signify the second coming of there god. He is the devils emissary on earth, and some say that signs of his handy work can already been seen all around us.

For centuries fanatical cults have formed that have searched for the antichrist either to give rise to him, or to dispatch him before his wicked vision and prophecy can come to pass. it is said that he would unite the world and then the world would fall into a time of death, destruction, and catastrophe unlike any other before it. Many of these cults have given way to mass suicide or have simply fallen into disaray. But there are a select few who have survived and continue in there dangerous fantacism. Both sides have proven dangerous and unyeilding in their goals. Both willing to fight til the apocalypse itself comes upon them.

The signs are all around us, the time is coming ever closer. When the world falls into that hands of evil which side will you choose.


World leaders are rising and falling at every turn. Presidents assasinated, dictators over thrown, and monarchs usurped. The world has slowly fallen into chaos and is calling for the voice of reason to come to it's aid. The dissappearances have begun. Millions of people have vanished from the earth; they are nowhere to be found. As the world calls for order, a single man, Alec Triston, steps forward to claim this place. The hearts of the world go out to him as he brings promises of peace and prosperity for all. But why does the air bare a bitter scent? And why do the animals flee? Why is the military building it's forces on the ancient battle grounds of Isreal? What has befallen the earth now?


This RP is based in the very near future(Think 8 to 10 years). The world has slowly fallen apart. And now a new, strong willed, and compassionate man has risen to give strength to the people of this world. But as he steps higher the world feels more off, at least for a few. You play as one of three types of characters. 1) One of the surviving cult members seeking to bring the antichrist to power. 2) One of those cult members seeking to stop him. 3) One of only a few normal citizens who seems to be immune to his unearthly charm. remember that he has the world under his spell and they have all come to love and rally under him. This takes place on a global stage so you can place yourselves where ever you like on the planet, but you might not want to strech it if you have any hope of coming together with the others. With nothing left to be said, let's begin.




Age: 15-60 (Try to keep it reasonable. Try to make your characters act there age.)

Appearance: A description or a pic works, but both would be nice.

Side: Citizen, In aid of, In resistance of


Biography: Just two or three paragraphs about where they come from and how the rise of this new figure has come to affect them.
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Guest flamesforfun
Name: Alex
Gender: Female
Profile: Long brown hair, pretty, sporty, and about 5'5. Writes an advice Column in Frisco.
Side: One of the only few citizens that seems to be immune to his charm
Personality: Independant, angry, friendly, and smart. She wants to find out what is up with this guy. Is Alec Triston really what he seems?

"I don't trust that guy." I said. I write an advise column called 'Ask Alex' in San Francisco. My Boss, Alan Baldwin, looked at me oddly.
"Who? Alec?! He's a great guy! How can you not trust him, he's trying to bring world peace. What's so wrong with that?" He stared at me in amazement.
"Do you know, real world peace would kill us all. And besides, I'm not the only one. I was talking to Eric before and he doesn't trust him either. There's just something weird about him. Like he's hiding something."
"Well then I guess it's good you jsut write the advice column then, isn't it. I don't want you going down to the 'Pressing Stories' department either. There's nothing wrong with Alec Triston, so leave that gentle soul alone. And get along home now too, it's almost 8:30 and I want to get home to my wife before she throws away dinner." And that was that. He grabbed his breif case and was out of the office doors and in his blue taraus before I could say anything else on the matter. So I just grabbed my final copy of that weeks column and left it off at the printing station for tomorrow, and headed home myself. Only to go to sleep and go back there the next day.
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(WHOO! finally an rp about something i know everything about!)



Age: 19

Appearance: She has piercing emerald green eyes that are brought out even more by her long black hair. She has rather pale skin, for she doesn't go out very much. She stands at about 5"6 and is somewhat curvy

Side: in resistence of the anti-christ

Personality:Very quiet and shy. She only speaks when she feels it is necessary or when she feels strongly about something.

Biography: She was abandoned as a young child and doesn't remember anything before the incident. She often has nightmares of times she had with her parents but doesn't believe they're real memories. She had gotten into a routine with her life until the anti-christ came. She saw how he twisted things and how people catered to his every whim. She didn't like him. Something about his eyes gave her chills up her spine. She soon found others who didn't like him and joined up with them
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Name: Akira Tsuzuki
Description:jetblack spiky hair, blue eyes, blue and black long shorts, black shirt, blue and white shoes, black hooded jacket, bangs of hair cover parts of his clear glasses, silver chains come out of pockets, silver earing in right ear, blue gloves
Side: in resitance to anti christ, stands about 5'8
biography: Akira was born into a rich family that he dosen't care to much about cause he can't stand them because they act to snoby and his sisters are annoying because they don't care about anything in the world except for there money and him cause his the smart one then one some assassins killed his parents and left him and his sister by them selfs thats when he joined the resistance just he can take care of his sister
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[B]Name:[/B] Bonbon Paris

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age: [/B] 17

[B]Appearance:[/B] Bonbon has a short (5`3), thin figure that seemingly has no curves except for her slightly rounded hips. She has mint-green eyes and bobbed blonde hair with long bangs that hide her face quite often. She likes baggy, grunge clothing and always wears her combat boots.

[B]Side:[/B] A citizen immune to the anti-christ's charms

[B]Personality:[/B] Bubbly. She often says random things and ruins otherwise dramatic moments. She is also very cynical and criticizes a lot of the things going on in the world.

[B]Biography:[/B] Bonbon has lived a pretty average life. She grew up as the only child in a caring, Christian family and has a lot of friends at school, but isn't a part of the "in crowd". She works at a bookstore part-time while she attends a public highschool in middle Tennessee.
Being a Christian, she is wary of the threat of the anti-christ. She questions Alec Triston's every move and his overwhelming popularity. Afterall, the good book says that the anti-christ would come in the disguise of a beautiful and good being. She has yet to do anything about her suspistions, though.
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Guest bleached
Name: John Luke Picard

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance: Below, with the white cloak and all.

Side: in resistence of the anti-christ

Personality: Young hearted, he likes to make people smile. He is not one to try and make people angry, but he knows that when he is right, he fallows with his mind.

This in turn makes him very stubborn. He doesn't mind though, he likes the idea that he can make people mad just by acting like he normally does. He was always told by his family that he was too stubborn, and he smiled every time they told him.


John was born in a poor family that made it rich. His father started a printing company that reluctantly made millions in its first year. This in turn changed the way John lived. He began to gain the most attention, he got the best things at school, and at his work.

Then it happened. The guy that was trying to begin world peace was starting to mess his life up. His parrents began to fallow everything he was preaching, and in turn, he began to cause the printing comapny to fall into the ground.

Slowly, the company went into debt. This made John furious. Somehow, the guy known as Alec Triston had caused the downfall of his father's life. john swore to get even. To make Alec pay for the way he was treating his father and other families. This make John the angriest.

Now, after John had found other people that hated Alec as much as he did, he vowed to bring his father's work back to the way it was, before Alec Triston was ever in the picture.He knows that it may be hard, but he is willing to give his life for his cause.
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Name:Morgan 'Rain' Lang

Gender: Male

Age: 23


He has a kind smile and kind eyes; people see him as the sort of person who can't do much wrong. His sense of fashion is unobtrusive, as a shirt and jeans will always do it for him. 5'9", thin, and still gangly from his teenage years, Rain manages to look the part everyone thinks he plays.

Side: In Aid of the Antichrist

Personality: Rain is quiet, but the ever polite one in any situation. Conversatiion is not his best point, as he doesn't always know what to say. But he is good at listening, and good at disguising how much he knows by playing the fool. People think of him as a flake, and that works to his advantage.

Biography: Morgan was a child from a happy family, no more and no less. He was the older brother out of two children, and he loved his little sister dearly. His mother and father were happily married, even if they never stayed anywhere for too long because of his father's business trips. Still, life was good.

One rainy day, when Morgan was about twelve, he was home sick with the flu. His sister had dance practice that evening, his father was going off to a meeting, and his mother decided that she would get him some medicine while they were gone. They left Morgan with the care of a neighbor, all heading out into the rainy night.

That was the last Morgan ever saw of them.

The rest of the Lang family were killed in a terrible car crash, and Morgan was sent to live with other family members that he didn't know well. After six months, he decided that he didn't like his mother's cousins and their kids. He left, fully recovered, and never saw them again.

He left the name Morgan behind, and decided that his name was 'Rain', in rememberance to that rainy night when he wasn't with them. He was the sweet kid on the streets, naive and trusting with everyone around him. The world was too much for someone so kind to take alone, however, and Rain's stability slowly deteriorated. He never advanced much emotionally after the age of fourteen, so he is still a little kid in many aspects.

Under the belief that the world needs to change, for either good or bad, and looking for some adult figure to lean toward, Rain follows the words of Alec Triston like a puppy would its master. As long as he can help make the world better, nothing else matters.
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[B]Name:[/B] Siobahn Hargreaves

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Appearance:[/B] [See Attachment] Siobahn has dark reddish eyes, dark brown-black hair, and rarely smiles. Her clothing is usually a dark shade, either black or red. Many people are creeped out when they speak to her because she stares directly into their eyes with her callous, knowing gaze.

[B]Side:[/B] In Aid of the Anti-Christ

[B]Personality:[/B] Siobahn does whatever she is told by the cult. She is matter-of-fact and insensitive when speaking; however, this matters little since she rarely speaks. She has never had a friend, and few are willing to try bonding with her. Although she has few thoughts or preferences of her own, she does enjoy watching birds and gardening in her free time.

[B]Biography:[/B] Siobahn's mother died giving birth to her, leaving Siobahn to be raised by her cold and manipulative father. Her father had been a member of the Anti-Christ's cult for all of his life and raised Siobahn to aid the cult.

For most of her life Siobahn lived in seclusion. She only came into contact with her tutors and servants, all of whom were female and given strict order not to show her any affection. On the rare occasions she saw her father, he never once told her he cared about her. Her days were spent learning that only through the world's destruction could it be cleansed. Although she loved nature, she did not know why. Siobahn did not know she had thoughts of her own. She existed to carry out other people's orders. Her father taught her that.

At 21 she joined the cult, after her father was certain she would not resist any commands. Alec Triston was rising in power, and the tension would soon come to a head. He was her leader because she was told he was her leader. Siobahn made a wonderful tool. She seemed to have no thoughts of her own. She seemed to show no emotion. She would kill anyone on command, even herself. But even puppets will eventually want to cut their strings.
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[B]Name:[/B] Alestier Crow

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Tanner.jpg]Alestier.[/URL] He is 5'9 and weighs 145 lbs. He has a mild charasmatic charm, with a cool and pleasing wit.

[B]Side:[/B] In aid of the anti-christ

[B]Personality:[/B] A cool and pleasant personality. He is agreeable and as helpful as possible. He's very intellegent and charming. He makes for the perfect pulic face, but when he enters a room the air seems to get colder.

[B]Biography:[/B] Everything about his life before a year ago is an enigma. His place of birth, his family, even his true age is all unknown. The only things known about him are the things he has shared with the public, but how true they are is unknown. He has been at the right hand of Alec Triston since the start, and seems to be the head of the military movement.

Alestier is the head of the major cult movement and has it coverd with the face of a simple charity in aid to Alec Triston in his campaign for "World Peace."

OOC: This RP will be going up late monday so keep your eyes peeled.
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Name: Skuld

Gender: femal

Age: 18

Appearance: she has short black hair with red streaks. she wears mostly blacks, reds, and greys. she wears black high heeled boots and always has an evil look on her face.

Side: she is the resistance of the antichrist and thinks that he should be stopped.

Personality: she is too stubborn to be a threat even though she already is one. she knows everything and can crack the most difficult lock, trap, or anything else.

Biography: ever since that bloody guy who calls himself christ came to earth, she has always been pissed at him and wants him to leave. even though she has something to prove she must stand up and do what is right she came to work for him to get more data on him and to prove that he is the real antichrist once and for all.

before all this, she was a normal teenage bully who loved to kick guys's *****. she was very mean and didn't have a care in the world. she never had family of her own because her parents died and she stayed with her older sisters, urd and verdandi. they were all into alcemy and witch craft. they were able to see the furture and learn the true meaning of everyone's mistakes.

she soon excepted to become something that she wasn't to save her life from the antichrist. it didn't work; her sisters and her were the only ones that were able to stay while their other friends went away. soon they decided to stand up and fight back.
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