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Pizza: They're Big and they're Cheesy <M-L,S,V>


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?Fat Pizza Pizzas, They're Big and they're Cheesy"

Down in Sydney Australia, In the dodgiest suburb named Hashville, There is a small pizza shop run by a MR. Bobo titled Fat Pizza. Unfortunatly, the neighbourhood is very dodgy with Bogans, Hobos, Asian Wangsters and rampant Wogs. Worst of all are the shops rivals, The Burger Joint named Mc 'Doggles and the Indian run rip off of Fat Pizza, Phat Pizza: They are Big and we also have Small.

Employed by the Cheap Bastard Bobo, take the rolls of staff of Fat Pizza who are just as dodgy as those that live in the area. And in the words of Bobo, "You're not getting paid three bucks an hour to sit on your ***" so try to do your job.

OOC: As you can tell; This RPG is not a very complicated one, That's why it doesn't have a long Backstory. It's also a comedic RP. So for example, a character in it could be an Alchoholic, Bogan, Drug Addict. Characters are ones employed by the shop but as whatever role you wish for them to be.

Character Creation

Name: (Any name)
Age: (16+)
Natio: (Just pick anywhere)
Appearance: (Pic or Description)
Background: (A general overlook at your characters life and why they are working for Bobo)
Other Info: (Other Info that you might want to state concerning your character)
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