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[i]He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

-Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146[/i][/CENTER]

Dear Administrator,

As per the request given unto those of my position and rank within the facility harboring the aptly named project CERBEREUS by our benefactors, which requires as stated in statements 3, 17, 34 and 93 of Chapter 39 clause 43 in the handbook of all those involved with the facility, GARM, and the project named above that is in no way, shape or form public knowledge, write a detailed and thorough report on the progress of the project specimen that the said person had been assigned to.

Specimen sixty-four is showing a significant amount of progress the more we test on him; when he first arrived here, as was stated in my last few reports, seven years ago the signals that originated from his vectors, which number two but can reach a length of three meters, could have a level of only 0.9, a incredulously low amount even among children Diclonius. However, after performing our daily expirments on number sixty four for the past seven years I can easily claim that his vector signal can now reach a level of 4.6, which is slightly lower than the natural level of standard level of most Diclonius? vectors at his age of seventeen years.

Sir, I must say that despite the fact that his vector?s levels are not as high or powerfull as we had all wished, he has made an excellent comeback in one area: his tactical knowledge on all battle situations is tremendously higher than that of other Diclonius; rather than heading directly into enemy contact?s range of fire, he uses fear, shaodws, the landscape, and other traits of the specific battlefield to his upmost advantage; we suspect that if he were to face the infamous ?Lucy? from the Kamakura sector of CERBERUES, there would be at least a three out of nine possibility that he would deal at least maximinum damage to her before his likely death, which altough may sound negative and unfullfiling is three times higher than other Diclonius from all of the other sectors had been able to achieve, with the exception of 34, but even she met a fatal end after facing Lucy.

As I have stated earliar, number sixty four?s vectors? signals recentley reached the level of 4.6; as such his vectors are not nearley as powerfull as those of his fellow Diclonius of equal age and health; number sixty four is easily capable of propelling objects that weigh no less than three hundred and twenty pounds at superhuman speed, as well as using his vectors to ?tear? apart his opponents. However, due to his lower vector level, it will take longer for him to kill his opponents within his three meter range: approximately two seconds, compared to the usual half second of the standard Diclonius.

Minus his weaker than normal vectors, specimen sixty four has one other major disadvantage: his psyche could easily be compared to that of a serial killer who had lost all grasp on reality.

Which brings me to my next point: I cannot decipher the purpose behind the increased scheduling of experiments on specimen sixty four. If anything, these experiments are the cause of his psychological defects, and an increased output will surely result in nothing but disaster, psychologically speaking.

I hope that I need not remind you of the incidents following Lucy?s escape; that it was an increased output of experiments that gave her a chance for escape, which she utilized to disastrous results, and even after nine years of searching for her we still have yet to find and capture her.

I digress, specimen sixty four is progressing well enough, with his share of faults that can be expected from any sort of experimentation on the Diclonius.

- Chief

[size=2][b]CHARACTER SHEET[/b][/size]



[b]Race (Human, Diclonius or Silpelit)[/b] Diclonius are Humans that have the codenamed GARM genes (thus the reasoning behind the facility expiermenting on them called GARM), which gives them two horns pertruding from the sides of their head and the use of vectors. Silpelits are Diclonius are the offspring of Humans that came into contact with vectors but somehow survived. Silpelits cannot reproduce minus infecting another human.

[b]Alliegance (GARM or none)[/b] GARM is the name of the organization and facility in North America founded by both unnamed benefactors and the United States government to work on project CERBEREUS, which is the expiermentation of Diclonius.

[b]Allignment[/b] (Neutral, Good or Evil)

[b]Vector Traits[/b] (Diclonius or Silpelit only)

[b]Physical Appearance


Pet Peeves

Special Possesions

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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B]Elaine 'Nel' Eckert
[B]Age/Sex:[/B] 17/Female
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Alliegance:[/B] None
[B]Allignment:[/B] Neutral
[B]Physical Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d101/Stark-San/RP%20Characters/Nel.jpg] Nel.[/URL] She is on the slim, long limbed side, and considers her red hair to be a double-edged sword. She's proud to be a red-head, but at the same time is embarrassed by the attention she recieves. Most of the time she is dressed in sneakers, jeans, and a tight T-shirt--typical student attire--or is in her work uniform. No matter what she wears, she manages to look good.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet but upbeat. Nel is always looking for something to do, and, as a student who works for a living, she is never bored. Even so, she is not without her flaws; she can get so intent on a subject that she forgets to take care of herself, and she becomes embarrassed at excessive attention.

[B]Pet Peeves:[/B] Excessive rules, dirty kitchens, and people who are unwilling to accept inevitable changes.

[B]Special Possesions:[/B] A small box of antique jewelry--family heirlooms.

[B]Background:[/B] Nel's home life is nonexistant, and has been for several years. Her parents divorced when she was ten, her father revealing to the family that he was gay. He left, remaining a distant figure in Nel's life ever since.

When she was young, Nel was always told that she looked like her mother and acted like her father. Among her traits inherited from her father is a knack for cooking. Nel loves working in the kitchen, and hopes to study abroad to become a professional chef one day.

But in recent years, that day has started to look farther and farther away. Nel was there when her mother committed suicide, and remained in a state of shock for several months. Additionally, her father wasn't there when he was needed the most, causing his young daughter to resent him to the point of hatred. Fortunately, Nel is partially taken care of by distant relatives, in the form of them paying for her rent and utilities. Everything else Nel has to afford on her own.

As it stands, Nel works a bit job in a restaurant, putting most of her earnings in a savings account so that she can one day study in Europe, and become a chef. Between this pursuit, buying clothing, and her books, she barely has enough money to feed herself as well as she'd like to. But, as long as she can afford [i]something[/i] to eat, she'll do what she can to fulfill that dream.

EDIT: Added to the bio a bit--should make things interesting.

[OOC: Doublehex, I hope you don't mind my using a civilian. I just know that civilians did play a big role over the course of the series. However, if I have to change something, let me know. I might end up editing the bio anyway. :animeswea ][/SIZE]
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[B]Name:[/B] Alex Towman
[B]Age/Sex:[/B] 16/Male
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Allegiance:[/B] None
[B]Allignment:[/B] Neutral
[B]Physical Appearance:[/B][URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/goku-header.jpg]Alex.[/URL] He is about 5'9 and weights about 135 lbs. He's of a moderate build and has amber brown hair.

[B]Personality:[/B] Laid back and easy going. Loves to eat and just laze about for the most part. He is often critisized for his laziness and his lack of motivation to anything other then goot off. He likes to cause trouble and likes things to stay steady and calm. He is not a big one on change. He's a slob and has no form of cleaning habits.

[B]Pet Peeves:[/B] He hates strict rules and those who try to enforce them. He hates being told what to do.

[B]Special Possesions:[/B] He has the googles that belonged to his dad, who raced motorcycles. He also has the Kawasaki motorcycle his father left for him as well.

[B]Background:[/B] His mother died shortly after child birth. There was a tear and the bleeding wouldn't stop. That's all he was ever told about his mothers death. His father did alot of traveling, so he spent alot of time living with relatives. His father was a big name on the racing circuit and traveld all over the place for races. Alex had no real coddling or any kind of affection in his childhood, so he has developed a distance between him and his family.

He watched his dads races on TV alot, he even saw his dads accident. It didn't kill him, but it left his in a wheelchair, which meant his career as a racer was over. Alex thought this would be time for him and his father to finally spend some time together, but whatever spark his dad had was gone after that. It was like part of him died on that course. He often watches that video over and over again, trying to figure out not just who or what went wrong, why it happend to him.

Because of this the rift between father and son has grown only deeper. They live in the same house, living off his fathers pention and savings in a mild comfort. His father might be alive, but with how he is he might as well be dead. Despite this, Alex still holds onto his fathers old googles and motocycle.

He's attending school and plans to go to college, but he doesn't really know what for. He has no dreams or asperations of his own. He just lives day by day, like he's just waiting for something to come along.
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[b]Name[/b] Alex Glesen

[b]Age/Sex[/b] 18/M

[b]Race[/b] Diclonius

[b]Allegiance[/b] For his entire life, Alex had shown allegiance to only man: himself. Ever since he killed his entire family fifteen years ago, he had depended only on himself to the harsh obstacles of the world.

[b]Alignment[/b] [i](Neutral Evil)[/i] A neutral evil villain does whatever he can get away with, shedding no tears for those he harms. He has no love of order and holds no illusion that follows laws, traditions, or that would make him any more noble. However, he doesn?t have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has. The criminal who robs and murders to get what he wants is neutral evil. Neutral evil represents evil without honor and without variation. [Source: gamebanshee.com]

[b]Vector Traits[/b] When Alex was initially brought into the GARM facility, his vector levels were at level that were of a severely low standard of those in charge of CERBEREUS: however, the more they tested on him, the greater his vector?s strength grew. However, there was a cost of the forcing of nature?s hand: most Diclonius wield four vectors with a length of two meters. Alex has two with a length of three. They are also weaker than the standard vector of other Diclonius his exact age and health.

[b]Physical Appearance[/b] Years of being confines to a small and restrictive research chamber has not been exactly kind to Alex?s appearance: his long brown hair is greasy and dirty, adding to the grisly appearance of the pale man. His skin, with it not being exposed to any sunlight for nearly eleven years, has become almost ghostlike, his only indication of his desire to live being his fiery green eyes.

[b]Personality[/b] When one thinks of a cold and psychotic murderer, they often presume one is a mad man of sorts, the one most associated with a maniacal madman laughing arrogantly in the face of his victims, his eyes showing that of a heartless individual. Alex, although cold to humans but caring to other Diclonius and animals, is one to have the opposite personality of the clichéd madman, sporting a sarcastic voice and grin.

[b]Pet Peeves[/b] Being a Diclonius, Alex is annoyed over almost any trait of ?arrogant? Humans, whom he considers a lesser race.

[b]Special Possessions[/b] A necklace in the shape of a gothic-styled cross.
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