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Book Of Knowledge

SSJ5 Vegeta

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Me and my friend Kennah have started a "Book of Knowledge" throughout our stay at our highschool me and Kennah will add things, and we're passing it around for other people to add their own stuff. Then before we graduate we're gonna' hide the book somewhere in the school for some future freshmen to find, then they can keep it throughout their stay at high school then hide it before they leave, and add their own things to it. Kinda' like off of American Pie.

The things we have so far are:

[b]The Then and Not Now Theory[/b]
[b]By:[/b] Kennah & Ronnie
(This is just a summary the actual version is like a 2 page thesis)

When you say now, you cannot technically say that you say now because when you say now you are actually saying now about a second in the past which means it is not now, "now" has thus become "then", thus this defeats the purpose of using the word "now". :D

So when a teacher tells you to do your work "now" simply say: "I cannot do my homework now because simply stated you are saying now in the past which means since you just gave me my class-work there's no way I could have recieved it in the past, this defeats your idea of me doing classwork.

Next theorum...

[b]No More Homework[/b]
[b]By:[/b] Me

Teachers, and students. It is in my greatest interest that I wish to inform you on the basic facts surrounding homework and why it should no longer be mandatory in any school processes. Homework, at times can be very difficult, sometimes forcing students to do things, that haven?t even been discussed in class, and without the aid of teachers, self-reliance usually fails. Homework causes students to become very stressed out, and frustrated especially in cases involving especially difficult homework.

Stress has been proven to be very bad for the mental health and self-esteem of an individual as well as raising physical health concerns. Stress raises blood pressure, which is linked to hypertension and other heart ailments, and can possibly lead to life threatening heart disease, which is a major cause of death in Americans, later in an individual?s life. Homework has therefore been proven to be a health threat to individuals thereby involved and should not be mandatory in any school, for any reason, as lack of homework would produce a healthier population, and reduce risks of heart disease, and hypertension to the population as a whole.

In conclusion I say "no more homework" for homework has been proven to be a nation-wide health threat.
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[color=rainbow] Hmm...I like that logic....yeah...I just might have to steal that book....oh! Ummm...y-you didn't hear anything...:shifty: Hey...why don't you look at this umm...pen...*puts on shades as I erase everyones memory* [/color]:cool:
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That was quite interesting reading there. I've never even thought about the whole then/now thing. It was pretty cool. Another thing that is fun to start that you pass around is like this book where you say who's the funniest? And like everyone will write in who they think it is and you get to see what everyone thinks about everything and everyone and it's pretty interesting. But I forgot all the different questions you can ask because that was a pretty lame example.
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Hey 'Asuka', remember ninth grade when Tabby had that notebook?? (remember, '[i]the[/i] notebook??) And Ethan and Brien got a hold of it and they wrote bad stuff on everyone's pages?? Heh,...... this reminded me of that.....:glasses: Kinda silly, but the idea coulda worked........


I've always had that theory of homework.................... sadly none of my teachers agreed...... thus, my poor averages :shifty:. I've never really considered the 'now' theory. Interesting. :genius:
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