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RPG The Organization [M-LV]


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[CENTER][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/TheOrganizationBanner.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]

[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=2]?[I]"What are the nobodies, you ask? They are the non-existent ones..."[/I] ?[/SIZE][/FONT]


[B]"Xeliohs, we're set."[/B]

[B]"Xeliohs, let's go."[/B]

[B]"Xeliohs, ready!"[/B] Their voices echoed throughout the massive chamber the Organization was positioned in. They were setting off to finish their long-lasting escapade. One group would head to Traverse Town- Xaria, Xarnock, Janux, and Xander- one to Spira- Helix, Uxainst, Ixazavius, and Zuxus- and one to Midgar- Xeliohs, Lex, and Xedath.

Xeliohs would help Lex and Xedath secure their keyhole, then use the Dark Corridor to arrive at the otehr keyholes and lock them after the other's had reached them. The darkness could not be used to find a heart unless it had already come across it. And though the nobodies could use the darkness liek the Heartless, the nobodies themselves were not creatures of darkness. They were Denizens to the Darkness, but did not spawn from it. They were shunned by both the darkness and the light.

Xeliohs looked at his comrades and nodded. The leaders of the other two groups, Xaria and Ixazavius, opened pathways through the dark corridor to the worlds they ventured to. Their groups walked through, and then they followed behind, getting the okay from Xeliohs. Once through, Xeliohs opened his own portal, smiling as he walked into it.

[B]"Our journey to completion, is almost at an end."[/B][/size]

[B][SIZE=3]Chapter I: Traverse Town[/SIZE][/B]

[B]Characters:[/B] Sol Hei [Possibly], Xander, Xarnock, Xaria, and Janux.

[B]Background:[/B] This world is a world for those who?s worlds have been lost to the heartless and stumble through the Dark Corridor blindly. Recently the heartless have discovered this world, and aim to destroy the world of fragments, finally putting an end to worlds already destroyed. The Organization must quickly find the keyhole and secure it. However, their task is far from easy. Traverse town has created a labyrinth of sorts around it?s heart, where heartless wait around every corner and at the end is the Great Heartless attempting to steal it?s heart: The Grande Sphinx.

[B]Objectives:[/B] Clear the town of heartless. Get the citizens to safe ground. Fight your way through the maze. Defeat the Grande Sphinx and secure the keyhole.[/size]


[size=1][B]OOC:[/B] Okay, here you are! I know the intro's not very long, but I decided I'd kept this from you all long enough. THough therwe are set objectives for each chapter, feel free to take as long as you care for defeating the heartless or saving the citizens, and be as creative as you please with the Laybrinth and the Boss. The first three chapters happen simaltaneously. Once the keyhole is secured, Xaria will call Xeliohs using the darkness, and the next chapter will begin, and it'll end the same way, only Ixazavius, and then the third chapter will ensue, where Xeliohs will lock all three worlds.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=crimson]Sol's gleaming white Ascalon severed the head of a Heartless Soldier. He cared little for the natural Heartless, though he himself was one. It was yet another aspect of himself he despised.

Swing, stab, cleave, dodge, jump, swing, stab, cleave. Repeat action as necessary.

It was so tiring, sometimes, stabbing through the 'hearts' of his own kind. He chuckled bitterly to himself. His own kind. Long ago, his own kind had been a heroic race of men, and now...

Now he was Heartless. Ever since that day, he had been searching for his missing half, his 'other'. And that search had led him across many wonders. Though the roads between worlds were again free to travel, it did not affect much beyond those who knew how to use the long-forgotten pathways. And the Heartless.

And this new force...these Nobodies. Sol's blade stopped a moment, his Iron Knights covering for him well, as he thought on these new players. It had been a few weeks, months maybe, since the loss of his body, and he had been many places. Only recently, in this Traverse Town, had a new force appeared. These Nobodies needed to be watched, certainly, but he would not act against them.

His other was probably one of them, after all, and if it was...

It changed nothing. Sol Hei was patient, if nothing else, and he needed to find the man named Leon. He had to warn him to look out for the Keybearer, nevermind that the chosen one had yet to be chosen.

Sol Hei was a patient Heartless. He directed his forces to retreat into the nothingness of the dark and went to visit his new friends, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Perhaps he would find his other here. That had to wait, however. Sol Hei needed to lie the breadcrumbs for the chosen one. A gente rumbling through his connection to the Darkness alerted Sol to a new development.

Guard Armor.[/color]
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Xarnock had set off on his own, moving through the deep sewers of the world known as Traverse town. He had only been here for a short time, but the shadows around him were already begining to swirl. These false shadows were the heartless lying wait, looking for weakness in this cloaked figure before them. Xarnock stopped in his tracks and reached for the neck of his cloak. With a single fluid motion he threw off his cloak. He reached back and armed his gauntlets and stood strong for there first strike. But to his surprise, they never moved on him, they simply hid in the shadows.

Xarnock didn't let this impead his progress. He was set on a mission to locate and secure the keyhole from these hideous monsters. Even though the water was running, he could still hear Arlac following him through the water stream. Xarnock cared little for him, as did Arlac for Xarnock. They simply had the same goals, that's all there was to it. The growls in the shadowy sewer ways were coming from every concieveable angle, but none of the growls would move for him. Not only were they dark, but cowardly as well.

Suddenly the sound of metal came out of the deep shadows, and it was approaching slowly. The shape and color of the beast came into veiw slowly. It was wrapped in armor and carried a sword, like some kind of proud knight. Like these beasts know anything of pride. As the first appeared it was joined by others of identical appearance. The first of them made and almost jovial dance as it thrust it sword in Xarnock's direction. To this all the others charged at Xarnock.

Xarnock slammed his left hand and smashed one of the swords being weilded by the one of the little monsters. He then proceeded with is right hand and severd it's arm, to which it burst into a cloud of black smoke and faded away. The sewer was rapidly becoming crowded as more and more began to appear. Xarnock closed his eyes [B]"Arlac, rise."[/B]

The reptilian monster jumped from the stream of the sewer and landed beside Xarnock. Xarnock placed his hand just above Arlac's head and spoke once again [B]"Tear them up."[/B]

The water of the sewer began to swirl as the reptilian monster named Arlac went about it's murderous business.
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[COLOR=Navy]Xaria was first to step through to the other side of the Dark Corridor, looking around Traverse Town. She heard the scuffling as the other members of the Organization in her team entered the world and the portal closed behind them. She flicked her right hand to the side without looking behind her, and the team scattered, she could feel the wind as they left or heard the fluttering of their cloaks.

She leapt onto the roof of the closest building and surveyed the area, around the centre of town it looked like a labyrinth, with thin streets squished between walls and buildings, if Heartless appeared there wasn't much room to have a good fight, especially for the members that wielded larger weapons.

Xaria hopped along the rooftops silently, but slowly noticed black inky pools following her, she saw a multitude gather in her periferal vision but there was nothing she could do about them yet since they were merely shadows. Finally she saw them starting to take shape and whirled around gracefully, releasing a wave of shuriken at them, they hadn't even finished forming before they dissolved in a puff of black vapour.

She continued her journey, she was headed toward the Hotel. Her robe billowed behind her as she picked up the speed, she had to get there as fast as possible before the Heartless got the citizens there.

She spotted the large building and did an aerial somersault from the roof next to it, landing beside the entrance. Some Air Soldiers materialised, Xaria twirled her projectiles and flicked them, catching them between the eyes, they fell to the ground first before disappearing.

Xaria straightened her hood and cloak before entering the building, there was no one in the reception hall except for a variety of Heartless. She growled and called upon her Nobody.

Hyourin spiralled from her body, taking form. He saw what was happening and immediately began taking them down, the Yellow Operas were the first to be eliminated because they could cause the most damage to him. Xaria in the meantime destroyed the Green Requiems since they would be doing nothing but constant healing to the others. Hyourin blasted the Red Nocturnes away with a few strong bursts of water and simply took out the Blue Rhapsodies with tail swipes. Xaria shot holes through each of the Shadow Heartless that continued to turn up as the two of them hurried through the hotel, kicking doors open in a hurry to find out where everyone was.

After battling several types of Heartless, she found all the people that had been in residence at the hotel squished in a small room at the end of the very top floor. They all screamed and hugged each other as they saw her in the doorway, a mysterious hooded stranger with a large serpent dragon curled around her body.

[B]"Shh. It's ok, I'm here to help you get out of here."[/B] she explained.

They calmed down a little and Xaria saw more Heartless appearing in the hallway outside. Hyourin uncoiled and attacked them as she quickly hurried the people out. Hyourin took care of most of the Heartless as she ran down, flinging shuriken at some that appeared in front of her. She kept a watch on the people, making sure they kept up and that they weren't being ambushed.

They reached the outside, but Xaria told them to keep running since they weren't safe. Hyourin flew above them, releasing strong magic attacks on the Large Bodies that popped up. She led them through the winding streets to the Accessory shop, quickly putting them up in the Synthesizing area, telling the Moogles there to help take care of them.

Xaria and Hyourin took off as they shouted their thanks to her. She jumped onto his back and rode with him to another area that needed their help. She wondered how the others were doing, but then saw another group of citizens huddled together in the middle of the square, near the fountain, they were surrounded and were futilely trying to defend themselves.

Hyourin dove down and Xaria leapt from his back, landing right in front of the group, her hands full of shuriken. Her faithful Nodody flew down and rested on her shoulders, ready for action.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1] Xander looked down at the laybrinth of the Town. The keyhole was going to be harder to find then he thought. Dozens of Soldier Heartless clattered down a alley near the building as he watched them closely. He didn't need to waste his time with weak heartless, let the others worry about them. He was about to turn away to search when a scream of a child caught him off-guard.

A mother holding her two children at the end of the alley seemed to be the heartless true desentation. HIs objective was the safety of the people also. Xander took one step and thrust himself into the middle of the path between the heartless and the family. The mother didn't know what to do as she saw Xander at first.

[B] "Stay back, I shall take care of these heartless."[/B] He whispered as she nodded with fear.

Xander held out his hand as his Lance appeared with a flash. He twirled around his back, but stopped violently as the Lance was stuck against the alley walls. The space was not a battlefield.

[B] "Shit...."[/B] He mumbled as the heartless saw this and charged with their full force.

Xander looked back at the family and let go of the Lance. He unleashed combos of punches and kicks at his enemies as they flew back into their ranks. Yet the Soldier heartless could attack from any angle as most of them started to use the walls as a push-off for a stronger attack. Xander took a couple of hits before falling back to his stranded weapon. Xander acted quicky as he lifted his hand into the air. A dark sphere appeared instantly in his hand.

[B] "Come forth, Aonghus!"[/B] The nobody came into the battle as it roared that overpowered the heartless already. Aonghus massive arms broke through the walls as it freed his Lance. The heartless pack now faced two nobodies instead of one.

[B]"Your fate ends here!"[/B] He cried as the two charged and wipped out the entire pack with one sweep.[/SIZE]
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[color=crimson]Sol Hei had decided he didn't want to be patient. Not with the way his Heartless were getting close to being slaughtered by the Nobodies. He sipped his tea, courtesy of the Duck Triplets, and summoned the Ascalon as he exited the store. Yes, he decided, as he he entered the Second District. He needn't be patient anymore.

He began his assault on the natural Heartless almost recklessly. His second-in-command was busy warning the King of Atlantica of the Keybearer;s coming, so he was on his own. It mattered little to him. A Heartless was a Heartless was a Heartless, and he bore the only Key he knew of that would return the Hearts to those who had none. If only it were so simple in his case...

He dashed into the midst of the district's center, ignoring the sensation of a nearby Keyhole tugging at his hand in favor of observing a particularly rampant bunch of Heartless worrying away at the defenses provided by a black-cloaked figure. Those citizens needed help, and fast...

He rushed in, slicing a number of Heartless, he didn't care what kind any more, in half. It wasn't enough. Sighing, he pulled out his second Keyblade, Deepercut. He tore his cloak off of his shoulder, grabbing the cloaked figure wherever he could get a grip, and turned her towards him.

"Do not attack the Heartless with this symbol!" He indicated the emblem on his shoulder, a broken heart wrapped in bandages to keep it together. "They are going to aid us!"

The figure did not reply, it only stared at his Keyblades as he raised the Ascalon into the air, defending his flank as he cried to the skies.


A loud, echoing clanking noise was soon heard, and the harsh, pointed footfalls of a legion of Iron Knights soon made its way to the front of the fountain. The melee had truly begun.[/color]
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The swirling of the water settled as the air was now filled with deep black smoke. Xarnock motioned his hand and Arlac returned to the water and seemed to dissappear with almost no disturbance to the water. Xarnock stood still for a moment, but then the commotion of the above ground came into focus in his ears. To this he finally moved, taking his cloak back up and putting it back on as he moved through the dark corridor.

He could finally smell fresh air of the outside growing closer. He had found his way through the dark hell of the sewer, but now the hell that awaitied him outside was just as real. As he moved through the door at the far end of the hall and walked out into the dim twlight of the alley he could already smell the dark vapours coming together. As if they had been waiting in for him to come out. Maybe they heard the cries of there brothers in the sewers.

Once again Xarnock called for Arlac to join him, but this time he merely took off his cloak and commanded Arlac to hold it for him and to keep it from getting ripped. The beast nodded and seemed to dissappear as it rapidly ran off and faded from sight. Xarnock dawned his gauntlets once again as the air soilders and the knights from before in the sewer. They were followed by the mages and grunts who stayed closer to the back.

Xarnock's gauntlets seemed to permiate red from the crimson cracks in them. The scales seemed to shimmer. The two seemed as if they were crying out in pain and rage. This didn't detour the air soilders even a little bit, as they swooped in for a direct attack. They seemed to collide with Xarnock's claws and dissapate just as rapidly as they approached. It seemed like he didn't even need to put forth the effort into killing them since they seemed to be more then willing to kill themselves. He needed only place his hands in the right place at the right time.

After the last of the air soilders were gone the knights started to move in like a single wall of black and metal. Not wasting any time, Xarnock charged and, instead of attacking the knights, he jumped over them and started after the mages and grunts. The mages attempted to fly higher, but weren't moving fast enough. Many simply teleported away, while the grunts simply faded to the ground and scatterd. The knights then turned and charged at Xarnock this time.

Xarnock shredded through the sheilds of the last of the knights and those who couldn't run had been shred back to vapour. Suddenly a deep rumble and shaking began to approach from the far end of the alley leading out into the main street. The large body became very appaerent as it waddled it's way into the alley. It's huge form blocked the whole alley, eliminating all means of escape other then to go back through the sewer. That was fine by Xarnock, he had no intention of going back, and was quite excited by the idea of getting to fight a real challenge.

The large monster waddled after him with all it's possible might, and it moved quite fast for such a large and akward seeming monster. It slowed, but then threw all it's weight at Xarnock, who then leaped back to let the beast fall flat on it's stomach. The beast hit the ground with a thud that cracked the concrete beneath it. Xarnock prepared to move in on the beast and strike while it was down, but the large body recoverd very quickly and was back to it's feet first. He probably could bring it down if he just rushed in and shreded it up, but then it might rip his clothes.

He stared down the monster for a bit, but then one of the back doors leading into the alley way opened up. A beautiful woman appeared in the door way and she looked out into the alley. The monster fixed it's gaze on her and prepared to move, but as soon as it's eyes fell off of Xarnock he moved it and severd the beasts legs off, which was followed by it's right arm and then a final slice down the face. The monster burst into a black cloud and was gone. Xarnock gave a final backward look to the woman in the door way who seemed oddly unaffected by what she had just seem.

Xarnock payed her little other mind and simply left the alley and moved on to the town center. He called back for Arlac who seemed to come down from the sky. Once again recovering his cloak and putting it back on as he moved into the streets where he would probably meet his fellow organization members.
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[COLOR=White][size=1]The grounds clattered with the sounds of battle, Iron Knights fighting Iron Knights, some fighting alongside the Organization, some not. A Guard Armor stomped through the town loudly, smaller heartless fleeing from under it's massive footsteps. It crushed 6 Iron Knights by accident, scraping the sides of the alleyways as it's large hull struggled to stride forward. Down a parallel alleyway, Xarnock stopped in place, amazed by the sound. He ran faster towards his alleys.

[B]"Guy's, hear----"[/B] His voice was cut off as another heartless flew over his head, equally as large as the Guard Armor. It landed at the end of the allweyway, and so did the Guard Armor. Xarnock arrived at the end of the alleyway, joining the Organization and Sol Hei. The two heartless stood threateningly staring at the warriors. Sol Hei grimaced.

[B]"Guard Armor and Grande Sphinx... The Guard Armor belongs to..."[/B] Sol Hei looked up to the building to his left viewing over the witch standing their watching. Her snide smile beamed down like the darkness she dwelt in. Maleficent the Witch. And across from her, to Sol Hei's right, was a golden haired youth, wearing thin knight's armor. Sol knew him instantly, the self-right warrior, the leader of the crusaders... and in another lifetime, best friend of Helios. Sol said his name sadly.


[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Engage in the battle with the Grande Sphinx and the Guard Armor, and then once you beat them, look for the keyhole. It could be wherever. Have at it.[/SIZE]
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[color=crimson]Sol looked up at the best friend of the person he used to be. Eons ago, it seemed, and now Sandavir was Maleficent's right hand.

Sol laughed heartlessly at the irony. He leapt atop the Grande Sphinx, pinioning his Keyblades against its head, and flipping out, hurling his Keybades forward.


The effort was noble, and valiant, and did some damage. But the insistent tug on his Keyblades was more potent now, and his Heartless were being obliterated by the Guard Armor. He stopped and yelled at the black figures that had aided him, and that he had aided.

"The armor will transform into an Inverse Armor if you're not careful! Pay attention, and strike it hard!"

With this, Sol wrapped himself and his Heartless in darkness, warping them away to where his Keyblades were calling. He could feel it now. His other was just at the other end of this pathway through the End of the World.

Sol smiled, perhaps for the first time in eons. Rose would certainly die of shock if she had seen the smirk on her commander's face.

"My other....I can feel you...soon. But not now. Now, we must ensure the Keybearer's victory. But...soon...."[/color]
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[SIZE=1] The Organization and the unknown to Xander stayed close together as Guard Armor and the Grande Sphinx prepared to attack. More heartless appeared around them as it made the job harder. Xander summoned his Lance into battle as so did the others. The keyhole must be near since the heartless are more in numbers and have two guardians. He gripped his Lance tightly as he bent his knees little. Heartless began to pop all around as Xander set his sights on the target.

[B] ?The Guard Armor is mine.? [/B] He whispered to the Group as he ran right through the Shadow heartless. He thrust his Lance to clear his path from the numerous of Heartless. The Guard Armor was in sights now. He jumped at the halfway point between him and the heartless and pulled back his golden Lance.

His strike was on target as he sliced through arm, knocking it away from his body. He sled back when he landed in a group of heartless. Though the attack on the arm did nothing, the damaged arm floated in midair. The arm then turned and whizzed at Xander. He deflected the hand back, yet sent a shockwave throughout his body.

[B]?Well, take it piece by piece is out of the question.?[/B] He whispered, but was cut off by an attack by a shadow heartless from behind. He twirled his Lance around in circles as it sent the heartless back against the alley walls.

Xarnock took his turn, sending combos of punches from his gauntlets to the Guard armor?s mid section. It seemed the right idea for the core to be. Xander backed up alittle as he placed his hands at the bottom of his Lance, like a sword. With one movement, he took one strong step and stabbed his Lance into the ground lifting himself into the air. While in the air, he locked on the giant heartless that Xarnock was battling. He squeezed his Lance as he descended down to his enemy.

[B]?Jump!!?[/B] He cried, cutting down the middle of the Guard armor. The armor body parts flew into different directions as smaller heartless blew away by the impact Xander made.

He landed back to back with Xarnock. The others seemed to have their attention to the Grande Sphinx as they faced the Guard armor on their own.

[B] ?About time you caught on, I hope you weren?t thinking you can destroy it by yourself.?[/B]

[B]?If It was my destiny to destroy it by myself, I would have on my first try.?[/B] Xander answered back as more heartless began to form. The armor Guard?s body parts began to jiggle.

[B]?I hate how you talk about ?fate? and ?destiny?. Can?t you just say, ?I couldn?t?? [/B] He shot back as he lifted his fist to battle.

[B]?If I was causing someone to hate me for something I talk about, I would stop. Yet, I know you can?t really hate it. Since we don?t have emotions.? [/B] Xander held his Lance in attack position as the Guard armor reassemble his body back again.

[B]?Attack the middle and we?ll be through. Don?t and we?re never find the keyhole.?[/B]

?It is fate that we defeat them, Xarnock.? [/SIZE]
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Fate. Destiny. These words meant nothing to him. And he found it quite troublesome whenever Xander would speak of his "fate". All Xarnock saw was an enemy with no heart and no soul. A being not worthy of the gift of life, and Xarnock would rectify this fault of nature. He fixed his postion and prepared for another volley of strikes on the Guard Armor. With a burst rush had was upon the massive beast in an instant and deliverd a single strong right. He fell back and Xander instantly followed in with a thrust to the same point.

The two landed side by side and moved back following the attack. They had only managed to dent the armor of the beast, but it was a fine start. The still free floating arm came shooting after the two as it attempted to sweep them away. The two jumped clear, Xander jumping at the beasts body and Xarnock Jumping on the free flying arm. Xarnock held on to the arm and started tearing at it like an animal with the claws on his guantlets.

The arm swung violently to get him off, but was having little success. It then tried to smash Xarnock by smashing itself on the ground. A rather cliche' move, and one that was all to easy to foresee and avoid. For as formidible as it was, it was not very intelligent, thus not a threat. Xarnock kept the free floating extremidy prepccupied for a little while til it diverted it's attetion back to Xander who was starting to crack through the Guard Armors thick hyde.

As the arm turned and started at him, Xander jumped clear of the mighty swing. And in the moment that the beasts guard was down while it prepared to strike again. The two closed in on it and in a joint effort smashed throught the armor core of the beast. With a mighty groan the beast would fall and be done with.

Xander stood with is usual solumn pride. He looked to Xarnock [B]"This is what it means to acknowledge fate."[/B]

Xarnock was unsure of how to answer such a crude and straight forward statment. He felt nothing for such ideals and cared little for those who bore them. He simply nodded to Xander and responded [B]"The others should be finished soon. Find the keyhole."[/B]

The two nodded to each other once more and seperated to search for the keyhole while the others dealt with the Grande Sphinx.
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