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Sign Up Crystal Key [M-LVS]


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"The end of the world. What everyone fears is coming and it is sooner then we all expected." The scientist in the hologram spoke. "There is nothing that we could do to stop it. An gas cloud is heading towards us in space, unfortuantly this gas is extremly volitale and as soon as it hits the Earth's atmosphere it will ignite and began burning through. The process will began in exactly one week from now and the Earth will be slowly burned away for a month. Everyone will be dead within the first week it breaks through." Suddenly a pcture showed up instead of the face, showing a weird arch. "There is one hope. This is the Travel Arch, research has told there is one on every planet and we have found another Earth. Unfortuantly both gates on each world must be activated in order to use them. We are sending a team of our best poeple to the New world and find the key. We have found ours now we must find the other. They have two weeks to get there find the key and open the gate so we can began to get as mnay people through as possible. Unfortuantly we all know that not everyone will make it" The face returned. "We do not know if there is life on this new planet or what awaits them. All we can do is hope they are successful. In the meantime we will be constantly sending ships to the planet"

As you can tell the end of Earth is coming, but another has been found. The only way to it besides contuinally launching ships into space is to use the Travel Arch, an Arch that provides instant transportation to another world. The only way to activate it is by the Crystal Key, which is hidden somewhere in the planet. Earth's hope rests on a team of explorers that are going to be traveling to the new world. They have two weeks to get there and find the key in order to save Earth. No one knows what lives on this planet or where the Key is.

Age: 21 and up.
Profession: Engineers, Helmsmen, ect. Be sure to state what you do on the ship as well.
Bio: Why you were chosen or if you volunteered and why. Also include any other information about yourself that others need to know.
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