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[SIZE=1][I]Alright, alright... I couldn't think of a very good name for this thread. -.-[/I][/SIZE]

[CENTER][B][U]Sands of Time - The Underground[/U]

[SIZE=1]?Greetings, boys and girls, monsters and ministers. If you receive this letter than your application has been accepted for our ?Time Squad? and as the Chief Engineer aboard your new home, and the most qualified Engineer of the 41st century, it is my duty to provide the necessary information for your new home. I should know exactly what it?s like, considering I helped build the place.

Firstly the station was originally a satellite for a military based organisation, it wasn?t actually designed for humans. The ?buyers?, if you like, didn?t want the base after it was built and we were stuck with a state of the art war station, with nothing to do with it. I was informed to rig the station for a new mission, a time mission, they told me. And so that?s what it is. The station itself was originally dubbed [I]Endeavour[/I], why the people who wanted the station built named it that is beyond me.

It only has three floors that can be accessed by a lift, but don?t let that put you off. The station is actually quite huge, the size of a small town, in fact (but most of this space is used up by the time portal and the engines). The first floor holds the [B]command section[/B] (or the bridge) which is the base for all functions on the ship, it also means that during a ?time jump? only I will be present on the bridge. The first floor also has [B]training halls[/B], [B]weaponry rooms[/B], [B]target practice[/B], a[B] computer room and lab[/B] for you folks to have some fun on today?s wonderful computers and several other rooms for the systems. Although they aren?t really forbidden, I must stress that the rooms that hold all control panels for ship functions should only be entered by myself. Although I may need assistance, I [I]do not[/I] need another Engineer to take the reins of the station by themselves.

The second floor is where you?ll be living. Your [B]living quarters[/B] are all on the same corridor, and might I say they?re very fancy quarters. Your rooms have been made to how you might like them, but feel free to change them. On this level there are also [B]observation points[/B] for star gazing, [B]games rooms[/B] for more [B]recreational activity[/B], a very large [B]food hall[/B], [B]art galleries[/B] for all you old century folk and a relatively new invention, a [B]holoroom[/B]. Yes, a room of holograms, which you can programme to recreate anything in the Universe. All creations in this room are limited to the room itself, but it?s fun. If you have any trouble programming your desired hologram, then just give myself or my assistant, Larry, a call.

And finally we have the third floor. This holds the [B]engines[/B], the [/B]power supply[/B] and all other vital parts of the ship. These three places are [I]off limits[/I] and can only be accessed by myself. However, the most heavily guarded room on the ship has to be the room which contains the [B]time porta[/B]l. There are three doors hiding this magnificent piece of work, the first door requires a numeric code, the second door requires a letter code and the final door requires a key, which only I have. I?ll leave what?s inside the room for you to find out.

You will all be given small boxes that can be used to communicate with myself or you team mates, those of you from the 21st century should be familiar with their mobile phone (cell phone if you want) design. There?s a different number for each of your team mate and myself, fifteen buttons in all. These devices shouldn?t fail you, seeing as I designed them. However they should only be used on missions and not for your own personal use, such as prank calls.

Well, that?s all the information I can give you about the station, the rest is really up to you to see. You will be escorted by a Lord of Time in a few days, hours, minutes or seconds. God knows how they?ll appear; just watch out for the weirdoes, basically. You [I]should[/I] end up on the 3rd floor, out of the time portal, and you will then be lead by my humble servant, Larry the android. There, you will be escorted up to the command centre, where you can meet everyone else and even me.

See you there, oh, and don?t touch any loose wires.
[B]- Chief Engineer, Jiheiro Ivart ?Switch? Salin.[/B]?

Well, that weird little letter should reveal some information about the RPG. It seems I won't have it up until tomorrow, but for now any questions can be asked here. Due to the absolutely disgraceful amount of sleep I've had lately, there's bound to be some really pathetic, embarrasing mistakes in that letter. Which is why you'll have to bare with me and let me do it again (without mistakes) tomorrow. Right now, you can ask all the questions you want. I'll answer in eight hours or so.


G'night, then.

[B]EDIT:[/B] Hey there again, I also decided to add some upcoming chapters that I have planned. Just the titles, though. Take a look and comment:

[B]Chapter I[/B] - Specimen
[B]Chapter II[/B] - The Satan Theory
[B]Chapter III[/B] - The Measure of Man
[B]Chapter IV[/B] - Dangerous Minds
[B]Chapter V[/B] - My Enemy, My Ally

Nothing being revealed yet, although if you ask nicely... I might. I just hope we actually get to these chapters, heh. Anyways, questions? I'm awake now, you see.[/SIZE]
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Well, the first to reply...hahaha, I'm special now...ahem, right.

Anyways...I'm just wondering about this "dino-land" that we've just been transported to. I seem to recall that we're on an island, judging by your OOC comment. In regards to that, are we to explore said island in our posts, or just state our "travel" to the planet, and our inital reactions?

I think that's all my questions for now.


By the by, don't worry if I don't post for a while. I have trouble finding computers with internet access as of late. It doesn't mean I'm out of the story, or am finding it slow or boring, I'm just...having problems. *winks*
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[SIZE=1]Heh, s'no problem if you don't get to post much.

You can describe the scene if you want, but you don't have to. You can just end your post at coming out the other end of the portal, though really I think it would be cool if people talked about the scene. Next time my character won't be the first through, so someone else gets the make it up. Methinks it's unfair if I get to pick what everything looks like, lol.

So yeah, describe and explore. No worries if it takes anyone awhile to post, you've got all the time in the world (unless, of course, Hephaestus decides that the world can't survive without computers and infects the world wide net with a virus that makes machines think for themselves and the government decides that the internet is a hazard so shuts it down. If that happens then you've got... hmm... about ten years?).[/SIZE]
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