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Guest reanimation
[SIZE=1][B][CENTER]Neon Genesis Evangelion
The Story[/CENTER][/B]

[B]September 13, 2000 [/B]

[I] ?What will you do??[/I]

The world leaders sat in silence as images on the screen explained it all. The world was in complete chaos, the number of dead kept rising and rising. They never believed a being, no, a monster could destroy half of the Earth?s population. All of their military weapons and tactics, yet it had no effected on the glowing being. After all their attempts fell, They tried to captured the monster, yet it reacted, and exploding itself and the land around it. The explosion reached the south pole, melting it?s ice cap. Changing the global environment. The world was now going insane.

?The attempt to capture this being failed and now we have paid for it.? The leaders remained silent, they couldn?t believe it.

?We must cover this up, not to make the rest of the world population to worry even more.? But since the world has been in hell, the people have had war with each other, due for the lost food and resources. A large man with a light haired beard spoke out.

?We will call this the ?Second Impact?, a meteorite, so small to detect, but traveled at the speed of light hit antarctica.? He got up from his seat and left before anyone could respond.

[B] 15 years later[/B]

[I]?Don?t Kill him!?[/I]

Taro Hikaru opened his eyes as he gently floated above the water. Everytime he drifts away from reality, the voices return. They would whisper harsh words that would send chills down his spine. He stared completely at the ceiling as nothing but the sound of water going one side to another was the only thing he could hear. School was starting up, like he ever cared about it though. School was just an small obstacle in his life right now. His one and only objective was....

?It?s getting late, Taro. Big day tomorrow.?

Taro looked to his left to see Naomi, his guardian, standing at the edge of the pool. The young guardian seemed tired from working on her paperwork that she was holding in her hand. He floated to the stairs and walked out into the cold front. Naomi handed him a towel as she led him to the hallway. The words ?Big Day? is something he wasn?t predicting.

?What?s going on tomorrow that?s making it so big? I?m not schedule for anything, am I?? He usually doesn?t forget something important like a big day. Naomi stopped after she pressed the button for the elevator. She turned around at him, her eyes really showed how tired she was.

?The children will be selected tomorrow.? The doors opened as she walked in gracefully. Taro walked in, completely in shocked. The children will be selected? More like him? He wrapped the towel tightly around his body. What did this really mean though? They didn?t think he couldn?t handle them by himself? The elevator doors opened again at the 11th floor. They settled into the door to the right as Naomi gave a deep sigh as she reached the kitchen.

As Naomi fell asleep on the couch after rechecking her paperwork, Taro walked onto the balcony. The night breeze was gentle and calming. His life was a giant puzzle, and it seemed half of art is still trying to put itself together, while the rest is lost in darkness.

?Are you ready??


Hello everyone! Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Story is a RPG that took me some time to think and plan about. There?s been a lot of talk about the ending of the series and the movie, The end of Evangelion. Well, I see in my mind at the end, Shinji is Adam and Asuka is Eve. The repopulation of the world. So this is a long time from the era. It seems though the past is repeating itself once again. The first angel, Adam returns and takes out half of the worlds population once again. Though this time, a mysteries man gives the world leaders a cover-up already. This will be similar to the series, yet different. I?m sure the ending won?t be too confusing for everyone....Hopefully.
I want to go by a chapter system, yet I?m still pondering on wither to do an order or not. Also, beofr each chapter, I will post a paragraph or two about the past and what happened in Taro?s life and how does this mysteries man know so much.

That should be enough, I?ll post the underground thread soon. If you have a dying question, p.m. me.

(I don?t know how many pilots I?m going to select. Maybe, 4 to 5.)


[B]Name[/B]- Japanese please
[B]age[/B]- somewhere around 14 or 15
[B]appearance[/B]- images or words.
[B]Eva[/B]- You can pick old models ex: (units 00,,02,03,04) no unit 01, saved by me. Or, you can make your own. In an image or words.
character snippet[/B]-

(P.S. Personality, Biography, and character snippet must be well written)[/SIZE]
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Name: Mikori Kota

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/saiyuki-a-10.jpg]Kota.[/URL] He's 5'7 and weights 125 lbs.

Eva: [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/EvaUnit4.jpg]Unit 4.[/URL]

Personality: The happy go lucky type. He's almost always smiling and is always pleasant. Sometimes he almost seems to sweet to be real. But he seems to fixated on pleasing others, like that's all that he cares about.

Biography: Born to a lower middle class family in old Tokyo. His parents were simple people, who worked hard for what little they had. As such, they worked most of the time so Kota was alone quite a bit. As such, he had quite a rough childhood, being raised by complete strangers for the most part. He had to learn from experiences and whatever he could pick up at school. His parents were never around to teach him right from wrong, so he got into trouble alot as a kid.

When he was 10 he had been arrested almost 30 times. He had a bad habit of stealing things and picking fights with others. It was at this time he came to realize that others would distance themselves from him for his terrible ways of acting. More then anything, he hated the lonliness. He started to follow the examples of others and started seeking acceptance through a kind and helpful manner.

Through this he learned that people like others who can make them feel better, so he decided he would do whatever it takes to keep others happy. He has done this for so long, he's not even sure why this makes him happy.
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