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Art Help me improve!!! XD

Guest Mello

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Guest Mello
EDIT: Please lock this post!
Sorry, but I must leave otakuBoards (yes I have a reason). @ @ Sorry I couldn't have stayed longer. Thanks goes to the three lovely people who have replied to this and helped me. :) Good bye for now! I apologize a lot for the inconvenience!!

I'll leave the links to my three pieces incase anyone wants to see.
[QUOTE]Some of my works.


(I know his hand is too small here.)

I paint in openCanvas 4. I own Painter IX and Photoshop but they really confuse me when I try to CG. q __q' oC is so simple. And I am no good with traditional media except for pencil.[/QUOTE]
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]I must say... these are very beautifully colored for someone as young as you. I'm totally jealous.. ; . ; Anyways,I guess I shall be the first to critique your artwork. Bwahaha... XD

Top Drawing: I like this one because of the cigarette.. just kidding. XD The only real flaw I see in this picture is the shape of the arms. I'm wondering of the "cute" guy is putting his arms in front of or behind his body. Maybe enhance the size to make it stick out some more? Or maybe widen his waistline a bit? Maybe? XD

Middle Drawing: I. Totally. Love. This. Picture. XD Gah... the one thing that sticks out in this one is... he has no eyebrows!! Either it's hidden in his hair or you just.. forgot about it. n.n Also, try to work on darkening the bottom left-hand corner of the guy's flesh.. just to make it more realistic. Awesome picture tho.. I heart him already. XD

Bottom Drawing: Like you already said, his hand is a little small. Also, his nose... sure the two lines are okay.. but try to make it a little more distinctive or stand out. And the clothes... it's alright, but try to give it some wrinkles and shadow it out to give it some depth. That's all...

Well, that's all I have to say... but I really like all your pictures. I can't wait to see some more in the future! n.n[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Holy Fandango...12?!

DDD: You've filled me with so much angst it just isn't funny. But moving on.

You're shading on the hair is beautiful and even though some artists go into huge detail, it isn't needed, and you've shown that here. Something that would make the pictures stand out more, however, is bringing in different hues. For example, with your [STRIKE]blonde girl[/STRIKE] blonde boy (Arg, my eyes have failed me! Oh Lord, I am not worthy), you could bring in some subtle strands of orange or brown. It adds depth to the picture and draws the eye really well.

You actually draw noses similar to the way I do (which is awesome, because you're good) and your overall facial structure looks fine to me. Your style seems to involve drawing big eyes so they don't look incorrect in your pictures.

Back to the CG: The skin lets the picture down. It isn't bad, per se...but lacks a certain amount of oomph, if you get my meaning. I struggled with the same thing for a very long time, and it's really just a matter of getting used to a palette of colours that you're comfortable with. Experiment with oranges and pinks to give your skin more depth, and make sure that you locate your light source. Draw a little sun in the corner so you don't forget your shadow placement, it really helps.

Don't think I'm being critical or anything, I went into more detail because you said you wouldn't mind. ^_^; You really are very good, and I'm incredibly impressed. I'd love to see more of your work.

(If I repeated anything KW said, I'm sorry. I didn't read her post, because I'm lame like that.)[/SIZE]
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[color=dimgray] Great pictures! :] It seems like you've covered all bases when it comes to anime drawing, and your style is fine. Whoever told you to change your style wasn't helping at all.

On terms of what you want to improve on: you have a good grasp of main proportions, but small things throw some of the pictures off. In the second picture, the white space between his arm and his chest makes the chest seem too small, and in the third picture, the hand is too small when compared to his face.

The skin coloring in the first two pictures is quite good, but it sort of lacks in the third picture. More definition and range would improve on Neji's face, as well has adding more color depth to clothing (i.e. add in some wrinkles or something).

Other than that, everything's great. I love Mello's hair in the second picture (<3)... I want to pet it. v_v. But yeah, nice job! I'm actually trying to get the hang og CGing pictures right now, although I haven't been practicing much. >_>[/color]
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Guest Mello
Keyblade Weilder - Thank you for the help! In the first one, I was trying perspective but it didn't come out too well, haha. :) In the second, thanks for pointing that out! I didn't draw eyebrows because they were hidden by his hair but I noticed his hair doesn't cover it enough. XD

Ezekiel - Thanks so much! q __q I like the idea for adding oranges and brown to blond hair, and will try that! And the skin color suggestion too. I'm really bad at coloring skin and clothing. XD

And thanks a ton for your help, Lunox. ^ ^ Everything is mucho appreciated! I'll try to post more and hopefully improve.
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