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Belrie League Challenge[/u][/b][/color][/size][/center]

[size=1][color=teal]As the lazy sun rose in the sky it cast a yellow orange haze over Libra Town. Even though this dawn was just like any other it held special significance for seven young trainers of the Town, soon they would have their first Pokémon and be on the way to challenge the Elite Four of the Belrie Region. The man who would make this all possible, Professor Grove, was eagerly awaiting all of them even though he?d already been awake for hours. He and Isaac always made sure they were up in time for the Trainers on these special days, currently though he was taking care of the numerous other Pokémon that Trainers already on their journey left with him.

[b]?Hey there! Take it easy, there?s enough for all of you.?[/b] He said to a rowdy bunch of Zigzagoon, Trainers always seemed to catch these outside of Libra but soon they became outclassed by the Gyms if they hadn?t evolved into Linoone. The Pokémon growled and barked at each other as they ate the food Grove had lain out for them.

He smiled as he moved onto the other Pokémon who were waking up to the new dawn. Pouring water into the large sombrero leaves of the Lombre, filling the bird feeders for the Taillow and Pidgey, scattering scraps around the Trapinch and Sandshrew burrows and much more feeding beside. Soon all the Pokémon were eagerly eating all the food and Professor Grove went back into the Lab to get everything finished and ready for the coming Trainers.

[b]?Isaac,?[/b] Grove called up stairs, [b]?The Trainers will be here soon, make sure SPRITE is ready to go with them when they?ve picked up their starters.?[/b]

Of course there was no reply, Grove had long ago learned that Isaac often got so engrossed in his work that he would often stop only for toilet brakes and food, sometimes not even then. Walking from the stair case to the main part of the Laboratory where the six Pokeballs were being stored for the Trainers, six balls but seven trainers this year he thought to himself. The Professor was grateful that the League had allowed his daughter Lillian to use the Aron he had caught for her some years ago. He had needed to convince them that there was no unfairness involved as Aron had really been a pet rather than a competitive Pokémon so it wouldn?t have any advantage over the other starters being given out today.

Fondly patting the Pokéball closest to him Grove remembered what it was like in his day as a Trainer and later as a Breeder, less technical support than was around these days. One type of Pokéball and only the most simple Pokédex was available.

[i]?Trainers today have it easier than they know.?[/i] He thought with a smile as he continued making his way around the Lab, tidying away the odd file and ensuring the all the Pokédexs were working for the Trainers to collect.

Grove had always thought that Trainers in Belrie were luckier than Trainers from other regions when it came to the actual capture of Pokémon because of the abundance of species in the region, but on the other hand it was a pain to catalogue all of them while others like Professor Oak only had to deal with the 150 Pokémon species known to reside in Kanto. Thinking it was time Professor Grove made his way to the front door of the Lab keeping an eye out for the trainers.

[b]?Ah, here comes one now.?[/b][/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Gabriel hadn't even attempted to sleep the night before, knowing that it would be a futile task. He had instead busied himself with checking and rechecking his backpack, making sure that everything was in perfect order and that he hadn't left anything out, as he was sometimes prone to do when under pressure.

After nervous pacing and checking his map once again, the redhead had settled down in front of his TV and spent the rest of the night smashing his way through each mission in Devil May Cry. At least he wouldn't sleep in, he figured.

Which is why it came as a shock when his mother was shaking him awake, the new day's sunlight beating down on him through his window.

[B]"Wassat? What tim'sit?"[/B] he slurred, blinking sleep from his eyes.

[B]"You'll be late if you don't go now, love!"[/B] his mother laughed, tugging her son to his feet,[B] "I can't believe you slept on the floor...what were you doing?"[/B]

[B]"Late? Oh, for the love of..."[/B] Gabriel grabbed his bag and kissed his mother on the cheek before running down the stairs, greeting his father before hugging him quickly.

The last thing he heard before running out of the door was his father, asking him to watch out and write lots. Gabriel sprinted most of the way to the lab before checking his watch, realising why his mother had been laughing. He wasn't late at all, and even if he crawled the rest of the way, would still be early. He cursed under his breath and shoved his hands deep into his pockets, walking steadily to the lab as he chewed his bottom lip, caught between sulking and rejoicing.

Eventually he caught sight of the large building, Professor Grove standing outside with a wide smile on his face. Gabriel waved half-heartedly and jogged to greet the Professor, taking his hands out of his pockets.

[B]"My, aren't we early? Strange for you, Gabriel."[/B] the professor smiled again and patted the boy on the shoulder, steering him inside. Gabriel slouched and nodded, looking around before he caught sight of the Pokéballs. Six of them lined up along a white table, each labelled with the trainers name. Gabriel held his breath and walked forward, reaching out to take his new companion in hand.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC. I didn't know if you wanted us all to be together before we got our Pokémon, Will, so I sort of...left it hanging. If you want anything changed, let me know. [/B][/SIZE]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Lillian leaned on the edge of her window sill, watching as the dawn rose and started a new day. To anyone else, it might be the start of another day of school or another day of cleaning up around the house. But for Lillian, not to mention several others, today was the start of a journey. A journey that you're never fully sure what will have in store, but it was exciting, nonetheless.

Lillian couldn't wait. She'd get to travel all on her own. Well, technically, she wouldn't be alone. She had Aron, after all.

She began thinking back on the times that she and Aron had together, amazed that there was once a time where she didn't even care for the little thing.

"Geez, I was such a stupid kid back then. But it's okay now. I'll make sure nothing like that ever happens again..."

At the sound of her voice, it seems, Aron stirred. Yawning mightily, it walked over to its owner, nuzzling her ankle. Lillian shivered from the cold touch of its face and bent down to pet it.

"You'd think after all these years, I'd be used to that by now."

Aron seemed to snicker in response and nuzzled her hand, then slowly walking over to the closed door, looking behind and calling after her. Fortunately, Lillian had long ago taught Aron not to run at it, since the door replacement bills started getting ridiculous after the fifth time.

"So, you want to go downstairs, eh? I suppose we should. Maybe we can get a look at our new rivals," Lillian said with a smile. Gathering up her back pack containing her belongings, she walked over and opened the door, eventually following her friend down the hall to the main stairwell.[/color][/size]
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OOC: Sorry for the delay, but here I am!

The Sun rose higher into the vast blue and below, basking in its glow, Alexander Armstrong was set. He’d fully prepped his back the previous night, got a decent amount of sleep and was now having that final good bye conversation with his Mother. She hugged him teary eyed, rambling about her own adventure, wishing him luck and such. His Father just looked at him proud, shock his hand firmly and told him to come back and visit when he could to keep his Mother happy.

When they were finally done, Armstrong turned on his hell and began walking confidently and purposefully towards the Grove Lab. His Mother’s screams of mixed encouragement and sorrow continued until he was well away from his house. [I]”The woman’s got a bloody megaphone on her I swear!”[/I] He thought to himself with a hint of irritation and scrap of sadness.

Before Armstrong was even aware he was at the slightly ajar door of the Lab and inviting himself in. He arrived just in time to watch a Red haired male reach for a Pokéball sitting on the table under the watchful eyes of Professor Grove himself.

[B]Grove:[/B] Ah! Alexander! Come, this is Gabriel!

Armstrong was slightly irritated by the mention of his full first name but didn’t say anything since it was THE Professor addressing him. He met eyes with Gabriel, shock his hand and smirked slightly. This was to be one of his friends and rivals along the way. Before he could formally introduce himself by name a young female trainer came from the upstairs of the Lab. Her bright Emerald eyes and short flowing hair instantly caught him. The Professor quickly addressed her.

[B]Grove:[/B] Ah! This is my daught –

He was instantly cut off as Armstrong ran over and grasped the girls hand quickly.

[B]AJ:[/B] Lilian Grove! I’ve read a lot about you! You’re much more radiant in person! Alex Armstrong at your service!

Armstrong spoke quickly and had something of a goofy smile on his face. Gabriel scoffed somewhat and the Professor just looked on as this new trainer oogled his daughter.
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[color=teal][size=1]Liam had already been down to collect his starter Pokémon, with his fathers consent of course, about half an hour ago. He?d already decided on the nickname of Fractyl but he thought it was in bad taste to actually call out his Treecko before meeting with the other Trainers after they?d received their Pokémon. He?d been passing the time checking and rechecking his pack for anything he or Lillian may be needing for the journey, he was on about the fourth look through when he heard Isaac calling him from the research room.

[b]?Liam, could you come in here for a second??[/b] Came his voice from across the hall.

[b]?Sure thing.?[/b] Liam replied, stowing Fractyl?s Pokéball in one of his belts pouches as he walked across.

The research room was always cluttered with odd bits of paper with impressive and insightful notes on the Pokémon encountered in Belrie but as soon as they were written down Professor Grove and Isaac had gone on to yet greater things. Right now Isaac was sitting in the controlled chaos poking at something which several tools at once, Liam had a pretty good idea of what it was.

[b]?Hold on for a second.?[/b] Said the hunched form of Isaac, a few more tweaks and sparks later he turned around with the finished SPRITE in his hands. [b]?Here it is, the worlds first Synthetic Pokémon Research and Investigation Tool for Exploration. Fully functional as a Pokédex and more...?[/b]

Isaac looked to be about to say more but SPRITE chirped in.[/color][/size]

[size=1][b][color=crimson]?That is correct Isaac. I am able to function as a detailed map of the Belrie Region, I am able to communicate with any Trainer who possess a PokéGear, I am able to provide information on all breeds of Pokémon located in Belrie and have the function to include newly discovered Pokémon directly into my database. I can also provide detailed information on the surrounding area as we enter it.?[/color][/b]

[color=teal]Isaac smirked slightly and nodded silently to Liam as he handed SPRITE over. [b]?Take good care of him.?[/b] He called as Liam walked out of the Research room with a large grin on his face. Hurriedly Liam strapped on his bag, and slipped SPRITE into one of the side pockets carefully, and took out Fractyl?s Pokéball so he was prepared to call him out once he meet with the other trainers. After bounding down the stairs he saw his father standing to the side as the other Trainers took their Pokéballs from the stand in the middle of the room.

A boy with red hair taking Torchic?s Pokéball, another boy with black hair taking Mudkip?s Pokéball and Lillian standing near to Professor Grove with Aron standing beside her already.

[b]?Ah, excellent. Gabriel and Alexander, I?d like you to meet my son and Lillian?s brother Liam.?[/b][/color][/size]
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