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Well I want some feedback on this banner:


It's the first time I used the opacity to make it look transparent. So members of Otakuboards.... what do you think? I'll post some more later
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[size=1]I don't think the green abstract background fits with the banner itself. I don't like that white blotchy looking thing near the middle either. It just looks out of place.

Not trying to sound rude or anything, but I HATE the font you used for this. Especially because it's in bold, it distracts you from that stock of Riku you used. Your cropping of the stock isn't done so well either. There are stil white areas near his hair from the original image and some parts of his hair are just missing. The banner would look nice with a border, as well.

The opacity is done fairly well. Once again, the background you used is a little distracting and ends up making his face just look a tad bit odd.[/size]
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