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RP Game: Immunity

Needed: 10 Players

Rated: R (Humor, Language, Extreme Violence)

Bio: A millennium after Survivor stopped broadcasting, America needed a twist to keep them entertained. They wanted more emotion, pain, drama in the highest sense and televised death. Something that America was thinking about doing based on the current decline in television viewers.

In the year 3010; one millennium and four years after 2006, death was allowed to be viewed by television by ruling of the courts, only if they could maintain 5x the current ratings throughout the fiscal year.

No one could accomplish this feat for 3 years, keeping death off televisions?

Then a billionaire named Darrel E. Hinton (That?s Me.) had an idea to give away 300 million free televisions to family homes and singles homes, telling them to stay tuned and watch for his first season of the brand new death-show on Fox called Immunity.

As people viewed their televisions in the year 3014, the show that had been broadcasted nationwide was coming on @ 12:00 noon. At this time, parents were feeding themselves or their children, either sitting down in their dining rooms, or in their own rooms; bound by whatever kept them interested.

The object of the game, Immunity is simple. The players will have to survive through 2 stages, and in some cases, 3 stages to advance to the next round. The rounds are as follows:

- Survivor Round
- Humor Round
- Voting Round (Made by Audience)
- Immunity Round
- Sudden Death Round

Survivor ? The host of the game show will put all of the players in an environment they do not feel comfortable in, or in a hostile environment. This round is created to see the player?s intelligence and strategic thinking. All players must come up with their own solutions as there is no right or wrong answers to the solution you come up with; although, the player?s solution must be entertaining to the audience. If the solution doesn?t get the viewers interested, you will not be voted for by the viewers. Also, if the player does not cooperate with the rules of Survivor Round (OOC: Like not posting, doing something else?), that player will automatically get the lowest score, being a 0.

Humor ? The object of Humor Round is to get your viewers to laugh their ***** off as you say, do, and act out the weirdest and funniest things given to you to complete, via the host (OOC: By posting of course). It could be as little as finding annoying things to do to people that?s funny, or as big as acting out a play, given only a character name and the situation to act out. The humor round can be from 1 player to all players acting out at once. Once again, if the player does not cooperate with the rules of Humor Round (OOC: Like not posting, doing something else?), that player will automatically get the lowest score, being a 0.

Voting ? Hard to believe, but I Darrel E. Hinton, will have actual viewers calling in, voting for whom they want to stay, and who they want to go. (OOC: Actually, it?ll be different people posting me, voting for all the players, giving them thumbs up/down or a yes/no answer. I?ll then relay the combined answers to the players, weeding out the weakest links). In the case that no one votes, Darrel will make the judgments on who was good/bad based on an unbiased opinion. (And it will be unbiased, because the host doesn?t get his hands dirty.)

Immunity ? Probably the most important round of them all, the Immunity Round immediately follows the Voting Round. After the votes are tallied, they are put in order from highest to lowest scores. While the lowest scores are the ones who are usually fuc%ed in other shows, it?s not the case in this one. The one who gets the highest score gets ?Immunity?, meaning they can do whatever choices the host gives them. The options are as follows:

o Give one of the 2 lowest scoring players? temporary immunity, meaning their low score is now irrelevant and excluding them from sudden death.

o Make yourself the lowest scoring player with a score of 0, placing yourself in the sudden death round, in exchange to have a ?free day? on the next day where you don?t have to complete any rounds or go through sudden death.(OOC: Meaning you don?t have to post on the next day, or you can post to just fuc% around with the other players).

o Pick 2 people from the current players (Could be someone you hate vs. someone who you think is strong or two people you hate, etc...) and make them the lowest scoring players (If they aren?t already), possibly knocking off the other players who would?ve had to fight.

o Make no choices at all, keeping the status quo.

Sudden Death ? The viewers and the surviving players get their daily dose of death as they see the two lowest scoring players fight with their bare hands to the death inside the ?Y3K Battledome?, to stay in the running to become ?The Immune One?. Weapons (with the exception of your body) aren?t allowed in the Battledome. The battle will continue as long as there is breath in both players lungs (OOC: A maximum of 4 posts; 2 for each char., as descriptive as possible before the host makes his decision, posting the winner to make a final victory post and the loser to try next time.) After one is victorious, the episode will end, the day will change to the next, and the process will be repeated until there is only one remaining.

The prize for the lone survivor or ?The Immune One? will be 50 Million dollars non-tax deductible, and the choice of one of our cryogenically frozen supermodels (From Christina Milian to Jennifer Lopez to Tyra Banks. We got them all) to be your soul mate for as long as you live.

(Non-Tax deductible cash and cryogenically frozen supermodel not real)

Now let?s introduce this years first 10 players!

Name: Whatever

Age: Any

Occupation: Full-Time banker, Homeless, Black Belt, you name it? (No Super Powers!)

Why You Joined: Pay off debt; Feed your family, who cares?

Short Bio: Have at it?

~ Hopefully, this will be a gr8 RP. I want some originality in the RP world, and I don?t think anyone has tried this recently, so I?m going to go for it. This is an original idea posted by a new member. ~

So, what do you guys think? Good or not?
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