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[color=indigo]This is my first attempt at starting an RPG so pm me if you have any suggestions. I will give the background story and explain my charecter. After we get several participants we can get started:) [/color]

[i] Terragard is a realm that has seen much war and bloodshed. A civil war over the throne of Terragard had been waged between two brothers, Alexander the Holy, and Bastion the Dark, for the last fifty years. Both brothers have found themselves at a standoff, both have too few troops and provisions to carry on in battle.
In a desperate move to gain the advantage, Bastion the Dark has pledged his spirit to the demon world, and thereby gained the assistance of Hell's demonic legions.
In an attempt to thwart Bastion the Dark's evil plot, Alexander the Holy has prayed to the gods to send him warriors to fight off the Demonic hordes and deliver Terragard from the tyranny of Bastion the Dark[/i]


Weapon: (anything imaginable)
Physical Ability/Special skill: (please only give your charecter one
attribute: please no DBZ powers, it would make your charecter too strong)
Appearence: (any form imaginable)
Bio: (anything possible)

[b]Weapon[/b]: Large dagger with a black metal blade and long bone handle
[b]Skill[/b]: Can heal minor wounds with holy magic
[b]Apparence[/b]: Heaven is tall yet has the appearence of an elf. He has long white hair and eyes are entirely gold and glow with a strange aura.
[b]Bio[/b]: Heaven comes from a race of people that once roamed the moutains of Terragard. His people live for an extremely long time. He is over 200 yrs. old and he Believes he is the last of his race.[/color]

Alright, I'll begin the RPG when I get a few more people.
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Name: Kool
Weapon: her magic powers, a sword, a bow, and some arrows. [SIZE=3][B](she doesn't know about them yet.)[/B][/SIZE]
Physical /Special skill: her powers (which she doesn't know about yet) and her martial arts
Appearence: black pants, dark blue robe, brown boots, and a black cape.
Bio: Kool is a girl that loves adventure. She lives alone in a forgotten village training in the martial arts though she feel strange alot of the times.

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Name: Ash
Weapons: A Sword, to rapid firing pistols and a shotgun
Physical/Special skills: He is well trained in martial arts and can use elemntal magic eg, fire, ice, lightning and loads more.
Appearance: Has clothes like Blades but his skin is white and he has blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He is about 6'3 and is of muscular build
Bio: he has no memory of his childhood
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Name:Zack Mansfield
Weapon:Star'Soul, it is an anceint blade with runes carved on it. It is made of a type of metal that is indestructable and the forge techniques are lost to time. The runes are ancient and are also lost to time, though in the presense of strong magics they flare up
Special:he knows basic black magic, elemantel and non elemental
Appearance:wears a black and green tunic and pants and a cape on the battlefield,the tunic and pants are enchanted to act like chainmail armour.he is about 5'10" with a pony tail and bangs that hang loose. eyes grey blue and hair dark brown. has a scar on his left cheek. to a former meeting he is knowen to wear black and green robes.
Bio:Zack is the leader of a small rebillion. They are against both of the rulers opposing a monarchy altogether. They formed shortly after the civil war tired of it, although if many chose they would favor the holy prince. They have mostly been ignored as pest by both kings and thus have claimed many small villages with people that feel the same way. Zack himself is serious but all in all a good leader. he has no friends as most of them were killed by the civil war. The name of the Rebals is the Death Corpse
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Name: Misha
Age: 52
SKill: Ice related Magic, incredible strength
Weapons: Battle Axe made of a special metal crafted 1000s of years ago. This type of craftsmanship is long forgoten, and many have tryed to copy it, but none have succedded.

Bio: Once one of the greatest warriors in the world, Misha resides in the frozen Tundra of the North, where he has spect the last few years as a hunter, along with his pet artic wolf Snow. He has returned to the mainland to avenge one of his ex-pupils, a general in Alexander's army who was killed by a demon legion raid.

Appearance: A large strong man of 6'7" and 342 lbs. He wears a large rugged fur coat which he has fationed himself over the years. He also has a pair of leather boots and pants, which he also made himself. He has a long grey/white beard, and long rough grey/white hair, along with a scar which runs over his right eye. His wolf Snow is a very large white furred artic wolf, highly trained in tracking, combat, and is house trained.
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Okay, we've got 5 people playing so I'll begin the RPG

[color=indigo][i]The strange pull that Heaven feels seems to be getting stronger. He picks up his stride on the beaten dirt trail, and moves with a sense of great urgency. He has not traveled far when a wave of uneasiness washes over him. This is unlike the feeling he was experiencing. All of a sudden the brush comes alive and a band of ten men leap out of the forest...[/i]

Robber-Hehe, look at this guys eyes, wierd...alright give me your money and maybe I won't tear your throat out!

[i]Heaven begins to unsheath his dagger when another man rushes out of the brush. It is a rather large man weilding an axe. With one stroke the man slices through a large oak tree, crushing three of the robber. Then, in one motion, he dodges a projctile and cuts through his assailent from shoulder to belly, splitting him in two. The other robbers flee, but with a gesture the large stops them in there tracks, freezing all the water in their bodies.[/i]

Misha-Lucky for you I was around, those bandits are merciless.

Heaven-Thankyou for your help but your assistance was not required...[/color]
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Ash hasn't walked far into the forest when he hears two voices. he decides to creep up to see who they are just incase they are enemies. He draws his guns and keeps to the shadows. As he gets closer he can make out to figures through the thickening fog. One of them is one normal size guy and another huge guy with an axe. He then decides that they are harmless... wel towards him, and he steps out of the shadows and catches the attention of the two figures.

Ash: Hi i'm Ash. and you are?

Misha: I'm Misha and that's heaven.

Ash: Hi. So what are you guys doing out here in the middle of the forest?

Heaven: i don't know exactly. I just got a really funny feeling and it guided me to this place.

Ash: somethings going on here because the same thing happened to me. What were you doing out here big fella?
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[color=indigo][i]Misha begins to reply to Ash's question when, all of a sudden the three warriors here a crashin sound in the brush...[/i]

Misha-More Bandits..?

Ash-I hope for their sake it is not...i encountered a few earlier...and well...[i]points to his sword[/i]

[i]Heaven's Eyes begin to radiate with a red glow-[/i] No I fear this is a threat much more serious then the robbers that we encountered earlier...

[i]All of a sudden a creature comes crashing through the trees. The creature looks like a gigantic lion, however, instead of fur it is covered in tough scales and its main is covered by living serpents[/i]

Heaven-I have never seen a creature such as this before

Misha-Well the odds are in our favor...lets put this beast out of his missery

[i]Several more of the creatures come out of the brush and our heroes our greatly outnumbered[/i]

Ash-well Misha, it seems as though these scaly creatures also believe in strength in numbers....[/color]
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Ash looks around quickly taking note of his surroundings. he looks at the lion type things. One of them is particularl (sp) smaller than the other ones. Ash leaps up into the airdraws his guns and starts filling the little one with bullets and he then takes his sword from his holster and sticks it straight through the head of the lion type creature. The other lion type creature only noticed Ash had moved when he had put the sword through the other creature. Four of the creatures turn around and start very slowly towards heaven and misha. The bigger one leaps with lightning speed through the air towards Ash. He sidesteps the creature and delivers a swift knee to the breast and thenhe takes his sword from the head of the smaller creature and sticks it straight into the bigger ones chest, pinning him to the ground. Ash looks acroos and sees the four creatures advancing on Heaven and Misha. He takes out his guns and starts firing at a nearby tree. The tree falls taking out two of the beasts but two evade it.

Misha: Thanks Ash but i think we can take it from here.

Misha dras his axe and takes his fighting stance as does Heaven. The creatures advance and Ash takes a seat in a nearby tree. One of the creatures pounces at Misha who makes use of his amazing strength by grapping the creature with one hand around the throat and hoisting it onto a near by branch impaling it. Heavenjust moves as the other creature pounces and as it has his back turned he leaps into the air and plunges the dagger deep into the skull of the one remaining creature. Ash jumps down from the tree

Ash: Well i didn' even have time to get comfortable. Well we better get moving.

he takes his sword from the creature who was pinned to the floor by it and they advance deeper into the forest unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.
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[color=indigo][i]As they continue through the forest the party is continually attacked by the Medusa like lions, it is not hard for the warriors to drive them off. Misha focus's his ice magic while Ash uses various elemental spells. Heaven uses his healing powers to keep his comarades health up and to heal the occasional wound that these beasts inflict....[/i][/color]
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don't worry.
[I]Kool was sitting in a nearby tree meditating. She heard people coming. Kool hoped down in front of the small group.[/I]

Ash-Who are you?

Kool-My name's Kool. *ash looks tense.*

Kool-Don't worry. I'm friend. *ash relaxes a bit.*
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Hope you don't mind someone else joining n.n

Name: Kiara
Weapon: A gun/crossbow like weapon called a cwellen. It shoots thin razor edged metal disks with alarming accuracy. Up close, she uses her fists and a small dagger.
Physical Ability/Special skill: Stealth. Defineatly stealth. SNEAK LIKE NINJA! Or not. Well, sneak like assassin n.n She can blend like a chameleon into almost anything, and moves with near-silence. No magical powers...except a bit of bloodlore. In other words, she can track heartbeats, unless the person is cloaked by magic of some sort. Or water. She doesn't like water because that masks hearbeats *.*
Appearence: http://www.geocities.com/rosutoyue/Kiara.jpg, or, see the attached file. The weapon's shes holding are wrong...the cwellen doesn't have that grappler thingy sticking out.
Bio: Ever since she was a child, Kiara has been trained in the art of death-bringing. Kidnapped from her family at an early age, she impressed her captors with her ability to dish out and take pain. They trained her into what she is today - a very, very powerful woman with a shoulder as cold as the artic (Cold shoulder. It's funny!) . Not much else to tell.


Kiara, not too far ahead of the group, aimed and fired her cwellen disks into the throat of one of the Medusalions. Another dead one was next to her. Wiping some of the splattered blood off her cloak, she closed her eyes to focus. .oO(Hm...there's a few other heartbeats approaching...)Oo. she reloaded a few more disks into the cwellen. .oO(More of the lions?)Oo. she thought, annoyed.
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[I]In a small village far from the woods a small band of rebels prepare[/I]

Zack:...another convoy will be passing through...we own 7 towns and the land between now...we are starting to acieve what my father started so many years ago...

[I]The men nod then pick up their arms[/I]

Zack:we are going to ambush them as they enter our land...in the pass...the supplys will be useful...their is a forest above and around the pass...that is where we will set up..

[I]The army of about 50 men set out on a long forgoten trail through the plains and soon reach the forest. They quickly set up a camp near the pass and begin planning how to deploy themselves[/I]
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[color=indigo][i]Heaven feels a slight breeze zip by his head and hears Misha's Axe fall to the ground. He turns to see a girl standing in the brush with a weapon he is not familiar with. Heaven realizes that he is the only one who sees this masked warrior...he turns to see Misha unharmed, the axe was merely knocked from his hand. Heaven walks towrad the mysterious woman hidden in the recesses of the forest...[/i][/color]
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*Kool notices that Heaven is staring at something intently. What it is, she doesn't know. But then she sees a slight shadow moving. The shadow soon vanishes. (the shadow is the woman's shadow. That's all that Kool can see of her.) Kool walks up to Heaven.*

Kool-what are you looking at?

Heaven-Huh? Oh. Nothing. Let's move out. *they start moving again.*
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[color=indigo][i]Zack looks at the group of travelers and thinks to homself that this could be trouble.[/i]

Zack-(thinking)These men look like seasoned soldiers, even the girl looks like she could be a handful, I had better meet with them alone, I don't wish for my men to incite these wariors into battle.

Zack-(to the party) Please, come into my tent, I have hot food, and you can entertain me with tales of your adventures.

[i]The party enters Zack's Tent[/i]

[i] Unoblivious to the rest of the party, as well as the Death Corpse soldiers, Kiara looks on silently. Kiara, however, is also being watched.
To Kiara's suprise a large animal leaps at her from behind. Cursing herself for not paying attention to the heartbeats around her, Kiara throws the howling animal off her. She fires a disc from her cwellen, but the disc is intercepted by the crash of Misha's Axe. [/i]

Misha-A real warrior never takes her frustrations out on an animal, it can be dangerous, especially if that animal is my dog...[/color]
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Furious, Kiara glared at Misha. "Then tell your creature to kindly not attack...harmless passerby." she sneerd. "And I wasn't taking out my frusteration. What would YOU know about that?" the assassin haughtily raises an eyebrow, as if daring Misha to speak. In reality, several escape plans, including a few that involve shooting Misha, have already formed in her mind.

Misha shifted his grip. "You should watch your tongue." he growled, his dog snarling at Kiara from behind.

Kiara decided that discresion was the better part of valor. She relaxed her stance slightly. "Look, I don't want a fight." she said, making her tone sound tired and weary. "I really don't want to hurt you, which you will make me do if you don't point that thing away from me." she guestured to the axe. "And get that...other thing...a bone or something."
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[I]Zack quitely Entertains the Guest[/I]

Zack:so what are your storys?....My own is that I and my friends are militia of the local villages...we are fighting for survival...

Heaven:I heard a rebel group was being led out here...will we have to worry about them...

Zack:depends on your alliegence...if your with the just king then their is less of a chance then if your with the dark....


[I]Zack entertains them throughout the night[/I]
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[color=indigo][i]Heaven steps between Kiara and Misha, who are again involved in a trivial argument. And looks toward Misha[/i]

Heaven-Please Misha, I beleive she is here for the same reason that we all are.

Misha-And what reason is that, I was seeking Bastion the Dark...

Kool-Well, then you were headed in the wrong direction entirerly...

Heaven-please stop arguing, it is obviously fate that has brought us all together, I feel we all our warriors with purpose.

Zack-I have no idea what you are talking about, but please, let us go into my tent, my men are getting uneasy, and please, Misha, bring your mutt, I don't want my men being attacked.

[i]The warriors all enter Zack's tent. They sit around the fire when all of a sudden Kool is lifted magically in the air. Her body begins to glow with a strange green aura and a voice echoes around the room[/i]

Mysterious Voice- Legendary warriors of Terragaurd, A great evil has been unleashed upon the land. The demon realm has leant it's power to Bastion the Dark. You have been chosen by the gods to dispell of this evil. The girl that we now possess shall be your guide. Her powers have not yet blossomed, but she is destined to be the savior of Terragard. Now go seek out Bastion's Demonic Minions, and drive them back into hell....

[i]Kool crashes to the floor[/i]

Ash-That is something you don't see everyday....[/color]
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Kiara blinks. Once. Twice. Then she full out starts laughing.

"How in the name of all that's holy did I get myself landed in this?" she snorts as everybody turns to look at her. "I'm out of here. I have better things to do than "save the world", as it were."

Heaven takes a step forward. "Hey, wa-"

But to the rest, she has already blended in with the shadows and is out the door. Kiara muses as she starts to walk away. .oO(Idiots. I knew I should have stuck to picking off the 'little sick ones'. Ugh.)Oo. She pulled her hood up. "Hmph." she said out loud, continuing on her way, brooding. .oO(I can't help. They're demons. What the heck can I do?)Oo. -_-
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[color=indigo]Heaven-Kool are you alright...

Kool-Yeah, what just happened...

Heaven-...(how do you tell somebody that the fat of the world rests on your shoulders)...

Ash-What do you mean what happened...you were off the ground, floating, and glo...uphff

[i]Misha elbows ash in the gut

Heaven slowly explains what happened to Kool, omiting the part about her extreme power[/i]

Heaven-We should get moving, Zack will you be joining us?, I don't think our meeting was a coincidence.

Zack-Yes, I just have to organize my men....[/color]
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